Ljania sp., from here.

Belongs within: Hygrobatoidea.
Contains: Austraturus, Albia, Notoaturinae, Kongsbergia, Aturus, Neoaturus, Axonopsis, Axonopsella.

The Aturidae are a diverse group of well-sclerotised, usually dorsoventrally flattened water mites, many of which show strong sexual dimorphism. Larvae, where known, are parasites of Chironomidae and Trichoptera; the Sumatran species Parasitalbia sumatrensis is unusual in being parasitic as an adult with females attacking larval Ephemeroptera (Walter et al. 2009). Dorsal and ventral shields are present on the idiosoma with the dorsal shield comprised of a single plate in members of all subfamilies except Notoaturinae.

Characters (from Walter et al. 2009): Adults with dorsal and ventral shields present. Larvae with cheliceral bases fused; coxal plates I separate from posterior coxal group on each side; one pair of urstigmata borne distally between coxal plates I and II; legs with five movable segments; leg tarsi bearing paired claws.

    |    |--Parasitalbia sumatrensisWL09
    |    `--AlbiaWL09
    |  `--AturinaeWL09
    |       |--KongsbergiaWL09
    |       |--AturusWL09
    |       |--NeoaturusWL09
    |       |--SubaturusWL09
    |       |--SubalbiaWL09
    |       |--Aturides Lundblad 1937RFF05
    |       |    `--A. dentatus (Lundblad 1936)RFF05
    |       |--Phreatobrachypoda Cook 1963S86
    |       |    |--P. acuta Habeeb 1975S86
    |       |    |--P. multipora Cook 1963S86
    |       |    |--P. oregonensisWL09
    |       |    `--P. robusta Cook 1974S86
    |       `--Bharatalbia Cook 1967S86
    |            |  i. s.: B. cookiWL09
    |            |--B. (Bharatalbiella Cook 1967)S86
    |            |    `--B. (B.) talinapalpis Cook 1967S86
    |            `--B. (Japonalbia Imamura 1977)S86
    |                 |--B. (J.) ibarakiensis Imamura 1977S86
    |                 |--B. (J.) longipalpis Imamura 1984S86
    |                 |--B. (J.) ohittaensis Imamura 1984S86
    |                 |--B. (J.) rotunda Imamura 1984S86
    |                 `--B. (J.) tsugaruensis Imamura 1984S86
         |--Brachypoda versicolor (Müller 1776)WL09, PH91
         |--Woolastookia pilositarsaWL09
         |--Estellacarus unguitarsusWL09
         |--Neobrachypoda eckmaniWL09
         |--Javalbia Viets 1935S86
         |    |--J. (Javalbia) antama Cook 1967S86
         |    `--J. eremitaGS96
         |--Adelaxonopsella Cook 1974S86
         |    `--A. pallida Cook 1974S86
         |--Uenaxonopsis Imamura 1961S86
         |    `--U. nazensis Imamura 1961S86
         |--Stokaxonopsis Cook 1967S86
         |    `--S. besselingi Cook 1967 [=Axonopsis (Stokaxonopsis) besselingi]S86
         |--Khedacarus Cook 1967S86
         |    `--K. platypes Cook 1967S86
         |--Neoaxonopsis Lundblad 1938RFF05
         |    `--N. odontogaster Lundblad 1938RFF05
         |--Barbaxonella Lundblad 1954S86
         |    |--B. angulata (Viets 1955) [=Axonopsalbia (Hexaxonopsalbia) angulata]S86
         |    |--B. iberica Cook 1974S86
         |    `--B. reverendissimaGS96
         |--Neoaxonopsella Orghidan & Gruia 1981S86
         |    |--N. caripense Orghidan & Gruia 1981S86
         |    `--N. kurtovietsi Orghidan & Gruia 1981S86
         |--Stygalbiella Cook 1974RFF05
         |    |--S. affinis Cook 1974S86
         |    |--S. arizonica Cook 1974S86
         |    `--S. tucumanensis Cook 1980RFF05
         |--Miraxonides Lundblad 1938RFF05
         |    |--M. (Miraxonides) alatus Lundblad 1938RFF05
         |    `--M. (Miraxonidella Cook 1980)RFF05
