Juvenile Brachystomella parvula, copyright Andy Murray.

Belongs within: Collembola.

The Brachystomellidae are a group of elongate-bodied springtails that lack mandibles, with a toothed head present on the maxilla and flattened, blunt buccal cones. Species feed on fungal spores, bacteria, nematodes or protozoans (Greenslade 1991).

    |--Salvarella wallaceiG91
    |--Bellingeria Christiansen & Pike 2002CP02
    |    `--*B. cornua Christiansen & Pike 2002CP02
    `--Brachystomella Ågren 1903CB80 [incl. GuachariaW39]
         |--*B. maritima Ågren 1903CB80
         |--B. acantha Womersley 1933W39
         |--B. afurcata Womersley 1933W39
         |--B. anomala Womersley 1933W39
         |--B. arida Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
         |--B. capitata Womersley 1930W39
         |--B. christianseniH83
         |--B. contortaCB80
         |--B. curvulaCB80
         |--B. dianaeG91
         |--B. fungicola Womersley 1933W39
         |--B. geniculata Womersley 1934W39
         |--B. globulosa Cassagnau & Rapoport 1962CB80
         |--B. granulata Womersley 1935W39
         |--B. hiemalis Yosii 1956CB80
         |--B. parvula (Schäffer 1896) [=Schoettella parvula]CB80
         |--B. platensisG91
         |--B. stachi Mills 1934CB80
         |--B. terricola Womersley 1930W39
         `--B. villalobosi Cassagnau & Rapoport 1962CB80

*Type species of generic name indicated


[CB80] Christiansen, K., & P. Bellinger. 1980. The Collembola of North America north of the Rio Grande: A taxonomic analysis vol. 1. Introduction; general; families Poduridae and Hypogastruridae. Grinnell College: Grinnell (Iowa).

[CP02] Christiansen, K., & E. Pike. 2002. Cretaceous Collembola (Arthropoda, Hexapoda) from the Upper Cretaceous of Canada. Cretaceous Research 23: 165–188.

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[W39] Womersley, H. 1939. Primitive Insects of South Australia: Silverfish, springtails, and their allies. South Australian Branch of the British Science Guild: Adelaide.

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