Knobby box crab Calappa gallus, copyright Teresa Zuberbühler.

Belongs within: Heterotremata.

The Calappidae are a small group of crabs with a broadened carapace, and heavily developed and flattened chelipeds that they use to burrow into sandy substrates.

    |--Gebia controversa Tribolet 1874BWW93
    |--Paranecrocarcinus hexagonalis Van Straelen 1936BWW93
    |    |--M. australiensis Campbell 1971MG-H11
    |    `--M. microspina Davie & Short 1989MG-H11
    `--Calappa Weber 1795CA04
         |--C. calappa (Linnaeus 1758)TSH09
         |--C. capellonis Laurie 1906HS15
         |--C. clypeata Borradaile 1903HS15
         |--C. depressa Miers 1886MG-H11
         |--C. flammeaS52
         |--C. gallus (Herbst 1803)TSH09
         |--C. granulata (Linnaeus 1758)KK03 [=Cancer granulatusG20]
         |--C. hepatica (Linnaeus 1758)TSH09
         |--C. lophos (Herbst 1785)MG-H11
         |--C. philargius (Linnaeus 1758)J90
         `--C. pustulosa Alcock 1896MG-H11

*Type species of generic name indicated


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