Metaxymorpha gloriosa, copyright Ben Sale.

Belongs within: Buprestidae.
Contains: Chalcophorina, Hippomelanini, Sphenopterina, Psilopterina, Buprestini, Bubastini, Dicercini, Actenodina, Chrysobothris, Anthaxiini, Melanophilini, Temognatha, Calodema, Stigmodera, Curis.

The Buprestinae are a group of jewel beetles characterised by the possession of antennae with arrays of pores concentrated in well defined, usually apical depressions on the antennal segments. In members of the tribes Anthaxiini, Melanophilini and Maoraxia, the metepimeron is at least partially covered by a broad anterolateral projection of the abdomen. The metepimeron is uncovered in Buprestini, Bubastini and Dicercini (Bellamy & Williams 1985). Maoraxia is a dorsally pubescent genus with the pronotum laterally sinuate behind and bisinuate on the posterior margin, robust femora, and the posterior coxal plates diagonal and strongly dilated internally (Bellamy & Williams 1985). The Chrysobothrini have the prosternum acutely angulate behind the coxae and the frons contracted by the insertions of the antennae (Bellamy & Nelson 2002). The Stigmoderini are found in Australasia and South America and characterised by a unique structure of the ovipositor.

<==Buprestinae [Chrysobothrinae, Chrysobothrites]
    |    |--BuprestiniBW85
    |    |--BubastiniBW85
    |    `--DicerciniBW85
    |    |  i. s.: Colobogaster Solier 1833B85
    |    |         Afrobothris Thery 1936B85
    |    |         Hoscheckia Thery 1925B85
    |    |--ActenodinaBN02
    |    `--ChrysobothrinaBN02
    |         |--ChrysobothrisB14
    |         `--Sphaerobothris Semenov-Tian-Shanskij & Rikhter 1934BN02
    |    |--AnthaxiiniBN02
    |    |--MelanophiliniBW85
    |    `--Maoraxia Obenberger 1937 [=Maoriella Obenberger 1924 (preoc.); Maoraxiini]BW85
    |         |--*M. eremita (White 1846) (see below for synonymy)BW85
    |         |--M. littoralis Bellamy & Williams 1985BW85
    |         |--M. storeyi Bellamy & Williams 1985BW85
    |         |--M. tongae Bellamy & Williams 1985BW85
    |         `--M. viridis Bellamy & Williams 1985BW85
    `--Stigmoderini [Stigmoderites]B14
         |--Hypostigmodera Blackburn 1892B85
         |--Selagis Dejean 1835B85
         |    `--S. aurifera (Gory & Laporte 1838)G08
         |--Hiperantha Gistel 1834 [=Hyperantha; incl. Poecilonota Solier 1833 non Eschscholtz 1829]B85
         |    `--H. (Hyperanthella Hoscheck 1928)B85
         |--Conognatha Eschscholtz 1829B85
         |    `--C. (Pithiscus Solier 1851)B85
         |--Julodimorpha Gemminger & Harold 1869 [Julodimorphini, Julodimorphites]G06
         |    |--J. bakewelli (White 1859)G06 [=Stigmodera bakewelliM86]
         |    `--J. saundersii Thomson 1878B14
         |--Castiarina Laporte & Gory 1838B85
         |    |--C. carinataZS10
         |    |--C. richardsiG09
         |    |--C. rufipennisZS10
         |    `--‘Buprestis’ scalaris Boisduval 1835P91 (see below for synonymy)
         |--Dactylozodes Chevrolat 1837 [incl. Lasionota Dejean 1836 (n. n.), Zemina Laporte & Gory 1839, Zemima (l. c.)]B85
         |    |--D. (Agrilozodes Thery 1927)B85
         |    |--D. (Neodactylozodes Cobos 1958)B85
         |    |--D. (Parazodes Cobos 1958)B85
         |    `--D. (Stenozodes Thery 1935)B85
         `--Metaxymorpha Parry 1848 [incl. Semnopharus Van de Poll 1886]B85
              |--M. apiceruba Thery 1923G06
              |--M. gloriosa Blackburn 1894G06
              |--M. greyi (Parry 1848)G06
              |--M. hauseri Thery 1926G06
              |--M. immitator Sainval 1994G06
              |--M. nigrofasciata Nylander 2001G06
              `--M. nigrosuturalis Nylander 2001G06
Buprestinae incertae sedis:
  Coomaniella Bourgoin 1924 [Coomaniellini]B85
    `--C. (Coomaniellina Bily 1974)B85
  Kisanthobia Marseul 1865 [=Cisanthobia (l. c.); Kisanthobiini]B85
  Trigonogenium Gemminger & Harold 1869 [incl. Trigonophorus Solier 1851 non Stephens 1829; Trigonogenini]B85
  Chalcophorini [Chalcophorides, Chalcophorinae]BN02
    `--Agaeocera Waterhouse 1882B85 [incl. Anataxis Casey 1909B85; AgaeocerinaBN02, Agaeocerini]
         |--A. gentilisBN02
         `--A. gigasG08
  Psilopterini [Psilopterides]BN02
    |  i. s.: Touzalinia Thery 1922B85
    |         Icarina Alluaud 1896 [incl. Icaria Thomson 1878 non Saussure 1853]B85
    |         Asidoptera Obenberger 1923B85
    |         Aurigena Laporte & Gory 1837B85
    |         Ectinogonia Spinola 1837 [incl. Kheilia Obenberger 1926 (preoc.), Kheiliella Obenberger 1940]B85
    |           `--E. (Achardella Obenberger 1926)B85
    |         Cyphosoma Mannerheim 1837 (see below for synonymy)B85
    |           `--C. tartaricumG08
    |         Perotis Spinola 1837B85
    |           `--P. unicolorG08
    |         Latipalpis Solier 1833B85
    |           `--L. (Palpilatis Bily 1980)B85
    |         Polybothris Spinola 1837 (see below for synonymy)B85
    |           |--P. angulosaB14
    |           |--P. auriventris (Laporte & Gory 1837)B14
    |           `--P. sumptuosaG08
    |         Oedisterna Lacordaire 1857 [incl. Lachesis Saunders 1871 nec Daudin 1803 nec Risso 1826]B85
    |           |--O. (Embrikillium Obenberger 1936)B85
    |           |--O. (Fahraeusia Obenberger 1936)B85
    |           |--O. (Monosacra Thomson 1878)B85
    |           |--O. (Pseudoperotis Obenberger 1936)B85
    |           `--O. (Strandissa Obenberger 1936)B85
    |         Capnodis Eschscholtz 1829B85
    |           |--C. carbonariaB14
    |           |--C. cariosaB14
    |           |--C. excisaG08
    |           |--C. miliaris (Klug 1829)B14
    |           |    |--C. m. miliarisB14
    |           |    `--C. m. metallicaB14
    |           `--C. tenebrionisB14

‘Buprestis’ scalaris Boisduval 1835P91 [=Polychroma scalaris Dejean 1833 (n. n.)P91, Stigmodera scalarisM86; incl. S. crucigera Hope 1836 (nom. inv.)P91, B. octosignataB35]

Cyphosoma Mannerheim 1837 [incl. Coeculus Laporte & Gory 1839, Cyphonota Dejean 1836, Phelix Marseul 1865]B85

*Maoraxia eremita (White 1846) [=Buprestis eremita, Maoriella eremita, Nascio eremita, Neocuris eremita; incl. *Maoriella novaezeelandiae Obenberger 1924, Maoraxia novaezeelandiae, Maoriella strandi Obenberger 1936, Maoraxia strandi]BW85

*Type species of generic name indicated


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