Auletobius sanguisorbae, copyright Felix Riegel.

Belongs within: Attelabidae.

The Auletobiina are attelabid weevils with serrate claws and the forehead much wider than the proboscis (Legalov 2001).

Characters (from Legalov 2001): Body dark to light, hairy. Elytral pilosity sometimes forming markings. Proboscis very long to short, straight to strongly curved, thick or thin. Antennal insertions in first or second third of proboscis. Forehead wide, not sloping steeply to the snout. Eyes usually large, strongly or slightly convex. Antennae long or rather short. Flagellar segments greatly or not greatly elongated. Club from narrow to very wide. Pronotum from strongly transverse to almost cylindrical. Elytra usually oval, greatest width at or behind middle, with or without rows of dots or rows of dots in major third. Shoulders smooth or not rounded. Wings developed. Abdomen convex. Legs long to greatly elongated, narrow or broad. Claws with long or very small teeth.

    |--Dicranognathus Redtenbacher in Hügel 1848L01
    |    `--*D. nebulosus Redtenbacher in Hügel 1848 [incl. D. nebulosus f. obscurofasciata Voss 1936]L01
    |--Pseudodicranognathus Legalov 2001L01
    |    `--*P. motschulskyi Legalov 2001L01
    `--Auletobius Desbrochers 1869L01
         |  i. s.: A. humeralis (Boheman 1859)L01
         |         A. reichei (Desbrochers 1869)L01
         |--A. (Auletobius)L01
         |    |--A. (A.) sanguisorbae (Schrank 1798) (see below for synonymy)L01
         |    |--A. (A.) calvus (Sharp 1889) (see below for synonymy)L01
         |    |--A. (A.) convexifrons (Wollaston 1864) (see below for synonymy)L01
         |    |--A. (A.) cylindricollis (Wollaston 1864) [=Auletes cylindricollis, Auletobius (Metopum) cylindricollis]L01
         |    |--A. (A.) fumigatus (Roelofs 1874) (see below for synonymy)L01
         |    |--A. (A.) maderensis (Wollason 1854) [=Auletes maderensis]L01
         |    |--A. (A.) planifrons Sawada 1993 [=A. (Metopum) planifrons]L01
         |    `--A. (A.) submaculatus (Sharp 1889) [=Auletes submaculatus, Auletobius (Metopum) submaculatus]L01
         |--A. (Afroauletes Legalov 2001)L01
         |    `--A. (*A.) pelsuei Legalov 2001L01
         |--A. (Auletinus Desbrochers 1908)L01
         |    `--A. (A.) maculipennis (Jacquelin du Val 1854) (see below for synonymy)L01
         |--A. (Cesauletes Hamilton 1983)L01
         |    |--A. (C.) nasalis (LeConte 1876) (see below for synonymy)L01
         |    `--A. (C.) viridis (Pierce 1909) [=Auletes viridis]L01
         |--A. (Eomesauletes Legalov 2001)L01
         |    `--A. (*E.) politus (Boheman 1828) (see below for synonymy)L01
         |--A. (Eumetopon Voss 1922)L01
         |    `--A. (*E.) flavomaculatusL01
         |--A. (Eurostauletes Voss 1933)L01
         |    |--A. (*E.) rubrorufus (Solsky 1880) [=Auletes rubrorufus; incl. Auletobius (E.) turkestanicus Voss 1933]L01
         |    |--A. (E.) longimanus (Gebler in Ledebour 1830) (see below for synonymy)L01
         |    `--A. (E.) procerus (Reitter 1901) [=Auletes procerus]L01
         |--A. (Gymnauletes Legalov 2001)L01
         |    `--A. (*G.) glaber [=Auletes glaber]L01
         |--A. (Hamiltoniauletes Legalov 2001)L01
         |    |--A. (*H.) cassandrae (LeConte in LeConte & Horn 1876) (see below for synonymy)L01
         |    |--A. (H.) guadelupensis Hustache 1929 [=A. (Auletinus) guadelupensis]L01
         |    `--A. (H.) optatus (Sharpe 1890)L01
         |--A. (Heterauletes Voss 1933)L01
         |    |--A. (*H.) constrictus (Reitter 1891) [=Auletes constrictus]L01
         |    |--A. (H.) akinini (Faust 1885) [=Auletes akinini, Auletinus akinini]L01
         |    |--A. (H.) beckeri (Desbrochers 1875) [=Auletes beckeri, Auletinus beckeri]L01
         |    `--A. (H.) mongolicus Ter-Minassian 1984 [=Auletinus mongolicus]L01
         |--A. (Mesauletobius Legalov 2001) [=Mesauletes Voss 1933 (n. n.)]L01
         |    `--A. (*M.) pubescens (Kiesenweter 1852) (see below for synonymy)L01
         |--A. (Metopum Agassiz 1846) [=Metopon Waterhouse 1842 non Walker 1834; incl. Parauletes Sawada 1993]L01
         |    |--A. (*M.) suturalis (Waterhouse 1842)L01, M86 [=*Metopon suturalisL01, Auletes suturalisM86]
         |    |--A. (M.) berberidis Voss 1933L01
         |    |--A. (M.) brevirostris (Lea 1898)L01
         |    |--A. (M.) eucalypti (Lea 1899)L01
         |    |--A. (M.) fukienensis Voss 1941L01
         |    |--A. (M.) melaleucae (Lea 1898)L01
         |    |--A. (M.) melanocephalus (Erichson 1842)L01
         |    |--A. (M.) monticola [=A. (*Parauletes) monticola]L01
         |    |--A. (M.) puberulus (Faust 1822) [=Auletes puberulus]L01
         |    |--A. (M.) schoeni Legalov 2001L01
         |    |--A. (M.) subbasalis Voss 1933L01
         |    |--A. (M.) tenasserimensis Voss 1933L01
         |    `--A. (M.) turbidus (Pascoe 1874)L01
         |--A. (Pseudomesauletes Legalov 2001)L01
         |    |--A. (*P.) uniformis (Roelofs 1874) (see below for synonymy)L01
         |    |--A. (P.) ater (LeConte in LeConte & Horn 1876) [=Auletes ater, Auletinus ater]L01
         |    |--A. (P.) brunneus Voss 1935 [=Auletinus brunneus]L01
         |    |--A. (P.) chinensis Voss 1935 [=Auletinus chinensis]L01
         |    |--A. (P.) collaris Voss 1934 [=Auletinus collaris]L01
         |    |--A. (P.) consimilis Voss 1930 [=Auletinus consimilis]L01
         |    |--A. (P.) hirtellus Voss 1941 [=Auletinus hirtellus]L01
         |    |--A. (P.) klapperichi Voss 1941 [=Auletinus klapperichi]L01
         |    |--A. (P.) longicollis (Faust 1898) [=Auletinus longicollis]L01
         |    |--A. (P.) nepalensis Voss 1974 [=Auletinus nepalensis]L01
         |    |--A. (P.) nigrinus Voss 1920 [=Auletinus nigrinus]L01
         |    |--A. (P.) sitschuanensis Legalov 2001L01
         |    `--A. (P.) subpicescens Voss 1934 [=Auletinus subpicescens]L01
         |--A. (Pseudominurus Voss 1956)L01
         |    `--A. (*P.) discedensL01
         |--A. (Pseudoparauletes Legalov 2001)L01
         |    |--A. (*P.) atterimus (Lea 1910) [=Auletes atterimus]L01
         |    `--A. (P.) filirostris (Pascoe 1874) [=A. (Metopum) filirostris]L01
         `--A. (Strictauletes Voss 1934)L01
              `--A. (*S.) insularisL01

