Gymnarus auriculatus, from Stromboidea.de.

Belongs within: Stromboidea.

The Aporrhaidae, pelican’s feet, are a group of marine gastropods characterised by a shell with a large, laterally extended outer lip.

|--Harpagodes Gill 1870 [Harpagodesidae, Harpagodidae, Harpagodinae]BR05
| `--*H. pelagi (Brongniart 1821) [=Strombus pelagi]BR17
|--Spiniloma Gründel, Nutzel & Schulbert 2009BR17 (see below for synonymy)
| `--*S. longispina (Eudes-Deslongchamps 1843) [=Ranella longispina, *Spiniloma longispina]BR17
|--Dimorphosoma Gardner 1875 [Dimorphosominae]BR17
| `--*D. calcarata (Sowerby 1822) [=Rostellaria calcarata]BR17
|--Pterocerella Meek 1864 [Pterocerellidae, Pterocerellinae]BR17
| `--*P. tippana (Conrad 1858) [=Harpago tippana]BR17
|--Struthioptera Finlay & Marwick 1937BR05 [StruthiopterinaeBR17]
| |--*S. haastiana (Wilckens 1922) [=Arrhoges haastianus]S98
| `--S. novoseelandica (Wilckens 1922) [=Perissoptera novoseelandica]S98
|--Anchura Conrad 1860W77 [AnchurinaeBR17]
| |--*A. abrupta Conrad 1860BR17
| `--A. fusiformis Meek in White 1877W77
|--Arrhoginae [Perissopteridae, Perissopterinae]BR17
| |--Cerycium Philippi 1841 [incl. Arrhoges Gabb 1868]BR17
| | |--‘Drepanocheilus (Arrhoges)’ speciosus (Schlotheim 1820) [incl. *Cerycium paradoxum Philippi 1841]BR17
| | `--‘Rostellaria’ occidentalis Beck 1836 [=*Arrhoges occidentalis]BR17
| `--Perissoptera Tate 1865BR05
| |--*P. parkinsoni (Mantell 1822) [=Rostellaria parkinsoni]BR17
| `--P. thomsoni [=Hemichenopus thomsoni]A27
| |--‘Alaria’ Morris & Lycett 1851 nec Schrank 1788 nec Duncan 1841BR17, BR05 [Alariidae]
| | `--*A. armata Morris & Lycett 1851BR17
| |--Aporrhais de Costa 1778 [=Chenopus Philippi 1836; Chenopidae]BR05
| | |--*A. pespelecani (Linnaeus 1758) [=Strombus pespelecani, *Chenopus pespelecani]BR17
| | |--A. occidentalis Beck 1836S11
| | `--A. serresianus (Michaud 1828) (see below for synonymy)N79
| `--Dicroloma Gabb 1868BR17, BR05 [Dicrolomatidae, Dicrolomidae]
| |--*D. lorierei (d’Orbigny 1860) [=Pterocera lorierei]BR17
| |--‘Rostellaria’ bispinosa Phillips 1829 [=Alaria bispinosa]G01
| |--D. cochleata (Quenstedt 1858)GK02 (see below for synonymy)
| `--‘Rostellaria’ trifida Eudes-Deslongchamps 1842G01
`--Pugnellinae [Pugnellidae]BR17
| i. s.: Lispodesthes White 1877KB99, W77
| |--L. lingulifera White 1877W77
| |--L. nuptialis (White 1874) [=Anchura nuptialis]W77
| |--L. panda Stephenson 1953KB99
| `--L. patula Stephenson 1953KB99
| Tundora Stephenson 1941KB99, BR17 [Tundorinae]
| `--*T. tuberculata Stephenson 1941BR17
| TessarolaxKB99
| CeratosiphonKB99
|--Torgnellus peruvianus Ollson 1944KB99
|--Bizarrus Kiel & Bandel 1999KB99
| |--*B. dietrichi (Riedel 1932) [=Pugnellus dietrichi, P. dietrichei]KB99
| |--B. abnormalis (Wade 1926) [=Pugnellus abnormalis]KB99
| |--B. incertus (Riedel 1932) [=Pugnellus incertus]KB99
| `--‘Pugnellus’ nitidus Delpey 1948KB99
|--Pyktes Popenoe 1983KB99
| |--*P. aspris Popenoe 1983KB99
| |--P. bilobatus (Brebion 1956) [=Pugnellus bilobatus]KB99
| |--P. daiphron Popenoe 1983KB99
| |--P. hamulus Popenoe 1983KB99
| `--P. popenoei Kiel & Bandel 1999KB99
|--+--Tephlon Popenoe 1983KB99
| | `--*T. tumidus (Gabb 1860) [=Pugnellus tumidus]KB99
| `--+--AntarctodarwinellaKB99
| `--Conchothyra Hutton 1877KB99, SH12
| |--C. australis (Marshall 1916)SH12
| |--C. marshalli Trechmann 1917SH12
| `--C. parasitica Hutton 1877KB99
|--Gymnarus Gabb 1868KB99
| |--*G. manubriatus (Gabb 1864) [=Pugnellus manubriatus]KB99
| |--G. auriculatus (Woods 1906) [=Pugnellus auriculatus]KB99
| |--G. calcaris (Wade 1926)KB99
| |--G. congolensis (Brebion 1956) [=Pugnellus densatus var. congolensis]KB99
| |--G. contortus (Stoliczka 1868)KB99
| |--G. fraasi (Riedel 1932) [=Pugnellus fraasi]KB99
| |--G. granuliferus (Stoliczka 1868)KB99
| |--G. hauthali Wilckens 1910KB99
| `--G. yabei Nagao 1939KB99
`--+--Perustrombus Ollson 1944KB99
| |--*P. wheeleri Ollson 1944KB99
| |--P. africanus Kiel & Bandel 1999KB99
| |--‘Strombus’ dallianus White 1887KB99
| `--P. indicus Kiel & Bandel 1999KB99
`--Pugnellus Conrad 1858KB99
|--*P. densatus (Conrad 1858) [=Strombus densatus; incl. P. typicus Gabb 1877]BR17
|--P. bartheli Kiel & Bandel 1999KB99
|--P. goldmaniKB99
|--P. hauthali Wilckens 1905KB99
|--P. klitzschi Kiel & Bandel 1999KB99
`--P. uncatus Stoliczka 1868KB99

