Nymphon molleri, copyright Blair Patullo.

Belongs within: Phoxichilidiidae.

The Callipallenidae are a family of sea-spiders generally retaining chelifores but lacking palpi, though the phylogeny of Pycnogonida recovered by Siveter et al. (2004) placed Nymphon (which possesses both chelifores and palpi) and Pycnogonum (which lacks both) within the clade of callipallenid genera. Pycnogonum species are robust-bodied sea-spiders with relatively short legs.

Callipallenidae [Pygnogonides]MG-H11
| i. s.: Pigrogromitus Calman 1927S94
| `--P. timsanus Calman 1927S94
| Queubus Barnard 1946S94
| `--Q. jamesanus Barnard 1946S94
|--+--Pseudopallene Wilson 1878SS04, S94
| | |--P. ambiguaSS04
| | |--P. chevron Staples 2007MG-H11
| | |--P. difficile Arango 2009MG-H11
| | |--P. gilchristi Flynn 1928S94
| | `--P. watsonae Staples 2005MG-H11
| `--Pycnogonum Brünnich 1764SS04, S94 [Pycnogonidae]
| | i. s.: P. benokianum Ohshima 1935S94
| | P. cessaci Bouvier 1911S94
| | P. cetiR26
| | P. litorale (Ström 1762)R23 (see below for synonymy)
| | P. madagascariensis Bouvier 1911S94
| | P. moolenbeeki Stock 1992S94
| | P. planum Stock 1954S94
| | P. plumipes Stock 1955S94
| | P. pusillum Dohrn 1881S94
| | P. sivertseni Stock 1955S94
| | P. spinipesL02
| | P. torresi Clark 1963S94
| | P. tuberculatum Clark 1963S94
| | P. uedai Nakamura & Child 1983 [incl. P. koreanum Kim & Stock 1984]S94
| | P. ungellatum Loman 1911S94
| |--P. (Nulloviger Stock 1968)S94
| | |--P. (N.) africanum Calman 1938S94
| | `--P. (N.) nodulosum Dohrn 1881 [incl. P. rhinoceros Dohrn 1881 (n. n.)]S94
| `--P. (Retroviger Stock 1968)S94
| |--P. (R.) asiaticum Müller 1992S94
| |--P. (R.) musaicum Stock 1994S94
| `--P. (R.) pustulatum Stock 1994S94
`--+--Parapallene Carpenter 1892SS04, S94
| |--P. australiensis (Hoek 1881)MG-H11
| |--P. challengeri Calman 1937MG-H11
| |--P. famelicaSS04
| |--P. haddoni Carpenter 1892MG-H11
| `--P. nierstraszi Loman 1908S94
`--+--Callipallene Flynn 1929SS04, S94
| |--C. brevirostriSS04
| |--C. dubiosa Hedgpeth 1949S94
| |--C. fallax Stock 1994S94
| `--C. novaezealandiae (Thompson 1884)MG-H11 [=C. brevirostris novaezealandiaeS94]
`--+--Propallene Schimkewitsch 1909SS04, S94 [incl. Metapallene Schinkewitsch 1909S94]
| |--P. curtipalpus Child 1988S94
| |--*Metapallene’ languida (Hoek 1881)S94
| `--P. saengeriSS04
`--Nymphon Fabricius 1794SS04, S94 [Nymphonidae]
| i. s.: N. aequidigitatumS94
| N. arachnoideus Risso 1826R26
| N. biformidens Stock 1974S94
| N. brevirostreH64
| N. brevitarseH64
| N. femoratumH64
| N. giganteumH64
| N. gracileSS04
| N. grossipes [=Pycnogonum grossipes]L02
| N. hirtumH64
| N. johnstoniH64
| N. longitarseH64
| N. macabou Müller 1990S94
| N. minutumH64
| N. mixtumH64
| N. nakamurai Stock 1994S94
| N. pellucidumH64
| N. pictumH64
| N. rottnesti Child 1975MG-H11
| N. rubrumA99
| N. simileH64
| N. spinosumH64
| N. stroemiiH64
|--N. surinamenseSS04
`--+--N. micronesicumSS04
`--N. molleriSS04

Pycnogonum litorale (Ström 1762)R23 [=Phalangium litoraleR23, Pygnogonum (l. c.) litoraleR23; incl. Ph. balaenarum Müller 1776R23, Pycnogonum balaenarumG20]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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