Cognate land snail Amphidromus cognatus, from here.

Belongs within: Helicoidei.

The Camaeninae are a group of snails found between southern China and the Solomon Islands and northern and eastern Australia. Members of this group are distinguished by an eversible head wart together with a genital system including a long tubular verge and elongated penis complex. Species found in South Australia commonly have the radula modified for continuously scraping particles from rock surface, whereas species from elsewhere have a more typical radula for chopping and cutting plant matter (Solem 1997).

<==Camaeninae [Epiphallogona, Epiphallophora]
    |--Damochlora Iredale 1938S97
    |--Contramelon Iredale 1937S97
    |--Cooperconcha Solem 1992S97
    |--Pseudcupedora Solem 1992S97
    |--Aslintesta Solem 1992S97
    |--Cupedora Iredale 1933S97
    |    `--C. extensa (Iredale 1937)S97
    |--Glyptorhagada Pilsbry 1890S97
    |    `--G. bordaensis (Angas 1880)S97
    |--Offachloritis Iredale 1933S97, SS10
    |    |--*O. dryanderensis (Cox 1872) [=Helix dryanderensis]SS10
    |    `--O. melaniecarlessae Stanisic in Stanisic, Shea et al. 2010SS10
    |--Amphidromus Albers 1850 [Amphidrominae]BR05
    |    |--*A. perversus (Linnaeus 1758) [=Helix perversa]BR17
    |    |--A. cognatus Fulton 1907S97
    |    `--A. formosensis (Adams 1866) [=Bulimus (Amphidromus) formosensis]A66
    `--Camaena Albers 1850BR05
         |--*C. cicatricosa (Müller 1774) [=Helix cicatricosa]BR17
         |--C. bairdi (Adams 1866) [=Helix (Camaena) bairdi]A66
         `--C. succincta (Adams 1866) [=Helix (Camaena) succincta]A66

*Type species of generic name indicated


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