Boa constrictor, copyright Alex Figueroa.

Belongs within: Macrostomata.

The Boinae are a primarily Neotropical group of moderate-sized to large snakes. Vertebrae of boines possess paracotylar fossae and foramina; straight, posteromedially angled interzygapophyseal ridges; and a vaulted, bi-angled posterior margin on the neural arch (Head et al. 2009).

    |--+--Acrantophis madagascariensisVH02
    |  `--Candoia carinataVH02, HB09
    `--Boa Linnaeus 1758VH02, L58
         |--B. canina Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--B. cenchris Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--B. constrictor Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--B. enydris Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--B. hipnale Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--B. hortulana Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--B. murina Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--B. orophias Linnaeus 1758L58
         `--B. scytale Linnaeus 1758L58
Boinae incertae sedis:
  0--Corallus [incl. Xenoboa]K88
  |    |--C. caninusHB09
  |    `--C. enydrisHB09
  `--+--Eunectes murinus Linnaeus 1758K88, S05
          |--E. cenchriaK88
          |    |--E. c. cenchriaDS86
          |    `--E. c. gaigeiDS86
          `--+--E. anguliferK88
             `--+--E. striatusK88
                `--+--+--E. chrysogasterK88
                   |  `--E. exsulK88
                   |--+--E. inornatusK88
                   |  `--E. subflavusK88
                   `--+--E. gracilisK88
                      `--+--E. fordiiK88
                         `--E. monensisK88
  Antaresia Wells & Wellington 1984ADD08, C18
    |--A. childreni (Gray 1842) [=Liasis childreni]C18
    |--A. maculosa (Peters 1973) [=Liasis maculosa]C18
    |--A. perthensis (Stull 1932) [=Liasis perthensis]C18
    `--A. stimsoni (Smith 1985) [=Liasis stimsoni]C18
  Bavarioboa hermiRB03
    |--E. asperR13
    |--E. bibroniR13
    |    |--E. b. bibroniR13
    |    `--E. b. australis [=Boa australis]R13
    `--E. carinatusR13
  Sanzinia madagascarensisK88, HB09
  Titanoboa Head, Bloch et al. 2009HB09
    `--*T. cerrejonensis Head, Bloch et al. 2009HB09
  Boavus Marsh 1871 [incl. Protagras Cope 1872]SH96
    `--*B. occidentalis Marsh 1871SH96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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