White-breasted woodswallow Artamus leucorynchus, copyright T. R. Shankar Raman.

Belongs within: Corvides.

Artamus, the woodswallows, is a genus of plump, highly aerial birds with long, pointed wings found in southern Asia and Australasia.

Artamus Vieillot 1816 CC10 (see below for synonymy)
    |  i. s.: A. fuscus JT12
    |         A. insignis JT12
    |         ‘Lanius’ leucogaster [=Ocypterus leucogaster] W66
    |         A. maximus JT12
    |         A. melanoleucus S13
    |         A. mentalis JT12
    |         A. monachus JT12
    |         A. papuensis [=Ocypterus papuensis] W66
    |–+–A. personatus (Gould 1841) BKB15, CC10 [=Ocypterus personatus CC10]
    |  `–A. superciliosus (Gould 1837) BKB15, CC10 (see below for synonymy)
    `–+–+–*A. leucorynchus (Linnaeus 1771) CC10, BKB15, WS48 (see below for synonymy)
       |  |    |–A. l. leucorynchus WS48
       |  |    `–A. l. leucopygialis Gould 1842 [incl. A. leucorhynchus harterti Mathews 1912] WS48
       |  `–A. cyanopterus (Latham 1801) BKB15, WS48 (see below for synonymy)
       `–+–A. cinereus Vieillot 1817 BKB15, WS48
          |    |–A. c. cinereus WS48
          |    |–A. c. albiventris [incl. A. c. dealbatus, A. c. normani] M03
          |    |–A. c. melanops Gould 1865 [incl. A. tregallasi Mathews 1911] WS48
          |    `–A. c. venustus Sharpe 1878 WS48
          `–A. minor Vieillot 1817 BKB15, WS48 [incl. A. minor derbyi Mathews 1912 WS48]

Artamus Vieillot 1816 CC10 [incl. Leptopteryx Horsfield 1821 B94, Ocypterus Cuvier 1816 B94; Leptopterygidae, Ocypteridae]

Artamus cyanopterus (Latham 1801) BKB15, WS48 [=Loxia cyanoptera WS48; incl. Angroyan cyanopterus perthi Mathews 1915 WS48, Artamus cyanopterus perthi M03]

*Artamus leucorynchus (Linnaeus 1771) CC10, BKB15, WS48 [=Lanius leucorhynchus CC10, Leptopteryx leucorhynchus W66; incl. L. dominicanus W66, L. manillensis W66]

Artamus superciliosus (Gould 1837) BKB15, CC10 [=Ocypterus superciliosus CC10; incl. Campbellornis superciliosus pallida Mathews 1916 WS48]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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