Leucosolenia botryoides, photographed by Bernard Picton.

Belongs within: Porifera.
Contains: Pharetronida.

Calcarea, the calcareous sponges, is a group of sponges characterised by the possession of calcitic spicules secreted intercellularly within an organic sheath, and the absence of distinct microscleres (Botting & Butterfield 2005).

<==Calcispongia [Calcarea, Calcispongiae]AS12
    `--+--Calcinea [Stellispongiida]AS12
       |    |--Murrayona [Murrayonida]AS12
       |    |    `--M. phanolepis Kirkpatrick 1911JG19
       |    |--Camarocladiidae [Solenida]RB93
       |    |--LabetidaRB93
       |    |    |--Protosycon [Grantiidae]RB93
       |    |    |    `--P. punctta (Goldfuss 1833)RB93
       |    |    `--Leuconia [Leuconiidae]RB93
       |    |         |--L. niveaM01
       |    |         `--L. walfordia (Hinde 1883)RB93
       |    |--HeteractinidaRB93
       |    |    |  i. s.: EiffelospongiaBB05
       |    |    |--WewokellidaeRB93
       |    |    |    |--Asteractinella expansa Hinde 1888RB93
       |    |    |    `--Talpaspongia clavata King 1943RB93
       |    |    |--AstraeospongiidaeRB93
       |    |    |    |--Jawonyia gurumal Kruse 1987RB93
       |    |    |    |--Wagima galbanyin Kruse 1987RB93
       |    |    |    `--AstraeospongiumRB93
       |    |    `--Eiffeliidae [Octactinellida]RB93
       |    |         |--Zangerlispongia richardsoni Rigby & Nitecki 1975RB93
       |    |         `--Eiffelia Walcott 1920 (see below for synonymy)CA06
       |    |              |--*E. globosa Walcott 1920CA06
       |    |              `--E. araniformis (Mizzarzhevsky 1981)RB93
       |    `--ClathrinidaFS14
       |         |  i. s.: ClathrinaEL11
       |         |           |--C. cerebrumC-SC03
       |         |           |--C. clathrusT10
       |         |           `--C. coriaceaF79
       |         |--LeucettidaeFS14
       |         |    |--Leucetta chagosensisEL11, PP15
       |         |    `--Pericharax heteroraphis Poléjaeff 1883FS14
       |         `--Dendya [Soleneiscidae]FS14
          |    |--Sycetta strobilusH04
          |    `--Sycon Risso 1826EL11, R26
          |         |--S. calcaravisF79
          |         |--S. ciliatumPP15
          |         |--S. coactumPP15
          |         |--S. defendensF79
          |         |--S. faulkneri Ilan, Gugel et al. 2003BJ06
          |         |--S. humboldti Risso 1826R26
          |         |--S. poireti Risso 1826R26
          |         `--S. raphanusPP15
               |  i. s.: ProtoleuconEL11
               |         GrantiopsisAS12
               |         ParalurillaAS12
               |         VosmacropsisAS12
               |         SycettusaAS12
               |         HeteropiidaeAS12
               |         StaurorrhaphidaeAS12
               |         MinchinellidaeAS12
               `--LeucosoleniaEL11 [LeucosolenidaAB19]
                    |--L. blancaF79
                    |--L. botryoidesF79
                    |--L. cavataF79
                    |--L. complicataF79
                    |--L. cordataF79
                    |--L. osculumF79
                    `--L. variabilisT10
Calcispongia incertae sedis:
  Poliopogon amadovT10
    |--S. ciliataF79
    `--S. okadaiF79
    |--A. pinusH04
    `--A. sertulariaH04
  Ascilla gracilisH04
  Syculmis synaptaH04
  Sycurus primitivusH04
  Sycodendron ampullaH04
  Sycarium elegansH04
  Sycortis quadrangulataH04
  Sycandra compressaH04
  Sycaltis perforataH04
  Petrobiona massilianaPP64

Eiffelia Walcott 1920 [incl. Actinoites Duan 1984, Lenastella Missarzhevsky in Missarzhevsky & Mambetov 1981, Niphadus Duan 1984]CA06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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