Test of Cyclopyxis eurystoma, copyright Ferry Siemensma.

Belongs within: Tubulinea.
Contains: Arcella, Trigonopyxidae, Hyalospheniidae, Centropyxiidae, Plagiopyxidae, Difflugia.

The Arcellinida, testate amoebae, are a group of amoebozoans which contain themselves inside an organic or mineral extracellular test of either self-secreted elements (calcareous, siliceous, or chitinoid) or recycled mineral particles bound together, with a single main opening. Pseudopodia are conical and pointed in species of Phryganellina, and digitate and granular in Difflugina and Arcellina (Adl et al. 2012).

<==Arcellinida [Arcellacea, Eulobosa, Lampramoebae, Testacealobosa, Testacealobosia, Testacida, Testalobosina, Thecamoebaea]
    |  i. s.: Paleoarcella athanataSM03
    |         Geamphorella Bonnet 1959AS12, LT64
    |           `--*G. lucida Bonnet 1959 [=Tracheleuglypha lucida]LT64
    |         Pyxidicula Ehrenberg 1838C-SCL16, FT93
    |           `--*P. operculata (Agardh 1827) [=Frustrulia operculata, Arcella operculata]LT64
    |         LagenodifflugiaAB19
    |         LamtoquadrulaAB19
    |         MicroquadrulaAB19
    |         ZivkoviciaAB19
    |--Phryganellina [Cryptodifflugiacea]AS12
    |    |--MeisterfeldiaAB19
    |    |--Wailesella Deflandre 1928AS12, LT64
    |    |    `--*W. eboracensis (Wailes in Wailes & Penard 1911) [=Cryptodifflugia eboracensis]LT64
    |    |--Phryganella Penard 1902G86 [=Phryanella (l. c.)LT64; incl. Geopyxella Bonnet & Thomas 1955LT64; PhryganellidaeLT64]
    |    |    |--*P. nidulus Penard 1902LT64
    |    |    |--P. acropodiaLB90
    |    |    |--P. hemisphaericaLNB03
    |    |    |--P. marinus Chardez 1971G86
    |    |    `--P. sylvicola (Bonnet & Thomas 1955) [=*Geopyxella sylvicola]LT64
    |    `--Cryptodifflugia Penard 1890AS12, G86 [incl. Geococcus Francé 1913 non Green 1902LT64; Cryptodifflugiidae]
    |         |--*C. oviformis Penard 1890LT64
    |         |--C. brevicolla Golemansky 1979G86
    |         |--C. lanceolata Golemansky 1970G86
    |         |--C. operculataC-SCL16
    |         |--C. paludosa Golemansky 1981G86
    |         `--C. vulgaris (Francé 1913) [=*Geococcus vulgaris]LT64
    `--+--Heleopera Leidy 1879NM05, LT64 [Heleoperidae, Heleoperinae]
       |    |--H. sphagni (Leidy 1874)NM05 [=Difflugia (Nebela) sphagniLT64; incl. *H. picta Leidy 1879LT64]
       |    |--H. petricolaLB90
       |    `--H. roseaLB90
          |    |  i. s.: CornuapyxisAB19
          |    |         EllipsopyxellaAB19
          |    |         EllipsopyxisAB19
          |    |         LamptopyxisAB19
          |    |         NetzeliaAB19
          |    |         SuiadifflugiaAB19
          |    |--ArcellaNM05
          |    |--TrigonopyxidaeAB19
          |    `--Distomatopyxis [Distomatopyxidae]AB19
          |         `--D. couillardiLB90
               |  i. s.: Bullinaria indicaC-SCL16
               |         CornuthecaAB19
               |         GeoplagiopyxisAB19
               |         GibbocarinaAB19
               |         LonginebelaAB19
               |         MrabellaAB19
               |         PadaungiellaAB19
               |         ParacentropyxisAB19
               |         PlanhoogenraadiaAB19
               |         PlanocarinaAB19
               |         ProplagiopyxisAB19
               |         ProtoplagipyxisAB19
               |         SpumochlamysAB19
               |         ConicocassisAB19
               |         Microchlamys Cockerell 1911AB19, LT64 [=Pseudochlamys Claparède & Lachmann 1859 non Lacordaire 1848LT64]
               |           `--*M. patella (Claparède & Lachmann 1859) [=*Pseudochlamys patella]LT64
               |--Paraquadrula Deflandre 1932 [Paraquadrulidae, Paraquadrulinae]LT64
               |    `--*P. irregularis (Archer 1877) [=Quadrula irregularis]LT64
               `--Difflugiidae (see below for synonymy)LT64
                    |--Cucurbitella Penard 1902 (see below for synonymy)LT64
                    |    `--*C. mespiliformis Penard 1902LT64
                    |--Maghrebia Gauthier-Lièvre & Thomas 1958LT64
                    |    `--*M. spatulata Gauthier-Lièvre & Thomas 1958LT64
                    |--Protocucurbitella Gauthier-Lièvre & Thomas 1960LT64
                    |    `--*P. coroniformis Gauthier-Lièvre & Thomas 1960LT64
                    |--Pseudopontigulasia Van Oye 1956LT64
                    |    `--*P. gessneri Van Oye 1956LT64
                    |--Sexangularia Averintsev 1906LT64
                    |    `--*S. parvula Averintsev 1906LT64
                    |--Loboforamina Jung 1942 (see below for synonymy)LT64
                    |    |--L. playfairi Loeblich & Tappan 1964 (see below for synonymy)LT64
                    |    `--*Corona’ cornula Vejdovský 1881 (see below for synonymy)LT64
                    |--Prantlitina Vašiek & Ruíka 1957HW93 [incl. Prantlitinopsis Vašíček & Růžička 1957LT64]
                    |    |--*P. prantli Vašíček & Růžička 1957LT64
                    |    `--P. sturi Vašíček & Růžička 1957 [=P. (*Prantlitinopsis) sturi]LT64
                    `--Pontigulasia Rhumbler 1895LT64
                         |--P. rhumbleri Hopkinson in Cash & Hopkinson 1909 (see below for synonymy)LT64
                         |--P. bigibbosa [incl. P. bigibbosa var. minor Varga 1963]V63
                         `--P. compressa (Carter 1864)LT64 [=Difflugia compressaLT64, D. pyriformis var. compressaW86]

*Corona’ cornula Vejdovský 1881 [incl. Difflugia proteiformis globularis var. corona Wallich 1864]LT64

Cucurbitella Penard 1902 [incl. Cingodifflugia Jung 1942 (n. n.), Eustoma Jung 1942 (n. n.) nec Salisbury 1806 (ICBN) nec Piette 1855]LT64

Difflugiidae [Cingodifflugiidae, Difflugiida, Difflugiina, Difflugiinae, Diffluginae, Planodifflugiidae, Pontigulasiidae]LT64

Loboforamina Jung 1942 [incl. Corona Vejdovský 1881 nec Albers 1850 nec Récluz 1850, Pseudocucurbitella Gauthier-Lièvre & Thomas 1960 (n. n.)]LT64

Loboforamina playfairi Loeblich & Tappan 1964 [=Difflugia lobostoma var. globulus Playfair 1918 non Arcella globulus Enrenberg 1848]LT64

Pontigulasia rhumbleri Hopkinson in Cash & Hopkinson 1909 [=*P. compressa Rhumbler 1905 non Difflugia compressa Carter 1864]LT64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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