Caladenia carnea, copyright Donald Hobern.

Belongs within: Orchidoideae.

Caladenia is a genus of terrestrial orchids found primarily in Australia with outlying species in Malaysia, New Caledonia and New Zealand (Moore & Edgar 1970).

Characters (from Moore & Edgar 1970): Plants terrestrial, with pilose or glandular hairs; tubers more or less globose, new ones produced more or less within leaf-sheaths. Leaf solitary, more or less hirsute, linear to lanceolate. Flowers solitary or very few in loose raceme; floral bracts usually 2–3, small. Perianth glandular-pubescent; dorsal sepal uppermost, erect or more or less incurved over column, usually narrow; lateral sepals and petals sub-similar and stems spreading symmetrically. Labellum very shortly clawed, half-erect, undivided or three-lobed; margins often fringed or toothed; calli more or less clavate, in more or less regular longitudinal rows. Column elongate, erect to incurved, winged; anther terminal, apiculate, surface often papillose, pollinia 2 per cell, pollen finely granular; stigma discoid, inclined downwards; rostellum median.

<==Caladenia Br. 1810ME70
    `--C. sect. EucaladeniaH49
         |--C. carnea Brown 1810H49
         |    |--C. c. var. carneaH49
         |    |--C. c. var. albaC08
         |    |--C. c. var. bartlettii Hatch 1949H49
         |    |--C. c. var. exigua (Cheeseman) Rupp. 1944 [=C. minor var. exigua Cheeseman 1906, C. exigua Cheeseman 1913]H49
         |    `--C. c. var. minor (Hooker) Hatch 1945 [=C. minor Hooker 1853; incl. C. variegata Colenso 1885]H49
         |         |--C. c. var. m. f. minorME70
         |         `--C. c. var. m. f. calliniger Hatch 1963ME70
         `--C. lyallii Hooker 1853 [incl. C. alpina Rogers 1927]H49
Caladenia incertae sedis:
  C. arenariaH86
  C. caeruleaH86
  C. cairnsianaGK00
  C. clavigeraH86
  C. cucullataH86
  C. dilatataH86
  C. doutchiaeG04
  C. drummondiiGK00
  C. exilisOS04
  C. falcataOS04
  C. ferrugineaGK00
  C. filamentosaH86
  C. flavaOS04
  C. harringtoniaeGK00
  C. latifoliaGK00
  C. longicaudaOS04
    |--C. l. ssp. longicaudaOS04
    `--C. l. ssp. eminensOS04
  C. longiclavataGK00
  C. macrostylisGK00
  C. magniclavataGK00
  C. marginataOS04
  C. menziesiiH49
  C. microchilaG04
  C. nanaGK00
  C. pachychilaG04
  C. paradoxaG04
  C. patersoniH86
  C. radialisGK00
  C. radiataGK00
  C. reptansOS04
  C. rhomboidiformisGK00
  C. saccharataOS04
  C. sigmoideaG04
  C. splendensGK00
  C. variansGK00
  C. xanthaOS04

Nomina nuda: Caladenia caesarea Gibson & Keighery 2000GK00
             Caladenia christineae Gibson & Keighery 2000GK00
             Caladenia starteorum Gibson & Keighery 2000GK00

*Type species of generic name indicated


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