Lasioseius berlesei, copyright Centre for Biodiversity Genomics.

Belongs within: Phytoseioidea.

The Blattisociinae are an ecologically diverse group of mites, found in both terrestrial and above-ground habitats and encompassing predators, insect parasites, fungivores and pollenivores. The genus Blattisocius includes some species associated with moths which range from being phoretic only, to feeding on the moths’ eggs, to feeding on haemolymph of the moths themselves (Lindquist et al. 2009). Species of Blattisocius are characterised by slender, approximating corniculi and narrow rows of hypognathal denticles with only a few denticles each (Evans & Till 1979).

The most diverse genus of Blattisociinae is Lasioseius, with species found in a range of soil habitats including grassland, litter and animal nests, with species feeding on nematodes, micro-arthropods and fungi (Lindquist et al. 2009). Lasioseius have hypognathal denticles in wider, multidenticulate rows and three to nine rows of R setae on the membrane lateral to the holodorsal shield (Evans & Till 1979).

<==Blattisociinae [Aceosejidae, Aceosejinae, Blattisociini, Gnoriminae]
    |--Adhaerenseius Loots & Theron 1992LKW09, LT92
    |    `--*A. floralis Loots & Theron 1992LT92
    |--Arrhenoseius Walter & Lindquist 2001LKW09, WaLi01
    |    `--*A. gloriosus Walter & Lindquist 2001WaLi01
    |--Aceodromus Muma 1961LKW09, FH93 [Aceodrominae]
    |    |--*A. convolvuli Muma 1961LC64
    |    `--A. asternalis Lindquist & Chant 1964FH93
    |    |--O. lawrenceiLKW09
    |    `--O. tennesseensisLKW09
    |--Zercoseius Berlese 1916LKW09, FH93
    |    |--*Z. spathuliger (Leonardi 1899) [=Seius spathuliger]ET79
    |    |--Z. paliger (Berlese 1916) [=Lasioseius (Zercoseius) paliger]FH93
    |    `--Z. remiger [=Lasioseius (Zercoseius) remiger]S22
    |--Hoploseius Berlese 1914LKW09, FH93
    |    |--H. tenuis Lindquist 1965H98, FH93
    |    |--+--*H. cometa (Berlese 1910)W98, V25 [=Zercon cometaV25]
    |    |  `--H. drosophiliW98
    |    `--H. bakeri groupW98
    |         |--H. australianus Walter 1998W98
    |         |--H. bakeriW98
    |         `--H. sitalaensisW98
    |--Blattisocius Keegan 1944H98 [incl. Paragarmania Nesbitt 1951FH93]
    |    |--B. tarsalis (Berlese 1918)H98 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--B. dentriticus (Berlese 1918)H98 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--B. keegani Fox 1947 [=Blattiosocius (l. c.) keegani, Melichares keegani]H98
    |    |--B. mali (Oudemans 1929)FH93 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--B. patagiorum Treat 1966FH93
    |    `--B. quadridentatus Haines 1978FH93
    `--Lasioseius Berlese 1916LKW09, H98 (see below for synonymy)
         |  i. s.: L. berlesei (Oudemans 1938)FH93 (see below for synonymy)
         |         L. africanusR96
         |         L. allii Chant 1958FH93 [incl. L. bispinosus Evans 1958FH93, L. martiniLKW09]
         |         L. alter Vitzthum 1925WaLi01, V25 [=Lasioseius (Zygoseius) alterV25]
         |         L. americanellus (De Leon 1964) [=Hyattella americanella, L. (Crinidens) americanellus]FH93
         |         L. americanus Chant 1963FH93
         |         L. araucariaeWaLi01
         |         L. arboreus Chant 1963 [=Lasioseius (Criniacus) arboreus]FH93
         |         L. athiashenriotae De Leon 1963 [=L. (Crinidens) athiashenriotae]FH93
         |         L. aurora Vitzthum 1925V25
         |         L. boomsmai Womersley 1956 [=L. boommai (l. c.)]H98
         |         ‘Gnorimus’ chaudhriiWuLa01
         |         L. chelaserratus Naeem, Dobkin & OConner 1985FH93
         |         L. confusus Evans 1958 (see below for synonymy)WL89
         |         L. convexusWaLi01
         |         L. corticeus Lindquist 1971 [=L. (Crinidens) corticeus]FH93
         |         L. cynari Chant 1963FH93
         |         L. drosophili Chant 1963 [=Lasioseius (Criniacus) drosophili]FH93
         |         L. elegans Fain, Hyland & Aiken 1977FH93
         |         *Hyattella’ epicriodes Krantz 1962WL97
         |         L. epicriodopsis De Leon 1963 [=L. (Crinidens) epicriodopsis]FH93
         |         L. fimetorumR96
