Grey triggerfish Balistes capriscus, copyright Max Ryazanov.

Belongs within: Tetraodontiformes.

The Balistidae, triggerfishes, are deep-bodied, shallow-water fishes in which the first spine of the first dorsal fin can be locked in an erect position (Matsuura 2015).

Characters (from Matsuura 2015): Body deep, moderately compressed, encased in very thick, tough skin with large scales easily discernible as individual units; scales above pectoral-fin base often enlarged, forming a flexible tympanum; mouth small and terminal, or almost terminal; teeth strong, eight in the outer series of both jaws; gill opening a moderately short, vertical to oblique slit in front of pectoral-fin base; two dorsal fins present; first dorsal fin with three visible spines, second spine more than half length of first spine, first spine capable of being locked in an erect position by second spine; second dorsal and anal fin similar in shape; most dorsal-, anal-, and pectoral-fin rays branched; pelvic fins rudimentary, represented by series of four pairs of enlarged scales encasing posterior end of pelvis.

    |--Oligobalistes robustus Danil’chenko 1960AS09, P93
    |    |--B. orbiculatus (Heer 1865)P93
    |    |--B. ovalis (Agassiz 1842)P93
    |    `--B. spinosus (Agassiz 1842)P93
    `--+--+--Balistapus Tilesius 1820ND13, M15
       |  |    `--B. undulates (Park 1797)M15 (see below for synonymy)
       |  `--+--Pseudobalistes Bleeker 1865-1869ND13, M15
       |     |    |--P. flavimarginatus (Rüppell 1829)M15 (see below for synonymy)
       |     |    |--P. fuscus (Bloch & Schneider 1801)M15
       |     |    `--P. naufragium (Jordan & Starks 1895)M15
       |     `--Xanthichthys Kaup in Richardson 1856ND13, M15
       |          |--X. auromarginatus (Bennett 1832)M15
       |          |--X. caeruleolineatus Randall, Matsuura & Zama 1978M15
       |          |--X. fuscus (Schneider 1801) [=Balistes fuscus]M58
       |          |--X. lineopunctatus (Hollard 1854)M15
       |          |--X. mento (Jordan & Gilbert 1882)M15
       |          `--X. ringens (Linnaeus 1758)M15 [=Balistes ringensM58; incl. B. armatus Bleeker 1859M58]
       `--+--Sufflamen Jordan 1916ND13, M15 [incl. Hemibalistes Smith 1949M15]
          |    |--S. albicaudatum (Rüppell 1829)M15
          |    |--S. bursa (Bloch & Schneider 1801)M15 [=Balistes bursaM15, B. (Balistapus) bursaM58, *Hemibalistes bursaM15]
          |    |--S. capistratus (Shaw 1804) [=Balistes capistratus]M58
          |    |--S. chrysopterum (Bloch & Schneider 1801)M15 (see below for synonymy)
          |    |--S. fraenatum (Latreille 1804)M15 [=Balistes frenatusM58]
          |    `--S. verres (Gilbert & Starks 1904)M15
          `--+--Balistes Linnaeus 1758ND13, M15 [incl. Nematobalistes Fraser-Brunner 1935M15, Verrunculus Jordan 1924M15]
             |    |--B. capriscus Gmelin 1789K-M02
             |    |--B. carolinensisF15
             |    |--B. lima Bennett 1832 (n. d.) [=Xanthichthys lima]M15
             |    |--B. papillosus Linnaeus 1758L58
             |    |--B. polylepis Steindachner 1876M15
             |    |--B. punctatus Gmelin 1789M15
             |    |--B. scolopax Linnaeus 1758L58
             |    |--B. tomentosus Linnaeus 1758L58
             |    `--B. vetula Linnaeus 1758M15
             `--+--Abalistes Jordan & Seale 1906ND13, M15
                |    |--A. filamentosus Matsuura & Yoshino 2004M15
                |    `--A. stellaris (Anonymous 1798)M15 [=Balistes stellarisM58]
                `--Rhinecanthus Swainson 1839ND13, M15
                     |--R. abyssus Matsuura & Shiobara 1989M15
                     |--R. aculeatus (Linnaeus 1758)M15 (see below for synonymy)
                     |--R. assasi (Forsskål 1775)M15
                     |--R. cinereus (Bonnaterre 1788)M15
                     |--R. lunula Randall & Steene 1983M15
                     |--R. rectangulus (Bloch & Schneider 1801)M15 (see below for synonymy)
                     `--R. verrucosus (Linnaeus 1758)M15 (see below for synonymy)
Balistidae incertae sedis:
  Rhinecarpus echarpeG75
  Odonus Gistel 1848M15
    `--O. niger (Rüppell 1836)M15 (see below for synonymy)
  Gornylistes prodigiosusNE12
  Balistoides Fraser-Brunner 1935M15
    |--B. conspicillum (Bloch & Schneider 1801)M15 (see below for synonymy)
    `--B. viridescens (Bloch & Schneider 1801)M15 (see below for synonymy)
  Canthidermis Swainson 1839M15
    |--C. macrolepis (Boulenger 1888)M15
    |--C. maculata (Bloch 1786)M15 (see below for synonymy)
    |--C. rotundatus (Procé 1822) (see below for synonymy)M58
    `--C. sufflamen (Mitchill 1815)M15
  Melichthys Swainson 1839M15
    |--M. indicus (Randall & Klausewitz 1973)M15
    |--‘Balistes’ kibitar Thiollière 1857 [incl. B. ringens Osbeck 1765 non Linnaeus 1758, Melichthys ringens]M58
    |--M. niger (Bloch 1786)M15
    `--M. vidua (Richardson 1845)M15 [=Balistes viduaM58]
  Xenobalistes Matsuura 1981M15
    |--*X. tumidipectoris Matsuura 1981M15
    `--X. punctatus Heemstra & Smith 1983M15

