Merulana bicarinata, copyright Cynthia Chan.

Belongs within: Crinocheta.
Contains: Buddelundia, Cubaris, Armadillo.

The Armadillidae are a group of terrestrial isopods characterised by relatively short uropods forming part of the even posterior outline of the body (Muchmore 1990).

Characters (from Muchmore 1990): Eyes compound, of many ocelli. Second antenna with two-segmented flagellum, flagellum nearly as stout as basal segments. Uropods not extending beyond telson; basal segment of uropod large and expanded, contributing to posterior outline of body; both rami very small, attached dorsally and ventrally to basal segment. Telson broadly truncate.

    |--Emydodillo [Emydodillinae]V73
    |--Australiodillo Verhoeff 1926 [Australiodillinae]V73
    |    |--A. bifrons (Budde-Lund 1885) [=Armadillo bifrons, Spherillo bifrons]V73
    |    |--A. insularis Vandel 1973V73
    |    `--A. primitivus Vandel 1973V73
    |    |--BuddelundiaJP13
    |    `--Barrowdillo Dalens 1993JP13
    |         `--*B. pseudopyrgoniscus Dalens 1993JP13
    |    |--Venezillo arizonicusM90, C90 [=Armadillo arizonicusC90]
    |    `--Reductoniscus [Reductoniscinae]V73
    |         `--R. costulatusV73
    |    |--Melanesillo Verhoeff 1938V73
    |    |--Leucodillo Vandel 1972V73
    |    `--Lobodillo Herold 1931V73
    |         |--L. aerarius (Barnard 1937) [=Diploexochus aerarius]V73
    |         |--L. atrogrisescens (Wahrberg 1922) [=Spherillo atrogrisescens]V73
    |         |--L. hebridarumH83
    |         `--L. hunti Vandel 1973V73
    |    |--CubarisM90
    |    |--Orthodillo Vandel 1973V73
    |    |    `--*O. chiltoni Vandel 1973V73
    |    `--Schismadillo Verhoeff 1926V73
    |         |--*S. rouxi Verhoeff 1926V73
    |         |--S. ashtoni Vandel 1973V73
    |         `--S. spenceri (Barnes 1934) [=Cubaris spenceri]V73
    |    |--PapuadilloV73
    |    |--TriadilloV73
    |    |--Merulanella bicolorata (Budde-Lund 1895) [=Spherillo bicoloratus]V73
    |    |--Cubaroides Vandel 1973V73
    |    |    `--*C. pilosus Vandel 1973V73
    |    `--MerulanaV73
    |         |--M. bicarinata Budde-Lund 1913 [incl. Spherillo mactus Wahrberg 1922]V73
    |         |--M. chathamensisV73
    |         |--M. cinctulaV73
    |         |--M. exilisV73
    |         |--M. hispida Vandel 1973V73
    |         |--M. impressifrons (Budde-Lund 1904) [=Spherillo impressifrons]V73
    |         |--M. iniqua (Budde-Lund 1904) [=Spherillo inuquus]V73
    |         |--M. noduligeraV73
    |         `--M. rugosa (Budde-Lund 1885) [=Armadillo rugosus, Spherillo rugosus]V73
    |    |--AtlandilloV73
    |    |--ArmadilloV73
    |    |--Sphaerillo Verhoeff 1926 [incl. Dryadillo Herold 1931]V73
    |    |    |--S. grossus (Budde-Lund 1885) [=Armadillo grossus]V73
    |    |    |--S. sollers Budde-Lund 1904V73
    |    |    `--S. telsogrossus Wahrberg 1922 (n. d.)V73
    |    |--Hybodillo Herold 1931V73
    |    |    |--H. australiensis Vandel 1973V73
    |    |    |--H. colocasiae Herold 1931V73
    |    |    |--H. jubatus Herold 1931V73
    |    |    `--H. pygmaeus Vandel 1972V73
    |    `--Acanthodillo Verhoeff 1926V73
    |         |--A. brevicornis (Budde-Lund 1913) [=Armadillo brevicornis]V73
    |         |--A. commensalis (Baker 1913) [=Cubaris commensalis]V73
    |         |--A. erinaceus Verhoeff 1926V73
    |         |--A. formicarum Vandel 1973V73
    |         |--A. minutus (Baker 1913) [=Cubaris minuta]V73
    |         |--A. spinosus (Dana 1853) [=Spherillo spinosus]V73
    |         `--A. tuberosus (Wahrberg 1922) [=Spherillo tuberosus]V73
         |--Calmanesia Collinge 1922V73
         |--Praeakermania Vandel 1973V73
         |--Globarmadillo Richardson 1910V73
         |--Echinodillo Jackson 1933V73
         |--Tridentillo Jackson 1933V73
         |--Diploexochus Brandt 1833V73
         |    `--D. echinatus [=Cubaris echinatus]NB26
         |--Praelaureola Vandel 1973V73
         |    |--P. canberrensis Vandel 1973V73
         |    `--P. silvatica Vandel 1973V73
         |--Akermania Collinge 1919V73
         |    |--A. coronata Barnard 1949V73
         |    |--A. spinosa Collinge 1919V73
         |    `--A. sylvaticaV73
         `--Laureola Barnard 1960V73
              |--*L. paucispinosa (Barnard 1949) [=Akermania paucispinosa]V73
              |--L. atlantica [=Akermania atlantica]V73
              |--L. hystrix [=Akermania hystrix]V73
              |--L. longispina (Barnard 1956) [=Akermania longispina]V73
              |--L. micrantha (Barnard 1960) [=Akermania micrantha]V73
              `--L. wilsmorei (Nicholls & Barnes 1926) [=Cubaris wilsmorei]V73

*Type species of generic name indicated


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