Apotomus rufus, copyright elleelle.

Belongs within: Conjunctae.
Contains: Broscini.

The Broscinae are a group of ground beetles characterised by a pedunculate connection between the pro- and mesothorax, and a single supraorbital seta. Members of the genus Apotomus, which have elongate palps and an unmargined prothorax, are found on mudflats adjacent to rivers (Bouchard 2014).

<==Broscinae [Broschidae, Broscitae]
|–+–Broscini R-JC01
|  `–Melaenitae [Melaeninae] R-JC01
|       |–Melaenus [Melaenini] R-JC01
|       |    `–M. piger R-JC01
|       `–Cymbionotum B14 [Cymbionotini R-JC01]
|            `–C. (Procoscinia) B14
|                 |–C. (P.) fernandezi Ball & Shpeley 2005 B14
|                 `–C. (P.) negrei B14
`–Apotomus Illiger 1807 R-JC01, LM87 [Apotominae, Apotomini, Apotomitae]
|–*A. rufus (Rossi 1790) [=Scarites rufus] LM87
|–A. australis Castelnau 1867 LM87
|–A. fuscus B89
|–A. hirsutulus R-JC01
|–A. mastersii Macleay 1871 LM87
|–A. novaehollandiae Castelnau 1867 LM87
|–A. reichardti Erwin 1980 B14
`–A. xanthotelus Bates 1874 B89

Broscinae incertae sedis:
Brithysternum Macleay 1873 LM87
|–*B. calcaratum Macleay 1873 LM87
|–B. macleayi Sloane 1910 LM87
`–B. nodosum Sloane 1910 LM87
Adotela Castelnau 1867 LM87
|–A. carenoides Putzeys 1873 LM87
|–A. concolor Castelnau 1867 LM87
|–A. esmeralda Castelnau 1867 LM87
|–A. frenchi Sloane 1890 LM87
|–A. nigerrima Macleay 1873 LM87
|–A. striolata Putzeys 1873 LM87
`–A. viridis (Macleay 1871) [=Promecoderus viridis] LM87
Parroa Castelnau 1867 LM87
|–P. apicalis Sloane 1893 LM87
|–P. atronitens (Sloane 1890) [=Adotela atronitens] LM87
|–P. australis (Sloane 1890) [=Adotela australis] LM87
|–P. bicolor Castelnau 1867 LM87
|–P. carbonaria Castelnau 1867 LM87
|–P. grandis Castelnau 1867 LM87
|–P. howittii Castelnau 1867 LM87
|–P. laevigata Sloane 1893 LM87
|–P. noctis Sloane 1893 LM87
`–P. violacea Castelnau 1867 LM87
Cerotalis Castelnau 1867 LM87
|–C. amabilis Sloane 1890 LM87
|–C. brachypleura Sloane 1898 LM87
|–C. longipes Sloane 1898 LM87
|–C. majuscula (Putzeys 1868) [=Promecoderus majusculus] LM87
|–C. semiviolacea Castelnau 1867 LM87
|–C. substriata Castelnau 1867 LM87
`–C. versicolor Castelnau 1867 LM87
Gnathoxys Westwood 1842 LM87
|–G. barbatus Macleay 1864 LM87
|–G. cicatricosus Reiche 1842 LM87
|–G. crassipes Sloane 1898 LM87
|–G. foveatus Macleay 1866 LM87
|–G. granularis Westwood 1842 [incl. G. blissii Macleay 1866] LM87
|–G. humeralis M80
|–G. insignitus Macleay 1864 LM87
|–G. irregularis Westwood 1842 LM87
|–G. macleayi Putzeys 1868 LM87
|–G. murrumbidgensis Macleay 1865 LM87
|–G. obscurus Reiche 1842 LM87
|–G. punctipennis Macleay 1873 LM87
|–G. submetallicus Macleay 1864 LM87
|–G. sulcicollis Sloane 1910 LM87
|–G. tesselatus Macleay 1864 LM87
`–G. westwoodi Putzeys 1868 LM87
Chylnus Sloane 1920 [=Lychnus Putzeys 1868 non Matheson 1832] LM87
`–*C. ater (Putzeys 1868) (see below for synonymy) LM87
Percolestus Sloane 1892 LM87
`–*P. blackburni Sloane 1892 LM87
Percosoma Schaum 1858 LM87
|–*P. carenoides (White 1846) (see below for synonymy) LM87
|–P. concolor Sloane 1892 LM87
|–P. montanum (Castelnau 1867) [=Mecodema montanum] LM87
|–P. substriatum Moore 1960 LM87
`–P. sulcipenne Bates 1878 LM87

*Chylnus ater (Putzeys 1868) [=*Lychnus ater; incl. L. strangulatus Bates 1878, L. striatulus Bates 1878] LM87

*Percosoma carenoides (White 1846) [=Broscus carenoides; incl. B. hopei Sturm 1843 (n. n.), Mecodema percoides Castelnau 1867] LM87

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B89] Bates, H. W. 1889. Viaggio di Leonardo Fea in Birmani e regioni vicine. XVI.—On some Carabidae from Burma collected by Mr. L. Fea. Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Genova, Serie 2a, 7: 100–111.

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Last updated: 3 November 2018.

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