Balistapus undulates (Park 1797)M15 [=Balistes undulatusM58; incl. Balistes kile Montrouzier in Thiollière 1857 (n. n.)M58, Balistes lineatus Thiollière 1857M58, B. (Balistapus) lineatusM58, Balistes prasliniensis Quoy & Gaimard 1824M58, Balistes praslinoides Lesson 1830M58]

Balistoides conspicillum (Bloch & Schneider 1801)M15 [=Balistes conspicillumM58, Balistes (Balistapus) conspicillumM58]

Balistoides viridescens (Bloch & Schneider 1801)M15 [=Balistes viridescensM58, Balistes (Pseudobalistes) viridescensM58]

Canthidermis maculata (Bloch 1786)M15 [=Balistes maculatusM58; incl. B. azureus Lesson 1830M58, B. brevissimus Hollard 1854M58]

Canthidermis rotundatus (Procé 1822) [=Balistes rotundatus; incl. B. munumum Thiollière 1857, B. (Canthidermis) oculatus Bleeker 1865, B. uni Thiollière 1857]M58

Odonus niger (Rüppell 1836)M15 [=Xenodon nigerM58; incl. Balistes erythrodon Günther 1910M58, Odonus erythrodonM58, Zenodon erythrodonM58]

Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus (Rüppell 1829)M15 [=Balistes flavimarginatusM58; incl. B. brasiliensis Peters 1876M58, B. papuensis Macleay 1884M58]

Rhinecanthus aculeatus (Linnaeus 1758)M15 [=Balistes aculeatusM58, Balistapus (Rhinecanthus) aculeatusM58; incl. Monacanthus cheverti Alleyne & Macleay 1877M58, Balistes heteracanthus Bleeker 1859M58, Balistes (Balistapus) heteracanthusM58]

Rhinecanthus rectangulus (Bloch & Schneider 1801)M15 [=Balistes rectangulusM58, Balistapus rectangulusM58; incl. Balistes (Balistapus) cinctus Bleeker 1865M58, Balistes medinilla Quoy & Gaimard 1824M58]

Rhinecanthus verrucosus (Linnaeus 1758)M15 [=Balistes verrucosusM58, B. (Balistapus) verrucosusM58, Balistes tamaked Montrouzier in Thiollière 1857 (n. n.)M58]

Sufflamen chrysopterum (Bloch & Schneider 1801)M15 [=Balistes chrysopterusM58, Hemibalistes chrysopterusM15; incl. Pyrodon niger Bleeker 1859M58, Balistes nigerM58]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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