Male Diadegma insularis, copyright Andrei Sourakov.

Belongs within: Ichneumonidae.

The Campoplegini are a group of ichneumon wasps that are solitary endoparasites of holometabolous insect larvae. The majority of species attack Lepidoptera but exceptions include members of the genus Olesicampe that develop on Symphyta (Gauld 1984).

Characters (from Gauld 1984): Small to moderately large, fore wing length 2–12 mm; head and body often granulate, weakly polished and usually predominantly black and red or black in colour, rarely polished and brighter coloured. Clypeus rather weakly separated from face by groove, with margin thin or blunt, usually weakly arcuate, less commonly truncate or with a vestige of a median apical tooth; mandible fairly evenly bidentate, often with a ventral flange; male flagellum without tyloids. Sternaulus absent or short; posterior transverse carina of mesosternum usually complete; propodeum usually with some carinae, often with areae superomedia and petiolaris confluent, forming a long, somewhat inverted U- or V-shaped area, sometimes with carinae reduced and/or with a median longitudinal furrow. Apical edge of fore tibia usually without a tooth on outer side; tarsal claws usually pectinate, sometimes simple, never lobate. Fore wing with 3r-m present or absent, when present enclosing a more or less rhombic or obliquely quadrangular areolet which is often petiolate above; hind wing with Rs from slightly longer than to shorter than r-m; distal abscissa of Cu1 usually absent or weak. First tergite of gaster long, usually more or less cylindrical, anteriorly with slender petiole, only slightly broadened posteriorly; petiolar spiracles far behind centre of tergite, with or without a glymma; gaster laterally compressed, at least in the posterior part of females and often very strongly so for its whole length; tergites 2-4 usually with very weak microsculpture, without coarse punctures, grooves or furrow (except for thyridia); ovipositor short to moderately long, when projecting beyond apex of gaster usually up-curved; apex of ovipositor always with a dorsal subapical notch, often without a nodus and with indistinct apical teeth.

