Prevost’s squirrel Callosciurus prevostii, photographed by Luis Argerich.

Belongs within: Sciuridae.

The Callosciurini as recognised herein are a clade of tree squirrels found in southern Asia. The clade is supported by molecular analysis; the basal Funambulus is morphologically distinct from the remaining callosciurins (Mercer & Roth 2003).

    |    |--E. exilisFS15
    |    `--+--E. concinnusFS15
    |       `--E. whiteheadiFS15
       |  |    |--H. heinrichiMR03
       |  |    `--H. ileileIT07
       |  `--+--Rubrisciurus rubriventerMR03
       |     `--ProsciurillusMR03
       |          |--P. abstrususFS15
       |          |--P. murinusFS15
       |          |--P. weberiFS15
       |          `--+--P. leucomusFS15
       |             `--P. rosenbergiiFS15
          |  |  |    |--R. laticaudatusMR03
          |  |  |    `--R. tupaioidesB74
          |  |  `--TamiopsFS15
          |  |       |--T. rodolphiiFS15
          |  |       `--+--T. macclellandiiFS15
          |  |          `--+--T. maritimusFS15
          |  |             `--T. swinhoeiFS15
          |  `--DremomysMR03
          |       |--D. lokriahFS15
          |       `--+--D. pernyiFS15
          |          `--+--D. gularisFS15
          |             `--+--D. rufigenis (Blanford 1878)FS15, JK05
          |                `--+--D. everettiFS15
          |                   `--D. pyrrhomerusFS15
             |    |--+--S. brookeiFS15
             |    |  |--S. fraterculusFS15
             |    |  |--S. jentinkiFS15
             |    |  |--S. lowiiFS15
             |    |  `--S. tenuisFS15
             |    `--+--S. davensisFS15
             |       |--S. hippurusFS15
             |       |--S. hoogstraaliFS15
             |       |--S. juvencusFS15
             |       |--S. mindanensisFS15
             |       |--S. moellendorffiFS15
             |       |--S. philippinensisFS15
             |       |--S. raboriFS15
             |       |--S. samarensisFS15
             |       `--S. steeriiFS15
                |    |--N. melanotusMR03
                |    `--N. surrutilusBF01
                `--+--+--‘Callosciurus’ prevostiiIT07
                   |  |    |--C. p. prevostiiB49
                   |  |    `--C. p. rubiventerB49
                   |  `--+--‘Callosciurus’ pygerythrusFS15
                   |     `--+--‘Callosciurus’ albescensFS15
                   |        `--‘Callosciurus’ nigrovittatusIT07
                   `--+--+--Menetes berdmoreiFS15
                      |  `--LariscusFS15
                      |       |--L. hoseiIT07
                      |       |--L. insignisMR03
                      |       |--L. niobeIT07
                      |       `--L. obscurusIT07
                         |    |--G. canalvusBP87
                         |    `--G. simusMR03
                              |  i. s.: C. flavimanusB74
                              |           |--C. f. flavimanusVP89
                              |           `--C. f. thaiVP89
                              |         C. rosenbergiAC98
                              |         C. sladeniB49
                              |           |--C. s. sladeniB49
                              |           `--C. s. midasB49
                              |--C. quinquestriatusFS15
                              `--+--C. melanogasterFS15
                                 `--+--C. phayreiFS15
                                    `--+--C. baluensisFS15
                                       `--+--C. inornatusFS15
                                          `--+--C. notatusFS15
                                             `--+--C. adamsiFS15
                                                `--+--C. orestesFS15
                                                   `--+--C. finlaysoniiFS15
                                                      `--+--C. canicepsFS15
                                                         |    |--C. c. canicepsM76
                                                         |    `--C. c. thaiwanensis Bonhote 1901M76
                                                         `--C. erythraeusSSH04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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