Anchistrocheles, from here.

Belongs within: Ostracoda.
Contains: Bairdia.

The Bairdiidae are a family of marine ostracods with a convex-backed carapace and wide duplicature. Though they have a long history, extending from the Lower Ordovician to the present, they mostly varied little in morphology throughout this time (Benson et al. 1961).

Characters (from Benson et al. 1961): Carapace convex-backed, mostly with asymmetrical, angulated, convex and concave, round and acuminate “bairdian” shape in lateral view; lateral outlines mostly symmetrically convex and terminally acuminate in dorsal view; left valve larger than right valve, both overreaching and overlapping it; with short, ridge-and-groove hingement and prominent duplicature and vestibule; muscle-scar pattern composed of several discrete spots.

<==Bairdiidae [Nesideidae]
    |    |--Pussella Danielopol 1976DH86
    |    |    |--P. botosaneanui Danielopol 1976DH86
    |    |    `--P. danielopoli Maddocks 1976DH86
    |    `--Anchistrocheles Brady & Norman 1889DH86
    |         |--*A. fumata Brady 1890BB61
    |         |--A. acerosaBB61
    |         |--A. barnharti Maddocks 1976DH86
    |         |--A. bensoni Maddocks 1969DH86
    |         |--A. bradyi (Scott 1905)DH86
    |         |--A. hartmanni Maddocks 1976DH86
    |         `--A. mcquadei Maddocks 1976DH86
         |--Bairdoppilata Coryell, Sample & Jennings 1935DH86
         |    |--*B. martyni Coryell, Sample & Jennings 1935BB61
         |    |--B. cratericola Maddocks 1969DH86
         |    `--B. glibertiS61
         |--Paranesidea Maddocks 1969DH86
         |    |--P. algicola Maddocks 1969DH86
         |    |--P. fracticorallicola Maddocks 1969DH86
         |    `--P. spongicola Maddocks 1969DH86
         |--Triebelina van den Bold 1964DH86 [incl. Glyptobairdia Stephenson 1946BB61]
         |    |--*T. indopacifica van den Bold 1946BB61
         |    |--T. bradyi (Triebel 1948)DH86
         |    |--T. coronataBB61
         |    |--T. gierloffi Hartmann 1959H59
         |    |--T. indopacifica van den Bold 1946H59
         |    |--T. raripila (Müller 1894)DH86
         |    |--T. schulziH59
         |    `--T. sertata (Triebel 1948)DH86
         `--Neonesidea Maddocks 1969DH86
              |--N. aregina Maddocks 1969DH86
              |--N. maddocksae Hartmann 1974DH86
              |--N. michaelseni Hartmann 1982DH86
              |--N. pateriformes Maddocks 1969DH86
              `--N. schulzi (Hartmann 1964)DH86
Bairdiidae incertae sedis:
  Rectobairdia Sohn 1960ZL87
    |--R. jinchengensis Shi 1987ZL87
    |--R. legumen (Jones & Kirkby 1886) [=Bairdia legumen; incl. B. angulatiformis Posner 1951]S82
    `--R. subsymmetrica Zhang in Zhang & Liang 1987ZL87
  Pustulobairdia Sohn 1960ZL87
    |--P. pruniseminata (Sohn 1954)ZL87
    `--P. subpruniseminata Zhang in Zhang & Liang 1987ZL87
  Lobobairdia Kollmaun 1963ZL87
    `--L. ventriconcava (Chen 1958) [=Bairdia ventriconcava]ZL87
  Abrobairdia Chen 1982CB86
    |--A. brevicostaCB86
    `--A. monocosta Chen & Bao 1986CB86
  Cryptobairdia Sohn 1960ZL87
    |--C. coryelli (Roth & Skinner 1931) (see below for synonymy)CB86
