Euhadra quaesita, from Davison et al. (2005).

Belongs within: Helicoidei.

The Bradybaeninae are a group of snails found in Eurasia and Africa, characterised by a dart sac bearing two divided glands with one to two accessory sacs.

|--Aegista Albers 1850BR17 [Aegistinae, AegistiniBR05]
| `--*A. chinensis (Philippi 1845) [=Helix chinensis]BR17
| |--Buliminopsis Heude 1890 [Buliminopsinae]BR05
| | `--*B. buliminus (Heude 1882) [=Helix buliminus]BR17
| |--Bradybaena Beck 1837SS10
| | |--*B. similaris (Rang 1831)BR17 [=Helix similarisSS10, H. (Dorcasia) similarisTC89]
| | `--B. fruticumC83
| `--Fruticicola Held 1837 [=Eulota Hartmann 1840; Fruticicoleae, Fruticicolidae, Fruticicolinae]BR17
| |--*F. fruticum (Müller 1774) [=Helix fruticum, *Eulota fruticum]BR17
| `--‘Eulota (Acusta)’ ravidaS01
`--Euhadra Pilsbry 1890 [Euhadrinae, Euhadrini]BR05
|--*E. peliomphala (Pfeiffer 1850) [=Helix peliomphala]BR17
|--E. calizonaT07
| |--E. c. calizonaT07
| `--E. c. amaliaeT07
|--E. congenitaUA03
|--E. dixoniT07
|--E. herklotsiHF01
|--E. senckenbergianaUA03
`--+--E. aomoriensisUA03
`--E. quaesitaUA03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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