Bryum warneum, copyright Des Callaghan.

Belongs within: Bryales.
Contains: Brachymenium, Rosulabryum, Bryum section Bryum, Bryum section Amblyophyllum, Bryum section Capillaria.

The Bryaceae are a large family of mosses found world-wide. Members of the family often have erect stems and form short turfs. The Bryaceae has recently been treated in a more restricted sense than previously, with the removal of groups such as Pohlia and Mielichhoferia to other families. Members of the type genus Bryum are densely tufted mosses with more or less ovate leaves, that usually bear pendulous capsules on a long seta (Dixon 1924).

The subgenus Eu-Webera of the genus Webera includes species with relatively wide leaves and capsules compared to other members of the genus (Dixon 1924).

Characters (from Smith 2004): Dioicous, autoicous or synoicous. Usually erect tufted or turf-forming plants. Leaves broadly ovate to lanceolate, often forming comal tuft, frequently bordered with narrow elongate cells; costa well-developed, often excurrent; cells thin-walled, frequently rhomboid-hexagonal, smooth, pellucid. Setae long; capsules inclined to pendulous, ovoid to cylindrical, with differentiated neck; peristome usually double, inner ring often with well-developed basal membrane, cilia present or not; calyptrae cucullate.

Bryaceae [Bryi]
    |--Rhodobryum (Schimp.) Hampe 1874 [Rhodobryoideae]S04
    |    |--R. aubertii (Schwägr.) Thér. 1922 (see below for synonymy)SK02
    |    |--R. commersonii [=Bryum commersonii]SK02
    |    |--R. domingenseJ87
    |    |--R. giganteumPK03
    |    |--R. humipetens (Müll.Hal.) Paris 1900 [=Bryum humipetens]SK02
    |    |--R. roseodens (Müll.Hal.) Paris 1897 [=Bryum roseodens Müll.Hal. 1876]SK02
    |    |--R. roseum (Hedw.) Limpr. 1895S04 (see below for synonymy)
    |    `--R. spathulatumS04 [=Mnium spathulatumOZB-O03; incl. R. ontariense (Kindb.) Kindb. 1898S04, OZB-O03]
         |--Plagiobryum Lindb. 1863S04
         |    |--P. demissum (Hook.) Lindb. 1863S04 [=Meesia demissaD24, Zieria demissaD24]
         |    `--P. zieri (Dicks. ex Hedw.) Lindb. 1863S04 [=Bryum zieriiD24; incl. Zieria julaceaD24]
         |--Anomobryum Schimp. 1860S04
         |    |--A. auratum (Mitt.) Jaeger 1875 [incl. A. cymbifolium]SK02
         |    |--A. harriottii (R.Br.bis) Dixon 1926SK02
         |    |--A. julaceum (Schrad. ex Gaertn., Mey & Scherb.) Schimp. 1860S04 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |    |--A. j. var. julaceumS04
         |    |    `--A. j. var. concinnatum (Spruce) Zetterst. 1865S04 (see below for synonymy)
         |    `--A. subrotundifolium (Jaeger) Spence & Ramsay 2002 (see below for synonymy)SK02
         `--Bryum Hedw. 1801SK02
              |  i. s.: ‘Brachymenium’ acuminatum Harv. ex Hooker 1836 [incl. Bryum multicaule]SK02
              |         B. altisetum Müll.Hal. 1898SK02
              |           |--B. a. var. altisetumSK02
              |           `--B. a. var. humilisetum Müll.Hal. 1898SK02
              |         B. amblyacis Müll.Hal. 1898 [=Rhodobryum amblyacis; incl. B. subflavifolium (nom. inv.)]SK02
              |         B. apiculatum Schwägr. 1816 (see below for synonymy)SK02
              |         B. arenaeD03b
              |         B. atrovirensN02
              |         B. australe Hampe 1844SK02
              |         B. badhwariN02
              |         B. baeuerlenii Müll.Hal. 1898 [=B. bauerlenii (l. c.)]SK02
              |         B. bataea Müll.Hal. 1898 [=B. bateanum (n. n.)]SK02
              |         B. blandum Hooker & Wilson 1844SK02
              |           |--B. b. var. blandum (see below for synonymy)SK02
              |           `--B. b. var. luridum Wilson 1854SK02
