Darling pea Swainsona galegifolia, copyright Tony Rodd.

Belongs within: Hologalegina.
Contains: Oxytropis, Astragalus, Carmichaelieae.

The Astragaleae are a group of legumes bearing non-glandular leaves and fruits that are longitudinally septate, at least in part, by the intrusion of the seed-bearing suture. Phylogenetic analysis indicates they are paraphyletic to the New Zealand brooms of the Carmichaelieae (Heenan 1998).

    |  `--+--Barnebyella calycinaCP13
    |     `--AstragalinaeH98
    |          |--AstragalusCP13
    |          `--Biserrula pelecinusH98
         |--+--+--Sutherlandia frutescensH98
         |  |  `--LessertiaH98
         |  |       |--L. acanthorhachisCV06
         |  |       |--L. cryptanthaCV06
         |  |       |--L. eremicolaCV06
         |  |       |--L. herbaceaCP13
         |  |       `--L. perennansH98
         |  `--+--+--Sphaerophysa salsulaCP13, H98
         |     |  `--+--Eremosparton flaccidumCP13
         |     |     `--Smirnowia turkestanaCP13
         |     `--ColuteaCP13
         |          |--‘Phaca’ alpinaD00
         |          |--C. arborescensCP13
         |          |--‘Phaca’ australisD00
         |          |--‘Phaca’ baeticaD00
         |          |--‘Phaca’ frigidaD00
         |          `--C. haleppicaC55
         `--+--+--‘Swainsona’ novae-zelandiae Hooker 1864H98, A61
            |  |    |--S. n. var. novae-zelandiaeA61
            |  |    `--S. n. var. glabra Simpson 1945A61
            |  `--+--CarmichaelieaeH98
            |     `--Clianthus Sol. ex Lindl. 1835H98, A61
            |          |--C. puniceus (Don) Sol. ex Lindl. 1835 [=Donia punicea Don 1832]A61
            |          |    |--C. p. var. puniceusA61
            |          |    `--C. p. var. maximus (Col.) Kirk 1899 [=C. maximus Col. 1885]A61
            |          `--C. speciosus [=Donia speciosa; incl. C. dampieri Cunningham 1834]C46
            `--Swainsona Salisb. 1806H98, A61
                 |  i. s.: S. beasleyanaK90
                 |           |--S. b. ssp. beasleyanaK90
                 |           `--S. b. ssp. elegantoidesK90
                 |         S. campylanthaM99
                 |         S. canescensK90
                 |         S. elegansK90
                 |         S. greyanaB00
                 |         S. macculochianaH98
                 |         S. phacoidesK90
                 |         S. pterostylisH98
                 |--S. rectaH98
                 `--+--+--S. lessertiifoliaH98
                    |  `--+--*S. galegifoliaH98
                    |     `--S. decurrensH98
                    `--+--S. microphyllaH98
                       `--+--S. formosa [=Clianthus formosa]H98
                          `--+--S. kingiiH98
                             `--+--S. oligophyllaH98
                                |--S. oroboidesH98
                                `--+--S. cyclocarpaH98
                                   `--+--S. stipularisH98
                                      `--S. swainsonioidesH98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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