         |         `--M. (M.) karlvietsi Cook 1980RFF05
         |--Polyaxonopsella Lundblad 1943RFF05
         |    |--P. bordoni (Orghidan & Gruia 1981)RFF05 [=Axonopsella (Polyaxonopsella) bordoniS86]
         |    |--P. dentifera Lundblad 1943RFF05
         |    `--P. polypora Lundblad 1953RFF05
         |--Erebaxonopsis Motas & Tanasachi 1947S86
         |    |--E. amamiensis Imamura 1961S86
         |    |--E. brevipes Motas & Tanasachi 1947S86
         |    |--E. morimotoi (Imamura 1958) [=Axonopsis morimotoi]S86
         |    `--E. nearctica Cook 1974S86
         |--Neoalbia Lundblad 1936RFF05
         |    |--N. (Neoalbia) violacea Lundblad 1936RFF05
         |    `--N. (Neoalbiella Viets 1954)RFF05
         |         |--N. (N.) bidentata Viets 1959RFF05
         |         `--N. (N.) octopora Viets 1954RFF05
         |--Ljania Thor 1898S86
         |    |--L. bipapillata Thor 1898GS91
         |    |--L. japonica Imamura 1956S86
         |    `--L. macilentaS86
         |         |--L. m. macilentaS86
         |         `--L. m. longissima Schwoerbel 1962S86
         |--Neoaxona Lundblad 1936RFF05
         |    |  i. s.: N. aculeata Besseling 1949RFF05
         |    |         N. plaumanni Lundblad 1937RFF05
         |    |--N. (Neoaxona) oblonga Lundblad 1936RFF05
         |    `--N. (Lamellaxona Lundblad 1937)RFF05
         |         `--N. (L.) abnormipes Lundblad 1937RFF05
         |--Submiraxona Lundblad 1937RFF05
         |    |--S. (Submiraxona)RFF05
         |    |    |--S. (S.) crassipes Lundblad 1937RFF05
         |    |    `--S. (S.) rutae Lundblad 1937RFF05
         |    `--S. (Pentalbia Lundblad 1937)RFF05
         |         `--S. (P.) walteri (Lundblad 1937)RFF05
         `--Albaxona Szalay 1944S86
              |  i. s.: A. gracilis Schwoerbel 1962S86
              |         A. japonica Imamura 1970S86
              |         A. minuta Szalay 1944S86
              |         A. stoka Cook 1967S86
              `--A. (Vietsaxona Motas & Tanasachi 1948)S86
                   |--A. (V.) elegans Walter 1947S86
                   |--A. (V.) lundbladi Motas & Tanasachi 1948S86
                   `--A. (V.) nearctica Cook 1974S86
Aturidae incertae sedis:
  Japonaxonopsis Imamura 1984 [Japonaxonopsinae]S86
    `--J. nozakiensis Imamura 1984S86
  Zelandopsis Imamura 1977 [Zelandopsinae]S86
    |--Z. aturoides Schwoerbel 1984S86
    `--Z. morimotoi Imamura 1977S86
  Cabellaturus Cook 1986H98
    `--C. triangularis Cook 1986H98
  Barwontius Viets 1978H98
    |--B. altipalpis Cook 1986H98
    |--B. inflatipalpis Viets 1978H98
    |--B. lunoka Cook 1986H98
    |--B. monolus Cook 1986H98
    |--B. recurvus Cook 1986H98
    |--B. retavus Cook 1986H98
    |--B. simplex Cook 1986H98
    `--B. treetus Cook 1986H98
  Melenaturus Cook 1986H98
    `--M. concavus Cook 1986H98
  Twarntaturus Cook 1986H98
    |--T. alphus Cook 1986H98
    |--T. australicus Cook 1986H98
    |--T. cetonus Cook 1986H98
    |--T. conroyi Cook 1986H98
    `--T. zurus Cook 1986H98
  Azugaturus Cook 1986H98
    `--A. distinctus Cook 1986H98
  Spinaturus Cook 1986H98
    |--S. bleptus Cook 1986H98
    `--S. ctenophorus Cook 1986H98
  Tasmanaxona Cook 1986H98
    `--T. kurtvietsi Cook 1986H98
  Wheenyoides Harvey 1990H98
    `--W. cooki Harvey 1990H98
    |--T. indentatus Hopkins 1967SL71
    |--T. inusitatus Hopkins 1967SL71
    |--T. minutus Hopkins 1969SL71
    |--T. spinipes Hopkins 1967SL71
    `--T. villosus Hopkins 1967SL71

*Type species of generic name indicated


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