Phaeoacremonium parasiticum, photographed by K. Nishimura.

Belongs within: Diaporthomycetidae.

The Calosphaeriaceae are a family of fungi that mostly appear to be saprobes in dead bark.

Calosphaeriales [Jobellisiales]HM17
| |--Pleurostoma Tul. & Tul. 1863 [incl. Neoarcangelia Berl. 1900]KC01
| | `--P. oothecaSS09
| `--PleurostomophoraHM17
| |--P. repensHM17
| `--P. richardsiaeHM17
`--+--Jobellisia Barr 1993HM17, KC01 [Jobellisiaceae]
| |--J. guangdongensisHM17
| `--+--J. fraternaHM17
| `--J. luteolaHM17
|--Kacosphaeria Speg. 1887 [incl. Cacosphaeria Speg. 1888]KC01
|--Romellia Berl. 1900KC01
|--Phragmocalosphaeria Petr. 1923KC01
| `--*P. polyblasta [=Calosphaeria polyblasta, Cesatiella polyblasta]RS99
|--Calosphaeria Tul. & Tul. 1863 [incl. Wegelina Berl. 1900]KC01
| `--C. pulchellaHM17
`--Jattaea Berl. 1900KC01
|--J. mookgopongaHM17
`--J. prunicolaHM17

*Type species of generic name indicated


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