Robust fan-winged katydid Psacadonotus robustus, copyright Patrick Honan.

Belongs within: Tettigonioidea.

The Austrosaginae are a group of flightless predatory katydids endemic to Australia. Members of this group lack apical spurs on the dorsal surface of the hind tibia (Rentz 1996).

    |--Austrosaga spiniferR96
    |--Sciarasaga quadrataR96
    |    |--H. denticulataR96
    |    |--H. mullayaR96
    |    |--H. pericallesR96
    |    |--H. saussureiR96
    |    `--H. venatorR96
    |    |--P. australisR96
    |    |--P. croceopteryxR96
    |    |--P. eneabbaR96
    |    |--P. ocrocercusR96
    |    `--P. strobilaR96
         |--P. insulanusR96
         |--P. kenkulunR96
         |--P. psithyrosR96
         |--P. robustusR96
         |--P. serratimerusR96
         `--P. viridisR96

*Type species of generic name indicated


[R96] Rentz, D. 1996. Grasshopper Country: The abundant orthopteroid insects of Australia. University of New South Wales Press: Sydney.

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