Botys sp., copyright Andreas Kay.

Belongs within: Pyraloidea.

Botys is a genus of moths characterised by two distinct pairs of palpi with one pair being smaller than the other (Latreille 1802). Larvae of B. colonum live communally in a tough silk web.

Characters (from Latreille 1802): Four distinct palpi, two of which are smaller and applied to the others. Antennae ciliate or simple. Proboscis present. Wings horizontal or slightly inclined, forming an almost isosceles triangle with the body.

<==Botys Latreille 1802L02
|--B. admensalisWM66
|--B. colonum [=Crambus colonum]L02
|--B. damasalis [incl. B. adhaesalis]WM66
|--B. damoalisWM66
|--B. erigatus [=Crambus erigatus]L02
|--B. farinalisR26
|--B. illisalisWM66
|--B. nympheataG20
|--B. pandalisP01
|--B. potamogata (Linnaeus 1758)L02, L58 [=Phalaena (Geometra) potamogataL02, L58]
|--B. purpuraria (Linnaeus 1758)L02, L58 [=Phalaena (Geometra) purpurariaL02, L58]
|--B. rubiginalisP01
|--B. sellalisWM66
`--B. thyasalisWM66

*Type species of generic name indicated


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