Houndfish Tylosurus crocodilus, copyright Philippe Bourjon.

Belongs within: Exocoetoidei.

The Belonidae, needlefishes, are a group of fast-swimming predatory fishes in which the jaws are prolonged to form a long, slim beak with numerous teeth (Collette 2002).

    |–Ablennes hians (Valenciennes 1846) C02 [=Belone hians M58]
    |–Eurycaulus persimilis [incl. E. dorsalis] G75
    |–Thalassosteus appendiculata (Klunzinger 1871) [=Belone appendiculata] M58
    |–Stenocaulus krefftii (Günther 1866) [=Belone krefftii, Tylosurus krefftii; incl. B. cancila Macleay 1883] M58
    |–Belone LD09
    |    |–B. ardeola CS77
    |    |–B. belone (Linnaeus 1761) LD09
    |    |–B. harmati Weiler 1933 P93
    |    `–B. menelitica Pauca 1938 P93
    |–Strongylura C02
    |    |–S. anastomella SSE10
    |    |–S. incisa (Valenciennes 1846) [=Belone incisa; incl. B. liuroides Günther 1880] M58
    |    |–S. krefftii (Günther 1866) M10 [incl. Stenocaulis perornatus Whitley 1938 AC90, M58]
    |    |–S. leiura (Bleeker 1850) [=Belone leiurus] M58
    |    |–S. marina (Walbaum 1792) [=Tylosurus marinus] C02
    |    |–S. strongylura (Van Hasselt 1823) (see below for synonymy) M58
    |    `–S. urvillii (Valenciennes 1846) [=Belone urvillii; incl. B. macrolepis Duncker & Mohr 1926] M58
    `–Tylosurus C02
         |–T. acus Lacepède 1803 C02
         |–T. caudimaculatus JR10
         |–T. crocodilus (Lesueur 1821) (see below for synonymy) M58
         |–T. giganteus JR10
         |–T. indica (Lesueur 1821) [=Belone indica; incl. B. annulata Macleay 1883, Tylosurus annulatus] M58
         |–T. leiuroides JR10
         |–T. leiurus JR10
         |–T. macleayanus G75
         |–T. melanotus (Bleeker 1850) M58 [=Belone melanotus M58, Djulongius melanotus M58, Tylosurus acus melanotus MK00]
         |–T. notatus F15
         |–T. punctulatus (Günther 1871) [=Belone punctulata] M58
         |–T. schismatorhynchus JR10
         `–T. terebra G75

Strongylura strongylura (Van Hasselt 1823) [=Belone strongylura, Mastacambelus strongylurus, Tylosurus strongylurus] M58

Tylosurus crocodilus (Lesueur 1821) [=Belone crocodila, Orphie rov Montrouzier in Thiollière 1857 (n. n.); incl. B. choram Peters 1876] M58

*Type species of generic name indicated


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