              |         B. brachycladulum Müll.Hal. 1898SK02
              |         B. calodictyon Broth. 1916SK02
              |         B. cellulare Hooker 1827 (see below for synonymy)SK02
              |         B. chlororhodon Müll.Hal. 1898 [=Rhodobryum chlororhodon]SK02
              |         B. chrysoneuron Müll.Hal. 1851 (see below for synonymy)SK02
              |         B. clavatum (Schimp.) Müll.Hal. 1848 (see below for synonymy)SK02
              |         B. clavigerD24
              |         ‘Brachymenium’ coarctatum Bosch & Sande Lac. 1860SK02
              |         B. coronatum Schwägr. 1816 (see below for synonymy)SK02
              |         B. crassum Hooker & Wilson 1854 [incl. B. austroalpinum]SK02
              |         B. cruegeriJ87
              |         ‘Leptostomum’ depile Müll.Hal. 1901SK02
              |         B. eremaeum Catches. ex Spence & Ramsay 1996SK02
              |         B. gemmatumD03b
              |         B. greenwoodiiB57
              |         B. hatcheri Dusén 1903D03b
              |         B. inaequale Taylor 1846 [incl. B. brevicoma (n. n.)]SK02
              |         ‘Brachymenium’ indicum (Dozy & Molk.) Bosch & Sande Lac. 1860SK02
              |         B. laevigatum Hooker & Wilson 1844 (see below for synonymy)SK02
              |         B. lamprochaete Dusén 1903D03b
              |         B. limbatumJ87
              |         B. limbifolium Broth. & Watts 1915SK02
              |         B. lonchochaeteD03b
              |         B. macrantherumD03b
              |         B. minusculumD03b
              |         B. minutissimum Müll.Hal. 1898SK02
              |         B. mucronatum Mitt. 1867SK02
              |         B. pachytheca Müll.Hal. 1848SK02
              |           |--B. p. var. pachytheca (see below for synonymy)SK02
              |           |--B. p. var. crassinerve Wilson ex Watts & Whitel. 1906SK02
              |           `--B. p. var. inflatum Wilson 1859SK02
              |         B. paradoxumN02
              |         B. plumosum Dozy & Molk. 1844SG07
              |         B. recurvulumN02
              |         B. rigochaete Dusén 1903D03b
              |         B. rubicundum C.M. 1859D24
              |         B. ‘sabulosum’ Catches. ex Spence & Ramsay 1996 (preoc.)SK02
              |         B. spegazziniiD03b
              |         B. sullivanii Müll.Hal. 1893SK02
              |         B. validinerviumD03b
              |         B. vernicosum Dusén 1903D03b
              |         B. wallaceanum Müll.Hal. 1898SK02
              |--B. sect. BryumS04
              |--B. sect. AmblyophyllumS04
              |--B. sect. CapillariaS04
              |--B. sect. Cladodium (Brid.) Husn. 1882OZB-O03 [=Cladodium Brid. 1826KC01]
              |    |--B. badium (Bruch ex Brid.) Schimp. 1876OZB-O03 [=B. caespiticium var. badiumD24]
              |    |--B. lindbergiiD24
              |    |--B. longisetum Blandow ex Schwägr. 1816 [=Pohlia longiseta; incl. B. willdenowii]OZB-O03
              |    |--B. mammillatum Lindb. in Hartm. 1864D24, OZB-O03
              |    |--B. marrattii Wilson 1855D24, OZB-O03
              |    |--B. purpurascens [=Pohlia purpurascens; incl. B. rufum]D24
              |    `--B. subneodamense Kindb. 1905 [incl. B. neodamense var. ovatum]OZB-O03
              `--B. sect. Doliolidium (Müll.Hal.) Müll.Hal. 1900OZB-O03
                   `--B. bicolor Dicks. 1801 [incl. B. arvense]OZB-O03
Bryaceae incertae sedis:
  Pleurophascum Lindb. 1875SK02
    |--P. grandiglobum Lindb. 1875 [=Phascum grandiglobum]SK02
    `--P. occidentale Wyatt & Stoneb. 1989SK02
  Oreas mielichhoferiD24
    |--W. alticaulisD03b
    |--W. lonchochaete Dusén 1903D03b
    |--W. philonoteaD03b