Auletobius (Auletinus) maculipennis (Jacquelin du Val 1854) [=Auletes maculipennis; incl. Auletobius maculipennis ab. concolor Desbrochers 1868, Auletobius maculipennis ab. discimaculata Vitale 1937, Auletobius maculipennis ab. humeralis Vitale 1937 non A. humeralis (Boheman 1859), Auletobius maculipennis var. lepigrei Hoffmann 1958]L01

Auletobius (Auletobius) calvus (Sharp 1889) [=Auletes calvus, Auletobius (Metopum) calvus; incl. Auletes irkutensis Faust 1893]L01

Auletobius (Auletobius) convexifrons (Wollaston 1864) [=Auletes convexifrons; incl. Auletes anceps Wollaston 1864, Auletobius freyi Uyttenboogart 1940]L01

Auletobius (Auletobius) fumigatus (Roelofs 1874) [=Auletes fumigatus, Auletobius (Metopum) fumigatus; incl. Auletobius irkutensis japonicus Voss 1922, Auletes testaceus Roelofs 1874]L01

Auletobius (Auletobius) sanguisorbae (Schrank 1798) [=Involvulus sanguisorbae; incl. Auletes basilaris Gyllenhal in Schoenherr 1839, *Auletobius basilaris, Auletes congruus Walker 1866, Rhynchites nigrocyaneus Waltl 1839, Auletes subcoeruleus LeConte in LeConte & Horn 1876]L01

Auletobius (Cesauletes) nasalis (LeConte 1876) [=Auletes nasalis; incl. Auletes laticollis Casey 1888, Auletes mariposae Zimmerman 1932, Auletes rufipennis Pierce 1909]L01

Auletobius (*Eomesauletes) politus (Boheman 1828) [=Rhynchites politus, Auletes politus; incl. Auletes emgei Stierlin 1888, Auletobius politus f. gremieri Voss 1922, Auletes ilicis Gene 1839, Auletes tessani Mulsant 1868]L01

Auletobius (Eurostauletes) longimanus (Gebler in Ledebour 1830) [=Rhynchites longimanus; incl. A. kaszabi Ter-Minassian 1971, R. longipes Gyllenhal in Schoenherr 1839]L01

Auletobius (*Hamiltoniauletes) cassandrae (LeConte in LeConte & Horn 1876) [=Auletes cassandrae; incl. Auletes albovestita Blatchley & Leng 1916, Auletobius blatchleyi Voss 1935, Auletes minor Blatchley 1922]L01

Auletobius (*Mesauletobius) pubescens (Kiesenweter 1852) [=Auletes pubescens; incl. Auletobius pubescens ab. aenescens Schilsky 1903, Auletes cisticola Fairmaire 1859, Auletes subplumbeus Chevrolat 1860]L01

Auletobius (*Pseudomesauletes) uniformis (Roelofs 1874) [=Auletes uniformis; incl. Auletobius uniformis formosanus Voss 1921, Auletobius okinawaensis Voss 1971]L01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[L01] Legalov, A. A. 2001. Revision der holarktischen Auletini (Coleoptera: Attelabidae). Russian Entomological Journal 10 (1): 33–66.

[M86] Masters, G. 1886. Catalogue of the described Coleoptera of Australia. Part V. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, series 2, 1 (3): 585–686.

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