    |--C. submanifesta Zhang in Zhang & Liang 1987ZL87
    |--C. subseminalis Zhang in Zhang & Liang 1987ZL87
    `--C. xiaodonggouensis Shi 1987ZL87
  Bairdiacypris Bradfield 1935HM04 [incl. Actuaria Schneider 1956BB61]
    |--*B. deloi Bradfield 1935BB61
    |--B. glennensis (Harlton 1927)HM04
    |--B. haydenbranchensisBB61
    |--B. incurvata Kraft 1962WSB93
    |--B. longirobustaCB86
    |--B. reniformisCB86
    |--B. sinensisCB86
    |--B. ventralisCB86
    `--B. yui Shi 1960ZL87
  Orthobairdia Sohn 1960ZL87
    |--O. cestriensis (Ulrich 1891) [=Bairdia cestriensis]S82
    |--O. chasae (Kellett 1934) [=Bairdia chasae]ZL87
    |--O. florenaensis (Upson 1933) [=Bairdia florenaensis]ZL87
    |--O. insolens (Cooper 1941) [=Bairdia insolens]CB86
    |--O. ponderosa (Chen 1958) [=Bairdia ponderosa]CB86
    |--O. powersi (Kellett 1934) [=Bairdia powersi; incl. B. perincerta Cordell 1952]CB86
    |--O. texana (Harlton 1927)CB86
    `--O. xingyangensis Zhang in Zhang & Liang 1987ZL87
  Antibythocypris Jennings 1936BB61
    `--*A. gooberi Jennings 1936BB61
  Bairdianella Harlton 1929BB61
    |--*B. elegans Harlton 1929BB61
    `--B. subcylindricaCB86
  Bairdiolites Croneis & Gale 1939BB61
    `--*B. crescentis Croneis & Gale 1939BB61
  Ceratobairdia Sohn 1954BB61
    `--*C. dorsospinosa Sohn 1954BB61
  Fabalicypris Cooper 1946BB61
    |--*F. wileyensis Cooper 1946BB61
    |--F. altaCB86
    `--F. ellipticaCB86
  Newsomites Morris & Hill 1952BB61
    `--*N. pertumidus Morris & Hill 1952BB61
  Pseudocyproides Morris & Hill 1952BB61
    `--*P. alatus Morris & Hill 1952BB61
  Spinobairdia Morris & Hill 1952BB61
    `--*S. kellettae Morris & Hill 1952BB61
  Isobythocypris Apostolescu 1959LH61
    `--*I. unispinata Apostolescu 1959LH61
  Celechovites Pokorný 1950M61, BB61
    `--*C. cultratus Pokorný 1950BB61
  Famenella Polenova 1953 (n. d.)M61, BB61
    `--*F. inconditis Polenova 1953BB61
  Ellesmerina Glebovskaja & Zaspelova in Glebovskaja 1948M61, BB61 [=Mossolovella Egorov 1953BB61]
    `--*E. incognita Glebovskaja & Zaspelova in Glebovskaja 1948 [=*Mossolovella incognita]BB61
  Silenites Coryell & Booth 1933M61, BB61
    |--*S. silenus Coryell & Booth 1933BB61, ZL87, BB61
    |--S. fabalis (Cooper 1946)CB86
    |--S. lenticularis (Kellett 1934)CB86 [=Carbonia lenticularisBB61]
    |--S. marginiferus (Geis 1932) [=Bythocypris marginifera]CB86
    |--S. testatus (Chen 1958) [=Bythocypris testatus]ZL87
    `--S. unicostus Chen & Bao 1986CB86
  Steusloffina Teichert 1937M61, BB61
    |--*S. ulrichi Teichert 1937BB61
    `--S. papillosaBB61
  Artifactella Coryell & Booth 1933M61, BB61
    `--*A. tomahawki Coryell & Booth 1933BB61
  Elpinella Přibyl & Šnajdr 1950M61, BB61
    `--*E. radiata [=Leperditia radiata]BB61
  Hastacypris Croneis & Gutke 1939M61, BB61
    `--*H. bradyi Croneis & Gutke 1939BB61
  Shidelerites Morris & Hill 1951M61, BB61
    `--*S. typus Morris & Hill 1951BB61

Cryptobairdia coryelli (Roth & Skinner 1931) [=Bairdia coryelii; incl. B. ventricosa Roth & Skinner 1930 non Kirkby 1858]CB86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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