Rhinaria caliginosa, copyright Nick Lambert.

Belongs within: Cyclominae.

The Aterpini are weevils whose larvae are borers in roots or green wood (Marvaldi & Lanteri 2005). The Botany Bay diamond weevil Chrysolopus spectabilis is an Australian species boldly patterned with metallic green spots on a black background that feeds on Acacia species. Pelororhinus species are associated with Myrtaceae (May 1994).

Characters (from Marvaldi & Lanteri 2005, as Aterpinae): Body elongate, pronotum and elytra often oval or parallel-sided in dorsal view, frequently tuberculate. Rostrum stout, subquadrate in cross section. Antennal scrobes lateral, not extended towards venter of rostrum. Frons usually with raised supraocular areas (superciliar arcs present).

<==Aterpini [Aterpides, Aterpinae]
|--Myarda ferrugata Pascoe 1883M86
|--Aparete palpebrosa Pascoe 1871M86
|--Medicasta leucura Pascoe 1870M86
|--Aegorhinus superciliosusZ93, ML05
| |--R. foveatus Pascoe 1870M86
| `--R. ignavus Pascoe 1883M86
| |--I. aethiops Pascoe 1883M86
| `--I. asper Pascoe 1870M86
|--Aesiotes Pascoe 1865M94
| |--*A. notabilis Pascoe 1865M94
| |--A. leucurus Pascoe 1873M94
| `--A. morosus Pascoe 1873M86
|--Rhadinosomus Schoenherr 1840 [Rhadinosominae]M94
| |--*R. acuminatusM94 [=Curculio acuminatusM94, Leptosomus acuminatusB35]
| |--R. impressus Pascoe 1870M86
| `--R. lacordairei Pascoe 1870M94
| |--A. fairburniO81
| |--A. helmsiH15
| |--A. rugosusWH02
| |--A. stephenensisWH02
| `--A. turbottiC88
|--Pelororhinus Schoenherr 1840M94
| |--*P. argentosusM94
| |--P. angustatusM86
| |--P. margaritaceus Erichs. 1842M86
| |--P. pusio [incl. P. variegatus]M86
| `--P. sparsus Germ. 1848M86
| |--A. griseatus Pascoe 1872M86
| |--A. horrensM86
| |--A. rubusM86
| |--A. scoparius Erichs. 1842M86
| |--A. seriatus Boisduval 1835B35
| `--A. tuberculatusM86
|--R. caliginosa Pascoe 1872M86
|--R. cavirostris Pascoe 1883M86
|--R. costata Erichs. 1842M86
|--R. cristataM86
|--R. diversa Pascoe 1883M86
|--R. excavata Dupont in Boisduval 1835B35
|--R. faceta Pascoe 1865M86
|--R. fasciata Pascoe 1873M86
|--R. foveipennis Pascoe 1872M86
|--R. granulosaM86
|--R. grisea Dupont in Boisduval 1835B35
|--R. myrrhata Pascoe 1872M86
|--R. perdix Pascoe 1873M86
|--R. rugosa Dejean in Boisduval 1835B35 [incl. R. lophaM86]
|--R. signifera Pascoe 1883M86
|--R. stellio Pascoe 1865M86
|--R. transversa Dupont in Boisduval 1835B35
`--R. variegata Boisduval 1835B35 [incl. R. maculosaM86]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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