         |         L. fissuratusV25
         |         L. fleschneri Chant 1963FH93
         |         L. floridensis Berlese 1916H98 (see below for synonymy)
         |         L. frondeus Karg 1965WL89
         |         L. furcisetus Athias-Henriot 1959FH93 (see below for synonymy)
         |         L. glaberS22
         |         L. humbertiWaLi01
         |         L. imitansWaLi01
         |         L. italicusS22
         |         L. jueradeus Schweizer 1949S61
         |         L. kinikinik Walter & Lindquist 1989FH93
         |         L. krantzi Chant 1963 [=Lasioseius (Criniacus) krantzi]FH93
         |         L. lacunosus Westerboer in Stammer 1963FH93
         |         L. lasiodactyli Ishikawa 1969FH93
         |         L. manyarae Hurlbutt 1972H72
         |         L. matthyssei Chant 1963 [=Lasioseius (Criniacus) matthysei]FH93
         |         L. meridionalis Chant 1963 [=L. (Crinidens) meridionalis]FH93
         |         L. mexicanus (Banks 1904) [=Laelaps mexicanus]FH93
         |         L. moucheiWaLi01
         |         L. muestairi Schweizer 1949S61
         |         L. multisetus Chant 1963 [=Lasioseius (Criniacus) multisetus]FH93
         |         L. mumai De Leon 1963 [=L. (Crinidens) mumai]FH93
         |         L. muricatus (Koch 1839) (see below for synonymy)FH93
         |         L. nambirimaeH72
         |         L. neometes McGraw & Farrier 1969FH93
         |         L. nivalis Schweizer 1961S61
         |         L. nomus Athias-Henriot 1959H72
         |         L. oblongus (Ewing 1909) [=Gamasus oblongus]FH93
         |         L. ometes (Oudemans 1903)FH93 [=Hypoaspis ometesFH93, L. (Zercoseius) ometesV25]
         |         L. ometisimilisLKW09
         |         L. parvulusV25
         |         L. penicilliger Berlese 1916 (see below for synonymy)FH93
         |         L. peritremus Nasr & Abou-Awad 1987FH93
         |         L. podocinoides Berlese 1916 [=L. (Zercoseius) podocinoides]H72
         |         L. pusillusV25
         |         L. quadrisetosusWL97
         |         L. queenslandicus (Womersley 1956) [=Platyseius queenslandicus; incl. L. athiasae Nawar & Nasr 1991]WL97
         |         L. rugosa (Halliday 1995)H98 [=*Neolaspina rugosaH95]
         |         L. safroi (Ewing 1920) [=Seius safroi, Lasioseius (Criniacus) safroi; incl. L. dendroctoni Chant 1963]FH93
         |         L. scutalisWaLi01
         |         L. serratusS22
         |         L. subterraneus Chant 1963 [=L. (Criniacus) subterraneus]FH93
         |         L. sugawarai Ehara 1964FH93
         |         L. tectusWaLi01
         |         L. tenuipesS22
         |         L. terrestrisG91
         |         L. tetraspinosus Karg 1980 [=L. (Crinidens) tetraspinosus]FH93
         |         L. thermophilusWL89
         |         L. tridentatus Baker, Delfinado & Abbatiello 1976FH93
         |         L. tuberculiger (Berlese 1916) [=Ameroseius tuberculiger; incl. L. spectabilis De Leon 1963]FH93
         |         L. vitzthumiWaLi01
         |         L. youcefi Athias-Henriot 1959 (see below for synonymy)WL89
         |         L. zaluckii Walter & Lindquist 1997H98
         |         L. zerconoidesH73
         |--L. phytoseioides groupWL97
         |    |--L. parberlesei Bhattacharyya 1968 [=*Indiraseius perberlesei]WL97
         |    |--L. phytoseioides Chant 1963 [=L. (Crinidens) phytoseioides]FH93
         |    `--*Gnorimus’ tabella Chaudri 1975WL97
         `--L. porulosus groupWL97
              |--L. cuppa Walter & Lindquist 1997WL97
              |--L. porulosus De Leon 1963 [=L. (Crinidens) porulosus]FH93
              |--L. quandong Walter & Lindquist 1997WL97
              |--L. traveni Walter & Lindquist 1997WL97
              `--L. wondjina Walter & Lindquist 1997WL97
Nomina nuda: Lasioseius aparapilus Lindquist 1963FH93
             Lasioseius muricatus var. floridensis Berlese 1918 non L. pencilliger var. floridensis Berlese 1916FH93
             Lasioseius halimus Lindquist 1963FH93
             Lasioseius polypori Lindquist 1963FH93
             Lasioseius scabridus Lindquist 1963FH93
             Lasioseius muricatus var. transoceanicus Berlese 1918FH93

