Porphyra purpurea, copyright Peter Meininger.

Belongs within: Rhodophyta.

The Bangiales are a mostly marine lineage of red algae exhibiting a biphasic, heteromorphic life cycle (Adl et al. 2019).

Characters (from Adl et al. 2019): Pluricellular with Golgi–ER/mitochondrion association; life history biphasic, heteromorphic, gametophyte macroscopic, initially uniseriate, becoming pluriseriate or foliose by diffuse growth; carposporangia and spermatangia produced in packets by successive perpendicular divisions; sporophyte filamentous, with pit plugs with a single cap layer, but lacking membranes; typically forming conchospores in fertile cell rows.

<==Bangiales [Bangiaceae, Bangiophyceae, Porphyreae]
    |--Porphyrella gardneri Smith & Hollenberg 1943S57
    |--Porphyropsis coccinea (Agardh) Rosenvinge 1909S57
    |--Bangiomorpha pubescensAB19, YM06
    |--Pyropia yezoensisAB19, C-SCL15
    |--Bangia Lyngb. 1819 [incl. Girardia Gray 1821]KC01
    |    |--B. atropurpureaHSA03
    |    |--B. carneaG64
    |    |--B. ceramicolaG64
    |    |--B. fuscopurpurea (Dillwyn) Lyngbye 1819 [=B. atropurpurea f. fuscopurpurea]S57
    |    |--B. languginosa Hooker & Harvey 1855L27
    |    `--B. tenuis Gardner 1927S57
         |--P. abyssicola Kjellman 1883S57
         |--P. amplissima (Kjellman) Setchell & Hus in Hus 1900 [=Diploderma amplissimum]S57
         |--P. columbina Montagne 1845 [incl. P. capensis Hooker & Harvey 1864]L27
         |--P. haitanensisHH09
         |--P. kuniedaiHSA03
         |--P. laciniataG64
         |--P. lanceolata (Setchell & Hus) Smith in Smith & Hollenberg 1943S57 (see below for synonymy)
         |--P. leucostictaBBB-S95
         |--P. miniataMS02
         |    |--P. m. f. miniataS57
         |    `--P. m. f. cuneiformis Setchell & Hus in Hus 1900S57
         |--P. naiadum Anderson in Blankinship & Keeler 1892S57
         |--P. nereocystis Anderson in Blankinship & Keeler 1892S57
         |--P. nobilis Agardh 1882L27
         |--P. perforata Agardh 1883S57
         |    |--P. p. f. perforataS57
         |    `--P. p. f. segregata Setchell & Hus in Hus 1900S57
         |--P. purpureaHH09
         |--P. seriataL10
         |--P. teneraSSA75
         |--P. umbilicalis (Setchell & Gardner) Collins 1913 [=P. laciniata f. umbilicalis]S57
         |--P. variegata (Kjellman) Hus 1900 [=Diploderma variegatum]S57
         |--P. vulgarisG64
         `--P. yezoensisHH09

Nomen nudum: Porphyra subtumensL27

Porphyra lanceolata (Setchell & Hus) Smith in Smith & Hollenberg 1943S57 [=P. perforata f. lanceolata Setchell & Hus 1900L27]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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