    `--W. sphagnadelphusD03b
Nomina nuda: Bryum acithecium Müll.Hal. 1901 [=Brachythecium acithecium Watts & Whitel. 1906]SK02
             Bryum aerugo Dusén 1903D03b
             Bryum leptothecium var. alpinum Watts & Whitel. 1906 nec B. alpinum Huds. ex Withering 1801 nec B. pallens var. alpinum (Bruch & Schimp.) Podp. 1954SK02
             Bryum angeiophyllum Müll.Hal. 1901SK02
             Bryum anisodontaceum Dusén 1903D03b
             Bryum attenuatum Stirling ex Watts & Whitelegge 1906SK02
             Bryum brevigemmatum Dusén 1903D03b
             Bryum campylopus Müll.Hal. 1901SK02
             Bryum capillaripes Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitelegge 1906SK02
             Bryum capitellatum Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitelegge 1906SK02
             Bryum cartilagineum Fleischer 1922 [=Patellidium cartilagineum Müll.Hal. ex Fleischer 1922]SK02
             Bryum conostomoides Müll.Hal. 1901SK02
             Bryum coronatoaffine Müll.Hal. ex Bailey 1886SK02
             Bryum billarderi var. cygnicollum Watts & Whitel. 1906SK02
             Bryum demissum Dusén 1903D03b
             Bryum erythrocarpulum Broth. ex Watts & Whitel. 1906SK02
             Bryum extenuatum Brid. ex Watts & Whitelegge 1906 non B. curvicollum var. extenuatumSK02
             Bryum flaccidisetum Hampe ex Watts & Whitelegge 1906SK02
             Bryum flavo-pallidum Dusén 1903D03b
             Bryum hamatum Dusén 1903D03b
             Bryum incanifolium Müll.Hal. 1901SK02
             Bryum leuco-aristatum Dusén 1903D03b
             Bryum leucoloma Broth. ex Burges 1935SK02
             Bryum liliputanum Dusén 1903D03b
             Bryum madoriculum Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitel. 1906SK02
             Bryum coronatum f. minor Hampe 1846SK02
             Bryum australe var. minus Hampe ex Sond. 1853 nec B. coronatum f. minor Hampe 1846 nec B. turbinatum var. minusSK02
             Bryum australe var. minor Mitt. 1882 nec B. coronatum f. minor Hampe 1846 nec B. australe var. minus Hampe ex Sond. 1853 nec B. turbinatum var. minusSK02
             Bryum subatropurpureum var. minus Broth. ex Watts & Whitel. 1906 nec B. coronatum f. minor Hampe 1846 nec B. australe var. minus Hampe ex Sond. 1853 nec B. erythropyxis f. minor Broth. ex Watts 1901 nec B. turbinatum var. minusSK02
             Bryum myurella Dusén 1903D03b
             Bryum nanoides Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitel. 1906SK02
             Bryum nanotorquescens Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitel. 1906SK02
             Bryum pachypomatoides Hampe 1880SK02
             Bryum pachypyxis Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitel. 1906SK02
             Bryum pervenustum Müll.Hal. 1901SK02
             Bryum pruinosum Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitel. 1906SK02
             Bryum pseudopallescens Hampe & Müll.Hal. ex Mitt. 1882SK02
             Bryum coronatum f. robusta Broth. & Watts 1915SK02
             Bryum rotundum Hampe ex Watts & Whitel. 1906SK02
             Bryum steffeni Dusén 1903D03a
             Bryum subcampylothecium Broth. ex Müll.Hal. 1901SK02
             Bryum subdichotomum Müll.Hal. ex Muell. 1880SK02
             Bryum subinclinatum Watts & Whitel. 1906SK02
             Bryum subleptothecium Müll.Hal. ex Geh. 1876 [=Rhodobryum subleptothecium Paris 1897]SK02
             Bryum subpilosum Watts & Whitel. 1906SK02
             Bryum subpseudotriquetrum Broth. ex Burges 1935SK02
             Bryum tenuirete Dusén 1903D03b
             Bryum timmiaecaulon Dusén 1903D03a
             Bryum weymouthii Broth. ex Müll.Hal. 1901SK02
             Webera timmiaecaulon Dusén 1903D03b

