Leymeriella tardefurcata, copyright Phylloceras.

Belongs within: Pachydiscidae.
Contains: Acanthoceratoidea, Brancoceratidae.

The Brancoceratoidea are a Cretaceous (Lower Albian to Lower Cenomanian) group of ammonites with a more or less evolute conch bearing strong ribs. They may alternately be treated as basal members of the Acanthoceratoidea, to which they may be ancestral (Wright et al. 1996).

<==Brancoceratoidea [Acanthocerataceae, Brancocerataceae]KK08
    |  `--BrancoceratidaeKK08
    `--Leymeriellidae [Leymeriellinae]KK08
         |--Proleymeriella Breistroffer 1947WCH96
         |    `--*P. schrammeni (Jacob 1907) [=Parahoplites schrammeni]WCH96
         |--Epileymeriella Breistroffer 1947 [incl. Revilites Casey 1978]WCH96
         |    |--*E. hitzeli (Jacob 1907) [=Parahoplites hitzeli]WCH96
         |    `--E. revili (Jacob 1908) [=Hoplites (Leymeriella) revili, *Revilites revili]WCH96
         `--Leymeriella Jacob 1907WCH96
              |  i. s.: L. schrammeniK79
              |--L. (Leymeriella)WCH96
              |    |--*L. (L.) tardefurcata (Orbigny 1841) [=Ammonites tardefurcatus]WCH96
              |    `--L. (L.) densicostataP93
              `--L. (Neoleymeriella Saveliev 1973)WCH96
                   |--L. (*N.) consueta Casey 1957WCH96
                   |--L. (N.) diabolusP93
                   |--L. (N.) pseudoregularisP93
                   |--L. (N.) regularisP93
                   `--L. (N.) renascensP93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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