Atheta fungi, from Insect Foto.

Belongs within: Aleocharinae.
Contains: Tomoglossa, Dimetrotina, Atheta, Tachyusini.

The Athetini are a diverse group of staphylinid beetles, primarily found in humid microhabitats among decaying organic matter. Two genera of Athetini, Termitotelus and Coptotermoecia, are found in association with termites (Seevers 1957).

Characters (from Fenyes 1921; Seevers 1957): Head visible from above; antennae inserted medial to eyes. Antennae 11-segmented; maxillary palpi 4-segmented; labial palpi three-segmented. Tarsi 4, 5, 5-segmented.

Athetini [Thamiaraeini]S57
|--Termitotelus Wasmann 1908 [Termitotelina]S57
| `--*T. schultzei Wasmann 1908S57
|--Coptotermoecia Oke 1933 [Coptotermoeciina]S57
| |--*C. alutacia Oke 1933S57
| `--C. gayi Seevers 1957S57
`--Athetina [Athetae, Xenotae]NT01
| i. s.: Anopleta Mulsant & Rey 1874NT01
| Badura Mulsant & Rey 1873NT01
| Boreostiba Lohse 1990NT01
| Iotota Casey 1910NT01
| Lamiota Casey 1910NT01
| Micrearota Casey 1910NT01
| Microdota Mulsant & Rey 1873 [incl. Hilara Mulsant & Rey 1873 non Meigen 1822]NT01
| TomoglossaNT01
| Omegalia Casey 1910NT01
| Xenota Mulsant & Rey 1874 (see below for synonymy)NT01
| Alaobia Thomson 1858NT01
| `--A. sparreschneideri (Munster 1922)NT01
| Bessobia Thomson 1858NT01
| `--B. cryptica Lohse 1990NT01
| Clusiota Casey 1910NT01
| `--C. claviventris Casey 1910NT01
| Euromota Casey 1906NT01
| `--E. lucida Casey 1906NT01
| Micratheta Casey 1910NT01
| `--M. caudex (Casey 1910)NT01
| Phasmota Casey 1910NT01
| `--P. ingratula (Casey 1910)NT01
| Schistoglossa Kraatz 1856NT01
| `--*S. viduata (Erichson 1837)NT01
| Hypatheta Fenyes 1918NT01
| `--H. castanoptera (Mannerheim 1830)NT01
| Valenusa Casey 1906NT01
| `--V. parallela Casey 1906NT01
| Adota Casey 1910 [incl. Panalota Casey 1910]NT01
| |--A. definitaNT01
| `--A. setositarsisNT01
| Hydrosmectina Ganglbauer 1895NT01
| |--H. macra Fenyes 1921F21
| `--H. subtilissimaNT01
| Philhygra Mulsant & Rey 1873 (see below for synonymy)NT01
| |--P. bellulaNT01
| |--‘Noverota’ clemens Casey 1910G02
| |--‘Noverota’ finitima Casey 1910G02
| `--‘Noverota’ scenica Casey 1910G02
|--+--Dinaraea Thomson 1858LC20, NT01
| | `--D. aequataLC20
| `--Liogluta Thomson 1858LC20, NT01 (see below for synonymy)
| |--L. micropteraLC20
| |--L. nigropolita (Bernhauer 1907) [=Pseudomegista nigropolita]NT01
| `--L. vasta (Mäklin 1853) [=Homalota vasta, Athetalia vasta]NT01
`--+--Meronera Sharp 1887LC20, NT01 [incl. Merona Sharp 1883 non Norman 1865NT01]
| `--M. venustulaNT01
`--+--‘Atheta’ graminicolaLC20
`--+--Stethusa Casey 1910LC20, NT01
| |--S. clarescansNT01
| `--S. dichroaLC20
| `--AcrotoninaNT01
| |--Mocyta Mulsant & Rey 1874NT01
| |--Strigota Casey 1910 [incl. Eustrigota Casey 1911]NT01
| | `--S. ambiguaLC20
| `--Acrotona Thomson 1859LC20, NT01 (see below for synonymy)
| |--A. asseclaLC20
| |--A. austinianaLC20
| `--A. prudensNT01
`--+--+--Hydrosmecta Thomson 1858LC20, NT01
| | |--H. gracilicornisLC20
| | `--+--H. eximiaLC20
| | `--H. valdierianaLC20
| `--+--Dilacra Thomson 1858LC20, NT01
| | `--D. luteipesLC20
| `--AthetaLC20

Athetini incertae sedis:
Mesaraeus Fenyes 1921F21
`--*M. laevigatus Fenyes 1921F21
Lypoglossa Fenyes 1918NT01
`--L. franclemontiNT01
Boreophilia Benick 1973NT01
Callicerus Gravenhorst 1802NT01
Charoxus Sharp 1883NT01
|--C. majorNT01
`--C. spinifer Frank 1966NT01
Doliponta Blackwelder 1952 [incl. Lipodonta Fenyes 1921 non Nitzsch 1820]NT01
`--D. veris (Fenyes 1921)NT01 [=*Lipodonta verisF21]
Earota Mulsant & Rey 1874 [incl. Macroterma Casey 1906]NT01
Goniusa Casey 1906NT01
`--G. obtusa (LeConte 1866) [=Euryusa obtusa]NT01
Parameotica Ganglbauer 1895NT01
Pontomalota Casey 1885NT01
`--P. terminaliaNT01
Pseudousipalia Lohse 1990NT01
`--P. microptera Lohse 1990NT01
Schistacme Notman 1920NT01
`--S. obtusa Notman 1920NT01
Seeversiella Ashe 1986NT01
`--S. bispinosa Ashe 1986NT01
Strophogastra Fenyes 1921NT01
`-*S. penicillata Fenyes 1921F21
Thamiaraea Thomson 1858NT01
`--T. hospitaNT01
Thinusa Casey 1893NT01
`--T. maritimaNT01
Trichiusa Casey 1893NT01
`--T. robustulaNT01

Acrotona Thomson 1859LC20, NT01 [incl. Achromota Casey 1893NT01, Ancillota Casey 1893NT01, Aremia Casey 1910NT01, Arisota Casey 1910NT01, Colpodota Mulsant & Rey 1873NT01, Coprothassa Thomson 1859NT01, Dolosota Casey 1910NT01, Eurypronota Casey 1893NT01, Microlia Casey 1910NT01, Neada Casey 1910NT01, Reania Casey 1910NT01]

Liogluta Thomson 1858LC20, NT01 [incl. Anepsiota Casey 1893NT01, Athetota Casey 1906NT01, Pseudomegista Bernhauer 1907NT01]

Philhygra Mulsant & Rey 1873 [incl. Amphibitherion Notman 1921, Homalotusa Casey 1906, Hygroecia Mulsant & Rey 1873, Metaxya Mulsant & Rey 1873]NT01

Xenota Mulsant & Rey 1874 [incl. Ceritaxa Mulsant & Rey 1873, Delphota Casey 1910, Donesia Casey 1910, Dralica Mulsant & Rey 1874, Halobrecthina Bernhauer 1909, Mycota Mulsant & Rey 1874, Nemota Casey 1910, Rovalida Casey 1910, Tetropla Mulsant & Rey 1874, Traumoecia Mulsant & Rey 1874]NT01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[S57] Seevers, C. H. 1957. A monograph on the termitophilous Staphylinidae (Coleoptera). Fieldiana Zoology 40: 1–334.

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