Broscus cephalotes, copyright Udo Schmidt.

Belongs within: Broscinae.
Contains: Mecodema, Promecoderus.

The Broscini are a group of large ground beetles with a pedunculate thorax, most diverse in the Australasian region (Britton 1949). The genus Broscus, species of which are relatively large and have two pairs of setae on the pronotum and eight or nine setae laterally on the elytra, is found in the Palaearctic region, though the species B. cephalotes has also been introduced to eastern Canada (Ball & Bousquet 2001).

Characters (from Britton 1949): Size large; colour dark brown or black, occasionally slightly aeneous; mandibles usually with scrobal seta; labrum with angles rounded, with six setae on front margin and row of small setae arising just beneath anterolateral margins; prothorax connected to mesothorax by peduncle formed by mesothoracic projection bearing scutellum; pronotum without setiferous puncture at posterior angle; border base of elytra not complete, elytra fused along suture, hind wings vestigial; anterior coxal cavities with single perforation; mesepimera not reaching border of middle coxal cavities; anterior tarsi not widened in male, without modified setae ventrally; male genitalia with parameres prolonged into long styles at apices, right-hand style bearing fringe of long setae, base of aedeagus closed on dorsal side so orifice is circular.

<==Broscini [Cnemacanthides]B49
    |--Axonya [Axonyina]R-JC01
    |    `--A. championiR-JC01
    `--+--Nothobroscus [Nothobroscina]R-JC01
       |    `--N. chilensisR-JC01
            |--Zacotus LeConte 1869BB01
            |    `--Z. matthewsii LeConte 1869BB01
            |--Miscodera Eschscholtz 1830BB01
            |    `--M. arctica (Paykull 1800)BB01
            |--Broscodera Lindroth 1961BB01
            |    |--B. (Broscodera) insignis (Mannerheim 1852)BB01
            |    `--B. (Sinobrosculus Deuve 1990)BB01
            `--Broscus Panzer 1813B49
                 |--B. cephalotes (Linnaeus 1758)B14 [=Carabus cephalotesL02, Harpalus (Broscus) cephalotesG20]
                 |--B. insularisB14
                 |--B. laevigatusG89
                 |--B. nobilisB14
                 |--B. politusB14
                 `--B. punctatusG89
Broscini incertae sedis:
  Diglymma Sharp 1886 [incl. Snofru Broun 1908]B49
    |--*D. clivinoides (Castelnau 1867) (see below for synonymy)B49
    |--D. castigatum Broun 1909B49
    |--D. marginale Broun 1914B49
    `--D. obtusum (Broun 1893) (see below for synonymy)B49
  Oregus Putzeys 1868B49
    |--*O. aereus (White 1846) [=Promecoderus aereus]B49
    `--O. inaequalis (Castelnau 1867) [=Mecodema inaequale]B49
  Metaglymma Bates 1867 [incl. Maoria Castelnau 1867]B49
    |--*M. monilifer Bates 1867 [incl. M. minor Broun 1905, M. rugipenne Broun 1893]B49
    |--M. aberrans Putzeys 1868 (see below for synonymy)B49
    `--M. tibiale (Castelnau 1867) (see below for synonymy)B49
  Brullea Castelnau 1867B49
    `--*B. antarctica Castelnau 1867B49
  Eurylychnus Bates 1891B49, LM87
    |--E. dyschirioides (Castelnau 1867)LM87 [=Maoria dyschirioidesB49; incl. *E. olliffi Bates 1891LM87]
    |--E. blagravei (Castelnau 1867) [=Mecodema blagravei; incl. Percosoma mastersi Rainbow 1899]LM87
    |--E. cylindricus Sloane 1916LM87
    |--E. femoralis Sloane 1915LM87
    |--E. kershawi Sloane 1915LM87
    |--E. ovipennis Sloane 1915LM87
    |--E. regularis Sloane 1911LM87
    `--E. victoriae Sloane 1892LM87

*Diglymma clivinoides (Castelnau 1867) [=Maoria clivinoides; incl. D. basale Broun 1917, D. dubium Sharp 1886, D. ovipenne Sharp 1886]B49

Diglymma obtusum (Broun 1893) [=Metaglymma obtusum; incl. Snofru aemulator Broun 1908, Diglymma nigripes Broun 1893, D. punctipenne Broun 1893, D. tarsale Broun 1908, D. thoracicum Broun 1917]B49

Metaglymma aberrans Putzeys 1868 [incl. M. rugiceps Broun 1903, M. tersatum Broun 1893, M. thoracicum Broun 1893]B49

Metaglymma tibiale (Castelnau 1867) [=*Maoria tibialis; incl. Mecodema asperum Broun 1893, Mec. calcaratum Broun 1903, Mec. junctum Broun 1893, Mec. rufipes Broun 1886]B49

*Type species of generic name indicated


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