Panamanian golden frog Atelopus zeteki, copyright Brian Gratwicke.

Belongs within: Bufonidae.

Atelopus, harlequin toads, is a Neotropical genus of small, typically brightly coloured toads.

<==Atelopus Duméril & Bibron 1841 [Atelopoda]FG06
| i. s.: A. minutusKF69
| A. tricolorFG06
|--+--+--A. pulcherPW11
| | `--A. seminiferusPW11
| `--+--A. spumariusPW11
| `--+--A. flavescensPW11
| `--A. franciscusPW11
`--+--+--A. peruensisPW11
| `--+--A. halihelosPW11
| `--+--A. bomolochosPW11
| `--A. ignescensPW11
`--+--A. longirostrisPW11
`--+--A. spurrelliPW11
`--+--A. chiriquiensisPW11
`--+--A. zetekiPW11 [=A. varius zetekiUSDI77]
`--+--A. senexPW11
`--A. variusPW11
|--A. v. variusKF69
`--A. v. crucigerKF69

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[USDI77] United States Department of the Interior. 1977. Endangered and threatened wildlife and plants—republication of list of species. Federal Register 42: 36420–36431.

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