Cyrotyphus blandus, copyright Sharrisi.

Belongs within: Phytophaga.
Contains: Belini.

The Belidae are a group of elongate weevils with straight antennae, usually lacking a distinct club. Members of the subfamily Belinae have larvae that bore into wood whereas Oxycoryninae feed on the reproductive structures of their host plants. Allocoryninae feed on the male cones of cycads. Individuals visit female cones, and may act as pollinators of their hosts, but do not feed there (Anderson 2002). Allocoryninae and Oxycoryninae have a flattened body form, in contrast to the more cylindrical habitus of Belinae, and lack tibial spurs.

Characters (from Lawrence & Britton 1991): Elongate, usually more or less parallel-sided, clothed with decumbent hairs. Rostrum usually moderately long (rarely short and broad); antennae straight, 10-segmented, lacking distinct club (rarely with weak, 4-segmented club), inserted at middle or near base of rostrum; labrum not visible; palps more or less rigid; gular sutures short and separate; pronotum without lateral carinae; fore coxae projecting, trochantins concealed, fore coxal cavities externally and internally closed; tibiae usually with row of small granules along outer edge and fore tibiae often with teeth on inner edge; tarsi pseudotetramerous; abdomen with five ventrites, none connate; pygidium concealed. Larvae broad, slightly flattened, ventrally curved, lightly sclerotised and hairy, with enlarged, strongly declivous prothorax. Head elongate with indistinct median endocarina; frons sometimes with median spine; labral rods absent; mala simple and rounded; maxillary palpifer well developed; protergum with sclerotised, keeled plate on posterior half; abdominal terga with two indistinct transverse folds.

<==Belidae [Oxycorynidae]
| i. s.: PachyurinusM94
| | | i. s.: MetroxenaRD77
| | | Oxycraspedus cribricollisLB20
| | `--OxycoryniniB14
| | |--Hydnorobius hydnorae (Pascoe 1868)B14
| | |--OxycorynusB14
| | |--AlloxycorynusB14
| | `--BalanophorobiusB14
| `--Allocoryninae [Allocorynidae]A02
| |--AllocorynusRD77
| `--Rhopalotria Chevrolat 1878LB20, A02
| |--R. mollis (Sharp 1890)B14
| `--R. slossonae (Schaeffer 1905)A02
`--Belinae [Belides, Pachyurinae]MW15
| i. s.: LebaLB91
| *Brachybelus undulatusM94
| Dicordylus annuliferML05
| AgnesiotisLB91 [AgnesiotidiniB14]
| `--A. pilosulaM86
| PachyuraM86 [PachyuriniB14]
| |--P. australis Hope 1833M86
| |--P. cinerea Blanch. 1853M86
| `--P. vestita Pascoe 1873M86
| `--IsacanthaLB20
| |--I. exigua Pascoe 1873M86
| `--I. papulosa (Pascoe 1871) [=Pachyura papulosa]M86
`--+--Cyrotyphus Pascoe 1870LB20, M94
| |--*C. fasciculatus Pascoe 1870M94
| |--C. blandus (Faust 1892)M94
| `--C. tridens [=Agathinus tridens]M94
| |--*S. nigerM94
| `--S. quadrimaculatusLB20
`--Basiliobelus flavovittatusLB20

*Type species of generic name indicated


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