Specimens of Amplexograptus, probably A. perexcavatus, photographed by Mark Wilson.

Belongs within: Bireclinata.
Contains: Neograptina, Dicranograptidae, Climacograptidae, Lasiograptidae, Orthograptinae.

The Diplograptidae are a group of graptoloids known from the Lower Ordovician to the Lower Silurian. Members of this family have a biserial rhabdosome with a symmetrical proximal end (Fortey & Cooper 1986), with the second theca having a right-handed origin from the first theca. They include the distinctive Lower Ordovician genus Dicaulograptus, which possesses a minute rhabdosome with introverted apertures adjacent to long slender spines at the base of the pleural lists (Bulman 1970).

Axonophora (see below for synonymy)M14
    |--Exigraptus Mu in Mu et al. 1979MCM09, M14
    |    |--E. clavusSL04
    |    `--E. uniformisMCM09
    `--+--‘Undulograptus’ sinodentatusMCM09
       `--+--‘Undulograptus’ marathonensisMCM09
                |  `--Archiclimacograptus Mitchell 1987M14
                |       |  i. s.: A. angulatusM14
                |       |--A. modicellus (Harris & Thomas 1935)M14, M10
                |       `--+--A. decoratusM14
                |          `--+--A. sebyensisM14
                |             `--+--A. meridionalisM14
                |                `--A. skagensisM14
                `--+--Eoglyptograptus Mitchell 1987M14, R93
                   |    |--E. bulmaniM14
                   |    `--E. gerhardiM14
                   `--+--Pseudoamplexograptus Mitchell 1987M14, R93
                      |    |--P. confertus (Nicholson 1868)R93
                      |    `--P. distichusM10
Axonophora incertae sedis:
  Apiograptus Cooper & McLaurin 1974M14
  Levisograptus Maletz 2011M14
    |--L. austrodentatus [=Undulograptus austrodentatus]M14
    |--L. dentatusM14
    |--L. dicellograptoidesM14
    |--L. marathonensisM14
    |--L. primusM14
    |--L. sinicus (Mu & Lee 1958)M14, M10 [=Undulograptus sinicusM14]
    `--L. sinograptusM14
  Urbanekograptus Mitchell 1987R93
  Fenhshiangograptus Hong 1957M14
  Oepikograptus Obut 1987M14
    `--O. bekkeriM14
  Prorectograptus Li 1994M14
  Pseudamplexograptus Mitchell 1987M14
    `--P. distichusM14

Axonophora [Diplograptacea, Diplograptidae, Diplograptina, Diplograptinae, Diplograptoidea, Eoglyptograptidae, Eoglyptograptinae, Orthograptidae, Virgellina]M14

*Type species of generic name indicated


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