Liodessus affinis, photographed by Stephen Luk.

Belongs within: Hydroporinae.
Contains: Bidessus, Guignotus, Tjirtudessus.

The Bidessini is a clade of water beetles in which females of most members (except the basalmost Hydrodessus) possess a strongly sclerotised, stout spine within the spermatheca. Hydrodessus shares with other bidessins fusion of the metacoxae and abdominal sternite 2. A clade excluding Hydrodessus and Amarodytes (previously treated as the Bidessini sensu stricto) is further supported by the presence of bi-segmented lateral lobes on the male genitalia (Miller 2001). Hydrodessus is a Neotropical genus characterised by a lack of basal pronotal striae or of prominent carinae on the elytra. The genus Limbodessus, found in Australia and New Guinea, includes a radiation of stygobiotic beetles in Western Australia (Watts & McRae 2013).

    `--+--Amarodytes Régimbart 1900M01, LM87
          |    |--H. flammulatusBP00
          |    |--H. geminusVB21
          |    |--H. japonicusM01
          |    |--H. pusillusBP00
          |    `--H. signatellusBP00
          |--Limbodessus Guignot 1939M01, WM13
          |    |--*L. compactus (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus compactus]WM13
          |    |--L. bennetti Watts & McRae 2013WM13
          |    |--L. cunyuensisWM13
          |    |--L. narryerensisWM13
          |    `--L. neoguineensis (Régimbart 1892) [=Bidessus neoguineensis]LM87
          |--+--Allodessus Guignot 1953M01, LM87
          |  |    `--*A. bistrigatus (Clark 1862) (see below for synonymy)LM87
          |  |--Uvarus Guignot 1939M01, LM87
          |  |    |--*U. lacustris (Say 1823) [=Hydroporus lacustrus, Amarodytes (*Uvarus) lacustris]LM87
          |  |    |--U. chappuisi (Peschet 1932)S86
          |  |    |--U. granariusRL01
          |  |    `--U. pictipes (Lea 1899) [=Bidessus pictipes]LM87
          |  `--Bidessodes Régimbart 1900M01, LM87
          |       |--*B. semistriatus Régimbart 1900LM87
          |       |--B. bilita Watts 1978LM87
          |       |--B. denticulatus (Sharp 1882) [=Bidessus denticulatus]LM87
          |       |--B. flavosignatus (Zimmermann 1922) [=Bidessus flavosignatus]LM87
          |       |--B. grossus (Zimmermann 1922) [=Bidessus grossus]LM87
          |       |--B. gutteridgei Watts & Humphreys 2003BW04
          |       |--B. jucundusM01
          |       |--B. limestoneensis Watts & Humphreys 2003BW04
          |       `--B. mjobergi (Zimmermann 19220 [=Bidessus mjobergi]LM87
          `--+--Bidessonotus Régimbart 1895M01, LM87
             |    `--B. obtusatusM01
             |--+--Neoclypeodytes Young 1967M01, RL01
             |  |    |--N. cinctellusM01
             |  |    `--N. leachiM01
             |  `--+--Brachyvatus Zimmermann 1919M01, RL01
             |     |    |--B. acuminatusM01
             |     |    `--B. apicatusRL01
             |     `--HemibidessusM01
             |          |--H. bifasciatusM01
             |          |--H. celinoidesM01
             |          |--H. conicusM01
             |          |--H. plaumanniM01
             |          `--H. spiroductusM01
             `--+--Anodocheilus Babington 1841M01, RL01 [incl. Anodontochilus Régimbart 1895RL01]
                |    |--A. exiguusRL01
                |    |--A. francescaeRL01
                |    `--A. maculatusM01
                `--Liodessus Guignot 1939M01, LM87
                     |--*L. affinis (Say 1823) [=Hydroporus affinis, Bidessonotus (*Liodessus) affinis]LM87
                     |--L. amabilis (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus amabilis]LM87
                     |--L. antrias Guignot 1955S86
                     |--L. dispar (Sharp 1882) [=Bidessus dispar; incl. B. elegans Lea 1899]LM87
                     |--L. gemellus (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus gemellus; incl. Bidessus mundus Sharp 1882]LM87
                     |--L. inornatus (Sharp 1882) [=Bidessus inornatus; incl. B. biformis Sharp 1882]LM87
                     |--L. obscurellusM01
                     |--L. praelargus (Lea 1899) [=Bidessus praelargus]LM87
                     `--L. shuckardii (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus shuckardii]LM87
Bidessini incertae sedis:
  Crinodessus Miller 1997BW04
    `--C. amyae Miller 1997BW04
  Phreatodessus Ordish 1976S86
    |--P. hades Ordish 1976S86
    `--P. pluto Ordish 1991BW04
  Kuschelydrus Ordish 1976S86
    `--K. phraeticus Ordish 1976BW04
  Trogloguignotus Sanfilippo 1958S86
    `--T. concii Sanfilippo 1958S86
  Clypeodytes Régimbart 1894LM87
    |--*C. cribrosus (Schaum 1864) [=Hydroporus cribrosus]LM87
    |--C. bifasciatus (Zimmermann 1922) [=Bidessus (Clypeodytes) bifasciatus]LM87
    |--C. darlingtoni Watts 1978LM87
    `--C. migrator (Sharp 1882) [=Bidessus migrator]LM87
  Gibbidessus Watts 1978LM87
    `--*G. chipi Watts 1978LM87
  Terradessus Watts 1982LM87
    `--*T. caecus Watts 1982LM87
  Comaldessus Spangler & Barr 1995BW04
    `--*C. stygius Spangler & Barr 1995NR97
  Sinodytes Spangler 1996BW04
    `--S. hubbardi Spangler 1996BW04
  Glareadessus Wewalka & Biström 1998BW04
    |--G. franzi Wewalka & Biström 1998BW04
    `--G. stocki Wewalka & Biström 1998BW04
  Neobidessus Young 1967RL01
    |--N. pulloidesRL01
    `--N. pullusRL01
  Boongurrus Larsson 1994NR97
    `--*B. rivulus Larsson 1994NR97

*Allodessus bistrigatus (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus bistrigatus, Bidessus bistrigatus; incl. B. granularis Balfour-Browne 1944, Hydroporus luridus Macleay 1871, B. luridus, B. pallidus Lea 1899]LM87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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