Colony of Arthrobacter chlorophenolicus, from the United States Department of Energy.

Belongs within: Micrococcaceae.
Contains: Paenarthrobacter.

Arthrobacter is a widely distributed genus of bacteria, found primarily in soils. They appear as Gram-negative rods in young cultures and as Gram-positive cocci in mature cultures (Storms et al. 2003).

    |--+--+--A. castelli Heyrman et al. 2005NC18
    |  |  `--A. pigmentiNC18
    |  `--+--A. crystallopoietes Ensign & Rittenberg 1963NC18
    |     `--NeomicrococcusNC18
    |          |--N. aestuariiNC18
    |          `--N. lactisNC18
    `--+--+--+--A. chlorophenolicusSD03
       |  |  `--+--A. oxydansSD03
       |  |     `--A. polychromogenesSD03
       |  `--+--A. sulfonivorans Borodina, Kelly et al. 2002VP SD03, IJSEM02
       |     `--+--A. roseusSD03
       |        `--+--‘Pseudarthrobacter’ sulfonivoransNC18
       |           `--+--+--Psychromicrobium silvestreNC18
       |              |  `--+--A. russicusNC18
       |              |     `--+--*Acaricomes phytoseiuli Pukall et al. 2006NC18
       |              |        `--*Renibacterium salmoninarum Sanders & Fryer 1980NC18
       |              `--+--+--A. psychrochitiniphilusNC18
       |                 |  `--A. psychrolactophilusNC18
       |                 `--+--A. alpinus Zhang et al. 2010NC18
       |                    `--+--A. stackebrandtiiNC18
       |                       `--+--A. cryoconitiNC18
       |                          `--A. livingstonensisNC18
          |    |  i. s.: S. echigonensisNC18
          |    |         S. flavaNC18
          |    |         S. notoginsegisoliNC18
          |    |--+--S. atrocyanea (Kuhn & Starr 1960) Zhou et al. 2009NC18
          |    |  `--+--S. halotoleransNC18
          |    |     `--S. mesophila Prabhu et al. 2015NC18
          |    `--+--S. soliNC18
          |       `--+--S. albidaNC18
          |          `--+--S. humiNC18
          |             `--S. susongensisNC18
          `--+--+--A. nanjingensisNC18
             |  `--A. woluwensisNC18
             `--+--+--+--A. cupressi Zhang et al. 2012NC18
                |  |  `--A. liuiiNC18
                |  `--+--A. alkaliphilusNC18
                |     `--+--A. methylotrophus Borodina, Kelly et al. 2002VP NC18, IJSEM02
                |        `--PaenarthrobacterNC18
                `--+--+--+--A. pascensNC18
                   |  |  `--A. ramosusNC18
                   |  `--+--*A. globiformis (Conn 1928) Conn & Dimmick 1947NC18 [=Bacterium globiformeSD03]
                   |     `--+--A. humicolaNC18
                   |        `--A. oryzaeNC18
                   `--+--+--A. flavusNC18
                      |  `--+--+--A. agilisNC18
                      |     |  |--A. echiniNC18
                      |     |  `--A. pityocampaeNC18
                      |     `--+--A. subterraneusNC18
                      |        |--A. tumbaeNC18
                      |        `--+--A. parietisNC18
                      |           `--A. tectiNC18
                           |--+--P. defluviiNC18
                           |  `--P. niigatensisNC18
                           |--+--‘Arthrobacter’ enclensis Dastager et al. 2015NC18
                           |  `--+--P. chlorophenolicusNC18
                           |     `--P. equiNC18
                           `--+--P. phenanthrenivoransNC18
                              `--+--P. siccitoleransNC18
                                 `--+--P. oxydansNC18
                                    |--P. polychromogenesNC18
                                    `--P. scleromaeNC18
Arthrobacter incertae sedis:
  A. albusSD03
  A. arilaitensisBV16
  A. atrocyaneusSD03
  A. aurescensSD03
  A. creatinolyticusSD03
  A. cumminsiiSD03
  A. histidinolovoransSD03
  A. lutensGM96
  A. nasiphocaeSD03
  A. nicotianaeSD03
  A. nicotinovoransSD03
  A. phenanthrenivoransBV16
  A. protophormiaeSD03
  A. sulfureusSD03
  A. uratoxydansSD03
  A. ureafaciensSD03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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