Anomobryum julaceum (Schrad. ex Gaertn., Mey & Scherb.) Schimp. 1860S04 [=Bryum julaceumD24; incl. B. filiformeS04, Anomobryum filiformeS04, Pohlia filiformisS04, A. juliformeS04, Bryum filiforme var. juliformeD24]

Anomobryum julaceum var. concinnatum (Spruce) Zetterst. 1865S04 [=A. filiforme var. concinnatumOZB-O03, Bryum filiforme var. concinnatumOZB-O03]

Anomobryum subrotundifolium (Jaeger) Spence & Ramsay 2002 [=Bryum subrotundifolium Jaeger 1879, Argyrobryum subrotundum (nom. inv.)]SK02

Bryum apiculatum Schwägr. 1816 [incl. B. baileyi, B. kurandae, B. micropachypoma (nom. inv.), B. nitens, B. pachypoma, B. pachypomatulum, B. subpachypoma, B. tenuicostatum (n. n.)]SK02

Bryum blandum Hooker & Wilson 1844 var. blandum [incl. Amblystegium oblongifolium, B. oblongifolium, Hypnum oblongifolium (preoc.), B. virgatum (n. n.)]SK02

Bryum cellulare Hooker 1827 [incl. Brachymenium novae-valesiae (n. n.), Plagiobryum wildii, Bryum wildii, Zieria wildii]SK02

Bryum chrysoneuron Müll.Hal. 1851 [incl. B. erythrocarpon var. australe (nom. inv.) non B. australe Hampe 1844, B. duriusculum, B. leptopelma, B. lonchoneuron, B. microthecium, B. suberythrocarpum, B. wattsii]SK02

Bryum clavatum (Schimp.) Müll.Hal. 1848 [incl. B. curvicollum, B. diversinerve, B. erythrocarpoides, B. curvicollum var. extenuatum, B. filarium, B. filicaule (n. n.), B. kiamae, B. laevigatulum, B. subcurvicollum, B. suberythrocarpulum (n. n.), B. sublaevigatum (n. n.)]SK02

Bryum coronatum Schwägr. 1816 [incl. B. brevicaule (preoc.), B. curtum, B. iteratum, B. macropelma (preoc.), B. subatropurpureum]SK02

Bryum laevigatum Hooker & Wilson 1844 [=B. levigatum (l. c.); incl. B. crassinerve non B. pachytheca var. crassinerve Wilson ex Watts & Whitel. 1906, B. eximium]SK02

Bryum pachytheca Müll.Hal. 1848 var. pachytheca [incl. B. balanoides, B. callicostatum (n. n.), B. campbelliae (n. n.), B. cupulatum, B. gambierense, B. gambierense var. nanum (n. n.), B. ovicarpum, B. pachythecioides (n. n.), B. piligerum (n. n.), B. subaeneum]SK02

Rhodobryum aubertii (Schwägr.) Thér. 1922 [=Bryum aubertii; incl. B. leptothecium var. extenuatum (n. n.) nec B. curvicollum var. extenuatum nec B. extenuatum Brid. ex Watts & Whitelegge 1906, B. graeffeanum, Rhodobryum graeffeanum, R. leucocanthum, Bryum leucocanthum, B. laucocanthum (l. c.), B. leucacanthum (l. c.), B. leucanthemum (nom. inv.), Rhodobryum olivaceum, B. olivaceum, R. subcrispatulum (nom. inv.), B. subcrispatum, R. subcrispatum]SK02

Rhodobryum roseum (Hedw.) Limpr. 1895S04 [=Bryum roseumD24, Hypnum roseumOZB-O03, Mnium roseumD24, Polla roseaOZB-O03; incl. Bryum proliferumD24]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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