Callophyllis variegata, copyright Marcelo_mt.

Belongs within: Gigartinales.

Callophyllis is a genus of red algae with a flat, much-divided, often flabellate habit.

Characters (from Womersley 1994): Thallus much divided into flat, subdichotomous to irregular branches lying essentially in one plane, often flabellate in habit. Medulla of large ovoid cells separated by filaments of small cells, and a smaller-celled cortex; stellate and refractive cells absent. Carpogonial branch systems mono- or polycarpogonial, usually with lobed supporting cell, first cell of the carpogonial branch, and subsidiary cells. Separate auxiliary cell systems absent, with the carpogonial branch system after fertilization developing into a fusion cell from which gonimoblast filaments develop directly.

<==Callophyllis [incl. Ectophora]L27
    |--C. calliblepharoides Agardh 1876L27
    |--C. centrifuga Agardh 1876L27
    |--C. coccinea Harvey 1847L27
    |    |--C. c. var. coccineaL27
    |    |--C. c. var. carnea Agardh 1876L27
    |    `--C. c. var. crinalis Agardh 1876L27
    |--C. crenulata Setchell 1923S57
    |--C. decumbens Agardh 1876L27
    |--C. depressa (Agardh) Schmitz 1897 [=Ectophora depressa]L27
    |--C. dichotoma (Agardh) Schmitz 1887 [=Ectophora dichotoma Agardh 1876]L27
    |--C. edentata Kylin 1925S57
    |--C. firma (Kylin) Norris 1957 [=Pugetia firma]S57
    |--C. flabellulata Harvey 1862S57
    |--C. heanophylla Setchell 1923S57
    |--C. hombroniana (Montagne) Kützing 1867L27
    |--C. laciniata [=Rhodymenia laciniata]G64
    |--C. lambertii (Turner) Hooker & Harvey 1847L27
    |--C. marginifructa Setchell & Swezy in Setchell 1923S57
    |--C. megalocarpa Setchell & Swezy in Setchell 1923S57
    |--C. rhynchocarpaKBC03
    |--C. stewartensis Levring 1949L49
    |--C. tenera Agardh 1849L27
    |--C. thompsonii Setchell 1923S57
    `--C. variegata (Bory.) Kützing 1843L27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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