Atheta fungi, from Insect Foto.

Belongs within: Aleocharinae.

The Athetini are a diverse group of staphylinid beetles, primarily found in humid microhabitats among decaying organic matter. Two genera of Athetini, Termitotelus and Coptotermoecia, are found in association with termites (Seevers 1957).

Characters (from Fenyes 1921; Seevers 1957): Head visible from above; antennae inserted medial to eyes. Antennae 11-segmented; maxillary palpi 4-segmented; labial palpi three-segmented. Tarsi 4, 5, 5-segmented.

Athetini S57
    |–Termitotelus Wasmann 1908 [Termitotelina] S57
    |    `–*T. schultzei Wasmann 1908 S57
    |–Coptotermoecia Oke 1933 [Coptotermoeciina] S57
    |    |–*C. alutacia Oke 1933 S57
    |    `–C. gayi Seevers 1957 S57
    |–Mesaraeus Fenyes 1921 F21
    |    `–*M. laevigatus Fenyes 1921 F21
    |–Falagriota F21
    |–Myrmecopora Saulcy 1864 F21, O86
    |    |–M. senilis Fauvel 1878 O86
    |    `–M. termitophila Cameron 1948 S57
    |–Lipodonta Fenyes 1921 F21
    |    `–*L. veris Fenyes 1921 F21
    |–Lypoglossa F21
    |–Tomoglossa Kraatz 1856 F21, G02 [incl. Noverota Casey 1910 G02]
    |    |–*T. luteicornis (Erichson 1837) [=Homalota luteicornis] G02
    |    |–T. aegyptiaca Scheerpeltz 1963 G02
    |    |–T. arizonica Gusarov 2002 G02
    |    |–T. basicornis (Pace 1985) G02
    |    |–T. brakmani Scheerpeltz 1963 G02
    |    |–T. breitiana (Scheerpeltz 1957) G02
    |    |–T. decora (Casey 1910) [=Noverota decora] G02
    |    |–T. floridana Gusarov 2002 G02
    |    |–T. franzi Pace 1991 G02
    |    |–T. fuliginosa Pace 1999 G02
    |    |–T. heydemanni Lohse 1977 G02
    |    |–T. improvisa (Casey 1910) [=Noverota improvisa] G02
    |    |–T. laeta Eppelsheim 1884 G02
    |    |–T. nepalensis (Pace 1987) G02
    |    |–T. ocularis Pace 1991 G02
    |    |–T. ornatella (Casey 1910) [=*Noverota ornatella] G02
    |    |–‘Noverota’ personata Casey 1910 G02
    |    |–T. subcorticalis (Cameron 1939) G02
    |    `–T. venusta (Pace 1984) G02
    `–Atheta Thomson 1858 [Athetae] G02
         |–A. celata (Erichson 1837) P05
         |–A. convivens Silvestri 1945 S57
         |–A. fungi C01
         |–A. (Datomicra) jantarica Paśnik 2005 P05
         |–A. parva C01
         |–A. silvestrii Seevers 1957 [=A. termitaria Seevers 1945 non Bernhauer 1932] S57
         |–A. syntermitis Silvestri 1945 S57
         |–A. termitaria Bernhauer 1932 S57
         |–A. termitobia Wasmann 1894 S57
         |–A. termitophila Motschulsky 1859 S57
         `–A. triangulum K09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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