Creeping signalgrass Brachiaria plantaginea, copyright Forest & Kim Starr.

Belongs within: Panicoideae.

Brachiaria, signalgrasses, is a genus of grasses growing to about a metre in height found in warmer parts of the world.

Characters (from Flora of China): Annual or perennial. Leaf blades linear to lanceolate, often with cartilaginous margins. Inflorescence composed of racemes along a central axis; raceme rachis triquetrous or flattened, sometimes winged; spikelets sessile or pedicelled, single or paired, rarely in fascicles or on secondary racemelets. Spikelets plump, usually elliptic, florets 2; lower glume adaxial, varying in length from very small and veinless to many-veined and subequaling spikelet, base sheathing, sometimes extended downward as a short stipe; upper glume and lower lemma similar, as long as spikelet, membranous or cartilaginous; upper lemma coriaceous, smooth, striate or rugose, margins inrolled, apex obtuse to acute, occasionally minutely mucronate; upper palea apex tucked within lemma. x = 7, 9.

    |–B. distachya BB01
    |–B. eruciformis S03
    |–B. lata PP07
    |    |–B. l. var. lata PP07
    |    `–B. l. var. pubescens PP07
    |–B. mutica B10
    |–B. paspaloides SR07
    |–B. plantaginea SMSP06
    |–B. ramosa PP07
    |    |–B. r. var. ramosa PP07
    |    `–B. r. var. pubescens PP07
    |–B. remota S03
    |–B. reptans S03
    |–B. semiundulata S03
    |–B. setigera S03
    |–B. shoenfelderi CV06
    |–B. semiverticillata S03
    |–B. subquadripara BMM99
    `–B. xantholeuca BMM99

*Type species of generic name indicated


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