Armadillo officinalis, copyright Donald Hobern.

Belongs within: Armadillidae.

Armadillo is a genus of terrestrial isopods found in the Mediterranean region and western Asia. Members of the genus have an incision in the posterior angle of the first pleurepimerite which is prolonged by a well-developed lateral gutter, allowing the body to be tightly enrolled (Vandel 1973). The species A. officinalis has become distributed outside its native European range as a result of human transport.

<==Armadillo Latreille 1802L02 [incl. Spherillo Dana 1852 (nom. rej.)V73, Troglarmadillo Arcangeli 1933V73]
|--*A. armadillo (Linnaeus 1758)L02, L58 [=Oniscus armadilloL02]
|--A. bituberculatus Budde-Lund 1912V73
|--A. cavernae Wahrberg 1922 [=A. (Sphaerillo) cavernae, A. (*Troglarmadillo) cavernae]V73
|--A. elevatusV73
|--A. guttatus Risso 1826R26
|--A. hawaiensis [=Spherillo hawaiensis; incl. A. australis, A. bidens]V73
|--A. integer Budde-Lund 1912V73
|--A. marmoratus Risso 1826R26
|--‘Spherillo’ monolinusV73
|--A. officinalisV73
|--A. pulcherrimus Risso 1826R26
|--A. punctatissimus Risso 1826R26
|--A. pygmaeus Budde-Lund 1912V73
|--A. rupestris Risso 1826R26
|--‘Spherillo’ vitiensisV73
`--A. vulgarisG20

*Type species of generic name indicated


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