False jewel beetle Schizopus laetus, copyright Tony Iwane.

Belongs within: Elateriformia.
Contains: Chrysochroinae, Julodinae, Buprestinae, Agrilinae, Polycestinae.

The Buprestidae, jewel beetles, are a cosmopolitan family of beetles that are often marked by brilliant, metallic colours. They are typically characterised by a hypognathous head, mostly serrate antennae, a transverse suture across the metasternum, and the first two abdominal sternites connate.

<==Buprestidae [Buprestides, Buprestoidea]MW15
    |  |  `--BuprestinaeMW15
    |  `--+--AgrilinaeMW15
    |     `--PolycestinaeMW15
    `--Schizopodinae [Schizopodidae]B85
         |    |--Glyptoscelimorpha Horn 1893B85
         |    |    `--G. (Dystaxiella Knull 1940)NB02
         |    `--Dystaxia LeConte 1866B85
         |         `--D. murrayiNB02
         `--Schizopus LeConte 1858MW15, NB02 [incl. Yermoella Obenberger 1939B85; Schizopodina, Schizopodini]
              |--S. laetus LeConte 1858B14
              `--S. sallaeiB14
                   |--S. s. sallaeiB14
                   `--S. s. nigricansB14
Buprestidae incertae sedis:
  Galbella Westwood 1848 (see below for synonymy)B85
    |  i. s.: G. acaciaB14
    |         G. felix (Marseul 1866)B14
    |--G. (Progalbella Bellamy 1985)B85
    `--G. (Xenogalbella Bellamy 1985)B85
  Cylindromorphinae [Cylindromorphini]B85
    |--Heromorphus Obenberger 1916B85
    |--Paracylindromorphus Thery 1930 [incl. Agrilomorphus Portevin 1931]B85
    |--Cantonius Thery 1929B85
    |--Zitella Thery 1954B85
    |--Capeneria Cobos 1953 [incl. Zita Thery 1954]B85
    |--Franchettia Thery 1954 [incl. Neomorphus Cobos 1953 non Gloger 1827]B85
    `--Cylindromorphus Thery 1930B85
         |--C. bifrons Rey 1890R90
         |--C. filumR90
         |--C. gallicusR90
         |--C. parallelusR90
         `--C. strigatulus Rey 1890R90

Galbella Westwood 1848 [incl. Janthe Marseul 1865 non Grisebach 1844 (ICBN), Oncomaea Saunders 1867, Sponsorinus Fairmaire 1900; Galbellinae]B85

*Type species of generic name indicated


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