Hydrilla tuber weevil Bagous affinis, from Michael Shillingburg.

Belongs within: Curculionidae.

The Bagoinae are weevils that are commonly found in aquatic or sub-aquatic habitats. Members have a median prosternal channel, a smooth varnish-like coating over the body scales, mostly tuberculate elytra, and elongate and slender legs (Anderson 2002).

<==Bagoinae [Bagoini, Hydronomides, Hydronomini, Pseudobagoini]
    |--Athor Broun 1909Z93
    |    `--*A. arcifera Broun 1909Z93
    |--Niphobolus Blackburn 1893Z93
    |    `--*N. deceptor Blckburn 1893Z93
    |--Pnigodes LeConte 1876A02
    |    `--P. setosus LeConte 1876A02
    |--Bryocatus Broun 1914 (see below for synonymy)Z93
    |    |--*B. alternans Broun 1914Z93
    |    |--*Baeosomus’ tacitus Broun 1904 [=*Baeomorphus tacitus]Z93
    |    `--B. uvidus (Oke 1931) [=*Daylesfordia uvida, Baeosomus uvidus]Z93
    `--Bagous Germar 1817 (see below for synonymy)A02
         |--*B. binodulus [=Curculio binodulus]M94
         |--B. affinis Hustache 1926B14
         |--‘Hydronomus’ alismatisC01
         |--B. americanusA02
         |--B. australasiae Blackburn 1894M94
         |--B. minutusC01
         |--B. pictus Blatchley 1920A02
         `--B. transversus LeConte 1876D09

Bagous Germar 1817 [=Bagoas Gistel 1856; incl. Abagous Sharp 1916, Anactodes Brisout 1863, Bagoimorphus Desbrochers 1884, Cyprus Schoenherr 1825, Dicranthus Motschulsky 1845, Elmidomorphus Cussac 1851, Ephimeropus Hochhuth 1845, Fontenelleus Hoffmann 1962, Helminthimorphus Bedel 1884, Heterobagous Solari 1930, Himeniphades Kôno 1934, Hydronomus Schoenherr 1825, Lyprus Schoenherr 1826, Macropelmus Dejean 1821, Memptorrhynchus Iablokov-Khnzorian 1960, Parabagous Schilsky 1907, Probagous Sharp 1916]A02

Bryocatus Broun 1914 [incl. Baeomorphus Marshall 1939, Baeosomus Broun 1904 non Thomson 1891, Daylesfordia Oke 1931]Z93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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