Javan hawk-eagle Nisaetus bartelsi, copyright Eko Prastyo.

Belongs within: Accipitridae.
Contains: Aquila.

The Aquilinae, booted eagles, are a cosmopolitan group of large eagles characterised by feathered tarsi (Lerner & Mindell 2005).

<==Aquilinae LM05
|–+–Stephanoaetus coronatus JT12
|  `–Nisaetus JT12
|       |  i. s.: N. floris JT12
|       |–+–N. lanceolatus JT12 [=Spizaetus lanceolatus LM05]
|       |  `–+–N. cirrhatus JT12 [=Spizaetus cirrhatus LM05]
|       |     |    |–N. c. cirrhatus LM05
|       |     |    `–‘Spizaetus’ c. lineatus LM05
|       |     `–N. philippensis JT12
|       `–+–N. nanus JT12 [=Spizaetus nanus LM05]
|          `–+–N. nipalensis JT12 [=Spizaetus nipalensis LM05]
|             |    |–N. n. nipalensis I92
|             |    `–‘Spizaetus’ n. orientalis Temminck & Schlegel 1844 I92
|             `–+–N. alboniger JT12
|                `–N. bartelsi JT12
`–+–+–‘Spizaetus’ tyrannus JT12
|  `–+–Spizastur melanoleucus LM05 [=Spizaetus melanoleucus JT12]
|     `–+–Oroaetus isidori LM05 [=Spizaetus isidori JT12]
|        `–Spizaetus Vieillot 1816 JT12, B94 [Spizaetinae]
|             |–S. bellicosus FP64
|             |–S. coronatus WH02
|             |–S. grinnelli WH02
|             `–S. ornatus JT12
`–+–Lophotriorchis kienerii JT12 [=Hieraaetus kienerii LM05]
`–+–Polemaetus Heine 1890 JT12, M02
|    `–P. bellicosus JT12
`–+–+–Lophaetus occipitalis JT12
|  `–+–Ictinaetus malayensis JT12
|     `–+–‘Aquila’ hastata JT12 [=A. pomarina hastata LM05]
|        `–+–‘Aquila’ clanga JT12
|           `–‘Aquila’ pomarina JT12
`–+–Aquila JT12
`–Hieraaetus Kaup 1844 JT12, CC10 [incl. Harpagornis Haast 1872 CC10]
|  i. s.: H. edwardsi (Sharpe 1899) (see below for synonymy) M02
|–H. wahlbergi LM05 [=Aquila wahlbergi JT12, Spizaetus wahlbergi LM05]
`–+–H. ayresii JT12
`–+–H. morphnoides (Gould 1840) LM05, WS48 (see below for synonymy)
`–+–*H. pennatus (Gmelin 1788) CC10, JT12, CC10 (see below for synonymy)
|–H. moorei (Haast 1872) CC10 (see below for synonymy)
`–H. weiskei JT12 [=H. morphnoides weiskei LM05]

Hieraaetus edwardsi (Sharpe 1899) [=Eutolmaetus edwardsi, Aquila edwardsi, Nisaetus edwardsi, Aquila minuta Milne-Edwards 1871 non Brehm 1831] M02

Hieraaetus moorei (Haast 1872) CC10 [=*Harpagornis moorei CC10, BKB15, Aquila moorei CC10; incl. Ha. assimilis Haast 1874 CC10]

Hieraaetus morphnoides (Gould 1840) LM05, WS48 [=Aquila morphnoides WS48; incl. A. morphnoides coongani Mathews 1912 WS48]

*Hieraaetus pennatus (Gmelin 1788) CC10, JT12, CC10 [=Falco pennatus CC10, Aquila pennata CC10; incl. A. minuta Brehm 1831 M02]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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