Striped fangblenny Meiacanthus grammistes, copyright Francois Libert.

Belongs within: Blennioidei.
Contains: Omobranchus, Salariidae, Blenniini.

The Blenniidae, blennies, are a group of small, shallow-water fishes with a normally naked, elongate body, well-developed pectoral and vertical fins, and reduced pelvic fins with the rays hidden in thick tissue (Smith 1959).

Blenniidae [Petroscirtinae]
|–+–Salariidae ND13
|  `–Ophioblennius [Ophioblenniinae] ND13
|       |–O. atlanticus ND13
|       `–O. webbii CS77
`–+–Blenniini ND13
`–+–Enchelyurus Peters 1868 ND13, S59
|    |–*E. flavipes Peters 1868 S59
|    `–E. krausii (Klunzinger 1871) [=Petroscirtes krausii] S59
`–Meiacanthus Norman 1943 ND13, S59
|–*M. oualensis (Gunther 1880) [=Petroscirtes oualensis] S59
|–M. anema (Bleeker 1852) [=Petroskirtes anema] M58
|–M. atrodordalis (Günther 1877) S59
|–M. grammistes (Valenciennes 1836) [=Blennechis grammistes; incl. Petroscirtes kulambangrae Herre 1931] M58
|–M. mossambicus Smith 1959 S59
`–M. nigrolineatus B96

Blenniidae incertae sedis:
Dasson Jordan & Hubbs 1925 S59
|–*D. trossulus (Jordan & Snyder 1902) [=Aspidontus trossulus] S59
|–D. ancylodon (Ruppell 1835) [=Petroscirtes ancylodon] S59
`–D. variabilis (Cantor 1850) [=Petroscirtes variabilis; incl. P. cynodon Peters 1855] S59
Andamia heteroptera (Bleeker 1857) [=Salarias heteropterus; incl. A. cyclocheilus Weber 1909] M58
Negoscartes guttatus (Valenciennes 1835) [=Salarias guttatus] M58
Petroscirtes Ruppell 1828 S59
|–*P. mitratus Rüppell 1828 (see below for synonymy) S59
|–P. breviceps (Valenciennes 1836) MM09
|–P. dussumieri Val. 1836 S59
|–P. eretes Jordan & Seale 1905 [incl. P. vulsus Jordan & Seale 1906] JR10
|–P. grammistes JR10
|–P. pindae Smith 1959 S59
|–P. solorensis O97
|–P. vincinguerria Borsieri 1904 S59
`–P. xestus Jordan & Seale 1906 S59
Aspidontus Quoy & Gaimard 1835 S59 [incl. Macrurrhynchus Ogilby 1896 O96]
|  i. s.: A. dussumieri (Valenciennes 1836) MM09
|         A. maroubrae (Ogilby 1896) M58 [=*Macrurrhynchus maroubrae O96, M58, Petroscirtes maroubrae M58]
|–A. (Aspidontus) S59
|    |–*A. (A.) taeniatus Quoy & Gaimard 1835 S59 (see below for synonymy)
|    `–A. (A.) tractus Fowler 1903 S59
`–A. (Escadotus Smith 1959) S59
|–A. (*E.) fluctuans (Weber 1909) [=Petroscirtes fluctuans] S59
|–A. (E.) gorrorensis Herre 1936 S59
`–A. (E.) wamiziensis Smith 1959 S59
Omobranchus B77
Nemophini B77
Phenablennini B77
Blenniella periophthalmus (Valenciennes 1836) MM09
Plagiotremus MM09
|–P. rhinorhynchos (Bleeker 1852) MM09
|–P. tapeinosoma (Bleeker 1857) MM09
`–P. townsendi B96
Laiphognathus Smith 1955 S59
`–*L. multimaculatus Smith 1955 S59
Cruantus Smith 1959 S59
|–*C. dealmeida (Smith 1949) [=Omobranchus dealmeida] S59
`–C. petersi (Kossman & Rauber 1877) [=Petroscirtes petersi] S59
Runula Jordan & Bollman 1890 S59
|–*R. azalea Jordan & Bollman 1890 S59
|–R. amblyrhynchus (Bleeker 1857) [=Petroscirtes amblyrhynchus] S59
|–R. rhinorhynchos (Bleeker 1852) S59 (see below for synonymy)
`–R. tapeinosoma (Bleeker 1857) S59 (see below for synonymy)
Blennechis Valenciennes 1836 S59
`–*B. filamentosus Valenciennes 1836 [=Aspidontus filamentosus, Petroscirtes filamentosus] S59
Xiphasia Swainson 1839 [Xiphasiidae] S59
`–*X. setifer Swainson 1839 S59 (see below for synonymy)
Cristiceps filifer Steindachner 1867 JR10
Blenniidarum blondeaui Nolf & Lapierre 1979 P93
Oncolepis isseli Bassani 1898 P93

*Aspidontus (Aspidontus) taeniatus Quoy & Gaimard 1835 S59 [=Petroscirtes taeniatus M58, Macrurrhynchus taeniatus O96]

Petroscirtes mitratus Rüppell 1828 [incl. P. barbatus Peters 1855, P. lienardi Day 1876, P. marmoratus Bleeker 1878] S59

Runula rhinorhynchos (Bleeker 1852) S59 [=Petroscirtes rhinorhynchos S59, Aspidontus rhinorhynchus M58, Macrurrhynchus rhinorhynchus O96]

Runula tapeinosoma (Bleeker 1857) S59 [=Petroscirtes tapeinosoma S59, Aspidontus tapeinosoma S59, Macrurrhynchus tapeinosoma O96]

*Xiphasia setifer Swainson 1839 S59 [=Xiphogadus setifer RD-O86; incl. Nemophis lessoni Sauvage 1875 S59, Xiphasia lessoni M58, Xiphogadus madagascariensis Playfr. 1868 S59, Xiphasia madagascariensis S59, Xiphichthys russellii Jerdon 1851 RD-O86, Ophidium tonkahtalawaree RD-O86]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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