Common barbel Barbus barbus, copyright Linie29.

Belongs within: Cypriniformes.

The Barbinae, barbels, are a group of cyprinid fishes with an inferior mouth associated with two pairs of barbels.

    |–Typhlobarbus Chu & Chen 1982 TP86
    |    `–T. nudiventris Chu & Chen 1982 TP86
    |–Varicorhinus TD03
    |    |–V. bacbatulus (Pellegrin 1908) TD03
    |    `–V. ruandus B50
    `–Barbus KKV03
         |–B. altianalis G74
         |–B. aphantogramma B50
         |–B. banguelensis B50
         |–B. barbus (Linnaeus 1758) SE08
         |–B. callensis KKV03
         |–B. eurystomus B50
         |–B. eutaenia B50
         |–B. globiceps B50
         |–B. holoteania TP86
         |–B. innocens B50
         |–B. johnstonii B50
         |–B. paludinosus CS77
         |–B. pellegrini B50
         |–B. peloponnesius Valenciennes 1842 SE08
         |–B. plebejus Bonaparte 1839 SE08
         |–B. rhoadesii B50
         |–B. rogersi B50
         |–B. sachi SL86
         |–B. schejki B96
         |–B. serrifer B50
         |–B. tor B96
         `–B. trimaculatus B50

*Type species of generic name indicated


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