Blattisocius dentriticus (Berlese 1918)H98 [=Lasioseius dentriticusH98, B. dendriticus (l. c.)H98, Melichares dentriticusH98; incl. Seiulus amboinensis Oudemans 1925FH93, Laelaps fimbriatus Halbert 1923FH93]

Blattisocius mali (Oudemans 1929)FH93 [=Typhlodromus maliFH93, *Paragarmania maliE57; incl. Lasioseius (Paragarmania) bakeri Chant 1958FH93, Blattisocius daci Narayanan & Ghai 1961FH93]

Blattisocius tarsalis (Berlese 1918)H98 [=Lasioseius tarsalisH98, Melichares tarsalisH98; incl. L. similis Schweizer 1949FH93, Typhlodromus tineivorus Oudemans 1929H98, Blattisocius tineivorusH98, *B. tridons Keegan 1944ET79, FH93]

Lasioseius Berlese 1916LKW09, H98 [incl. Aceoseius Sellnick 1941FH93, Borinquolaelaps Fox 1946FH93, Criniacus Karg 1980WL89, Crinidens Karg 1980WL89, Gnorimus Chaudri 1975WL97, Hyattella Krantz 1962 nec Lendenfeld 1889 nec Hall & Clarke 1893FH93, Indiraseius Dansehvar 1987WL97, Neolaspina Halliday 1995H98]

Lasioseius berlesei (Oudemans 1938)FH93 [=Typhlodromus berleseiFH93, Seius muricatus Berlese 1887 non Koch 1839FH93, *Aceoseius muricatusWL97, *Lasioseius muricatusET79; incl. L. aba Baker & Wharton 1952FH93, L. sylvestris Pinchuk 1972WL89]

Lasioseius confusus Evans 1958 [=Pseudoseius confusus Evans in Browning 1956 (n. n.); incl. Platyseius nidus Pinchuk 1972]WL89

Lasioseius floridensis Berlese 1916H98 [=L. (Zercoseius) pencilliger var. floridensisFH93; incl. L. analis Evans 1958FH93, *Borinquolaelaps dentatus Fox 1946WL97, FH93, L. dentatusWL95, L. scapulatus Kennett 1958FH93]

Lasioseius furcisetus Athias-Henriot 1959FH93 [=L. (Crinidens) furcisetusFH93; incl. L. (Criniacus) lanciolatus Chant 1963WL89, FH93]

Lasioseius muricatus (Koch 1839) [=Sejus muricatus; incl. Laelaps ligoniformis Michael 1892, Ameroseius pseudocometa Schweizer 1922]FH93

Lasioseius penicilliger Berlese 1916 [incl. L. (Zercoseius) lanciolatus Chant 1963 non L. (Criniacus) lanciolatus Chant 1963]FH93

Lasioseius youcefi Athias-Henriot 1959 [incl. L. mcgregori Chant 1963, L. paucisetosus Westerboer 1963, L. proteae Ryke 1964]WL89

*Type species of generic name indicated


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