Pink wax flower Eriostemon australasius, copyright Geoff Derrin.

Belongs within: Zanthoxyleae.
Contains: Boronia.

The Boronieae are a group of mostly small to medium-sized shrubs that are usually found growing in open woodlands. Representatives include Phebalium, an Australasian genus of shrubs with pentamerous flowers usually borne in corymbs, and fruits of two to five cocci with seeds having an elastic endocarp (Allan 1961). Species of the Australian genus Correa have the petals more or less fused to form a tubular or campanulate corolla.

<==Boronieae [Eriostemoninae]
    |    |--E. alpinus [=Phebalium squamulosum var. alpinum]S87
    |    |--E. australasius [incl. E. lanceolatus]TW07
    |    |--E. brevifoliusMS06
    |    |--E. buxifoliusH87a
    |    |--E. correifolius [=Asterolasia correifolia; incl. A. muellerii]S87
    |    |--E. coxiiM89
    |    |--E. crowei [=Crowea saligna]S87
    |    |    |--E. s. var. salignaS87
    |    |    `--‘Crowea’ s. var. exalataS87
    |    |--E. falcatusM93
    |    |--E. nodiflorusGK00
    |    |    |--E. n. ssp. nodiflorusGK00
    |    |    `--E. n. ssp. lasiocalyxGK00
    |    |--E. ovatifolius [=Phebalium ovatifolium]S87
    |    |--E. ozothamnoides [=Phebalium ozothamnoides]S87
    |    |--E. phylicifolius [=Phebalium phylicifolium]S87
    |    |--E. trachyphyllusS87
    |    `--E. trymalioides [=Asterolasia trymalioides]S87
    `--+--Correa [Correinae]MS06
       |    |--C. aemulaS87
       |    |--C. albaH87a
       |    |--C. baeuerleniiM89
       |    |--C. lawrencianaS87
       |    |--C. pulchellaMS06
       |    `--C. speciosaTW07
       |         |--C. s. var. speciosaTW07
       |         |--C. s. var. cardinalisS87
       |         `--C. s. var. mormalisTW07
       `--+--Chorilaena [Nematolepidinae]MS06
          |    `--C. quercifoliaMS06
          `--+--Diplolaena [Diplolaeninae]MS06
             |    |--D. dampieriMS06
             |    |--D. grandifloraKM08
             |    `--D. microcephalaK90
             `--Phebalium Vent. 1804MS06, A61
                  |--P. ambiguumG04
                  |--P. brachycalyxG04
                  |--P. canaliculatumG04
                  |--P. denticulatumH87b
                  |--P. diosmeumB96
                  |--P. filifoliumG04
                  |--P. glandulosumC08
                  |--P. nudum Hook. 1843A61
                  |--P. rotundifoliumC08
                  |--P. squameumSN08
                  |--P. squamulosumB96
                  |--P. tuberculosumM93
                  `--P. woombyeMS06
Boronieae incertae sedis:
    |--Myrtopsis Engl. 1896W17
    |    |--M. macrocarpaW17
    |    `--M. novae-caledoniaeW17
    |    |--A. euodiiformisS91
    |    `--A. frankliniaeW17
    |--Boronella pancheriW17
    |    |--Z. arborescensWB-P93
    |    |--Z. aspalathoidesB96
    |    |--Z. cytisoidesB96
    |    |--Z. laevigataB00
    |    |--Z. pilosa Rudge 1811R11
    |    `--Z. smithiiB00
    |         |--Z. s. var. smithiiS87
    |         `--Z. s. var. macrophyllaS87
    `--Zieridium gracileW17

*Type species of generic name indicated


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