Aporrhaidae incertae sedis:
Mesochilotoma Seeley 1861P66
`--*M. striata Seeley 1861P66
Bicorempterus Gründel 2001G01
`--*B. elegans (Hudleston 1884) (see below for synonymy)G01
Pietteia Cossmann 1904G01
|--*P. hamus (Eudes-Deslongchamps 1842) [=Rostellaria hamus, Alaria hamus]G01
|--P. anglica Cox & Arkell 1950G01
|--P. callamus Gründel 2001G01
|--P. hudlestoni (Wilson 1887) [=Anchura (Pietteia) hudlestoni]TTE93
`--P. russiensisG01
Cuphotifer Piette 1876G01
Ueckeritzella Gründel 1998G01
`--U. mothsi Gründel 1998G01
Canepina Conti & Fischer 1981G01

Aporrhais serresianus (Michaud 1828) [=Rostellaria serresiana, Chenopus serresiana; incl. Aporrhais mcandreae, A. pescarbonis]N79

*Bicorempterus elegans (Hudleston 1884) [=Alaria bispinosa var. elegans, Dicroloma elegans; incl. A. bicornis Blake 1905-1907]G01

Dicroloma cochleata (Quenstedt 1858)GK02 [=Rostellaria cochleataG01, Alaria cochleataG01, Anchura (Dicroloma) cochleataG01, Dicroloma cochleatumG01]

Spiniloma Gründel, Nutzel & Schulbert 2009BR17 [=Spinigera d’Orbigny 1850 non Lesson 1842BR17; Spinigeridae, Spinigerinae, SpinilomatinaeBR05]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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