<==Campoplegini [Macrini, Porizontini]G84
    |    |--*D. stramineipesG84
    |    `--D. egregiaHR11
    |--Porizon harpurusMS01
    |--Eucaphila Gauld 1984G84
    |    `--*E. vulgaris Gauld 1984G84
    |--Neolophron Gauld 1984G84
    |    `--*N. canberrai Gauld 1984G84
    |--Picacharops Gauld 1984G84
    |    `--*P. brevithorax Gauld 1984G84
    |--Slenda Gauld 1984G84
    |    `--*S. ocypeta Gauld 1984G84
    |--Sliochia Gauld 1976G84
    |    `--*S. bala Gauld 1976G84
    |--Melalophacharops Uchida 1928 [incl. Dichelobosmina Uchida 1928]G84
    |    |--*M. tamanukii Uchida 1928G84
    |    `--‘Charops’ papilionis [incl. *Dichelobosmina tuberculata Uchida 1932]G84
    |--Nepiera Foerster 1869 [incl. Asinamora Foerster 1869]G84
    |    |--‘Ichneumon’ collector [=*Asinamora collector; incl. Limneria concinna, *Nepiera concinna]G84
    |    `--N. sidnicaG84
    |--Xanthocampoplex Morley 1913G84
    |    |--‘Zachresta’ nigromaculata [incl. *Xanthocampoplex orientalis Morley 1913]G84
    |    `--X. luteusG84 [incl. X. regis Girault 1925G84, G25]
    |--Enytus Cameron 1905 [incl. Dioctes Foerster 1869 non Ménétriés 1849, Inareolata Ellinger & Sachtleben 1928]G84
    |    |--*E. maculipes Cameron 1905G84
    |    |--‘Campoplex’ exareolatus [=*Dioctes exareolatus, *Inareolata exareolata]G84
    |    `--‘Bosmina’ rapi [=Dioctes rapi]G33
    |--Sinophorus Foerster 1869 [incl. Campopletidea Viereck 1912, Eulimneria Schmiedeknecht 1907]G84
    |    |--*S. canarsiae [=Limneria canarsiae]G84
    |    |--‘Ichneumon’ albidus [=*Eulimneria albida]G84
    |    `--‘Campoplex’ caradrinae [=*Campopletidea caradrinae]G84
    |    |--C. cruentataMS01
    |    |--C. elegans Szépligeti in Mocsáry & Szépligeti 1901MS01
    |    |--C. leucoceraMS01
    |    `--C. pulchricornis Szépligeti in Mocsáry & Szépligeti 1901MS01
    |--Charops Holmgren 1859 [incl. Gongropelma Enderlein 1921, Zacharops Viereck 1912]G84
    |    |--‘Ichneumon’ cantator [incl. Campoplex decipiens, *Charops decipiens]G84
    |    |--C. annulipes [=*Zacharops annulipes]G84
    |    |--‘Agrypon’ bicolor [incl. *Gongropelma formosanum Enderlein 1921]G84
    |    `--C. pulchripesG84
    |--Campoletis Foerster 1869 (see below for synonymy)G84
    |    |--*C. tibiator [=Mesoleptus tibiator]G84
    |    |--‘Ichneumon’ dilatator [incl. Campoplex declinator, *Sagaritis declinator, *Sagaritopsis declinator]G84
    |    |--‘Campoplex’ rapax [=*Anilastus rapax]G84
    |    |--C. tasmaniensisG84
    |    `--‘Campoplex’ viennensis [=*Echphora viennensis, *Ecphoropsis viennensis]G84
    |--Venturia Schrottky 1902 (see below for synonymy)G84
    |    |--*V. argentina Schrottky 1902G84
    |    |--*Balcarcia’ bergi Brèthes 1922G84
    |    |--V. canescensG84 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--*Devorgilla’ dilatata Cameron 1907G84
    |    `--*Notamorphota’ timocraticae Blanchard 1947G84
    |--Hyposoter Foerster 1869 (see below for synonymy)G84
    |    |--*H. parorgyiae [=Limnerium parorgyiae]G84
    |    |--H. bombycivorusG84
    |    |--H. didymatorP93
    |    |--‘Banchus’ fugitivus [=*Ameloctonus fugitivus]G84
    |    |--*Neozachresta’ havrylenkoi Havrylenko & Winterhalter 1949G84
    |    |--*Rhythmonotus’ singularisG84
    |    `--*Ischnoscopus’ synchloraeG84
    |--Olesicampe Förster 1869 (see below for synonymy)G84
    |    |--*O. longipes [=Ichneumon longipes, *Limneria longipes, *Limnerium longipes]G84
    |    |--‘Limneria’ albidaMS01
    |    |--O. benefactor Hinz 1969HP-W05
    |    |--‘Limneria’ cothurnata [=*Holocremnus cothurnatus]G84
    |    |--‘Limneria’ fuscicarpaMS01
    |    |--O. geniculata Quednau & Lim 1983HP-W05
    |    |--*Omoborus’ kincaidiG84
    |    |--*Zaplatystoma’ typicum Viereck 1925G84
    |    `--O. vexata (Holmgren 1860)HP-W05
    |--Campoplex Gravenhorst 1829 (see below for synonymy)G84
    |    |--*C. difformis [=Ichneumon difformis; incl. Limneria mutabilis, *Omorgus mutabilis]G84
    |    |--‘Tranosema’ bicolor [=*Zatranosema bicolor]G84
    |    |--‘Porizon’ borealis [=*Dioratica borealis]G84
    |    |--C. calamaeG84
    |    |--C. circumpectusMS01
    |    |--‘Omorga’ difformisMS01
    |    |--C. dubiosusMS01
    |    |--C. melampusMS01
    |    |--‘Mesoleptus’ porrectus [=*Pseuderipternoides porrectus]G84
    |    `--‘Omorga’ unicincta Szépligeti in Mocsáry & Szépligeti 1901MS01
    |--Eriborus Foerster 1869 (see below for synonymy)G84
    |    |--*E. perfidus [=Campoplex perfidus]G84
    |    |--E. argenteopilosusG84
    |    |--‘Campoplex’ dorsalis [=*Zaporus dorsalis]G84
    |    |--E. iavilaiG84
    |    |--E. molestaeG84
    |    |--*Neobosmina’ pilosella Cameron 1906G84
    |    |--E. sinicusG84
    |    |--*Bosmina’ spinipes Cameron 1899 [=*Hymenobosmina spinipes]G84
    |    |--E. terebransG84
    |    `--E. trochanteratusG84
    |--Delopia Cameron 1903 (see below for synonymy)G84
    |    |--*D. cariniscutis Cameron 1903G84
    |    |--‘Campoplex’ americana [=*Pseudocasinaria americana]G84
    |    |--D. extranea [=Dusona extranea]G84
    |    |--*Zachrestinus’ fractocristatus Enderlein 1921G84
    |    |--D. negata [=Dusona negata]G84
    |    |--‘Campoplex’ oxyacanthae [=*Campoplegidea oxyacanthae]G84
    |    |--*Neodelopia’ pauliani Benoit 1957G84
    |    |--‘Campoplex’ photomorphus [=*Idiosomidea photomorpha]G84
    |    |--*Thymarimorpha’ platygastra Viereck 1913G84
    |    |--D. pyratanesG84
    |    |--‘Campoplex’ villosus [=*Anisitsia villosa, *Viereckiana villosa]G84
    |    `--D. wilsoni [=Dusona wilsoni]G84
    |--Casinaria Holmgren 1859 (see below for synonymy)G84
    |    |--*C. tenuiventris [=Campoplex tenuiventris, *Campotrephus tenuiventris, *Horogenes tenuiventris]G84
    |    |--‘Campoplex’ genuinus [=*Neonortonia genuina]G84
    |    |--*Zastenogastra’ graciliventris Viereck 1925G84
    |    |--C. grandis [incl. Campoplex texanus, *Fiebrigia texana]G84
    |    |--*Deltops’ granulicoxis Seyrig 1935G84
    |    |--‘Limneria’ infesta [incl. *Anempheres diaphaniae]G84
    |    |--*Zastenomorpha’ lamina Viereck 1921G84
    |    |--‘Limneria’ limentidis [incl. *Amorphota orgyiae Foerster 1869]G84
    |    |--*Nothanomaloides’ matsuyamensis Uchida 1928 [=*Longicharops matsuyamensis]G84
    |    |--C. meridionalisG84
    |    |--‘Campoplex’ mesozostus [=*Trophocampa mesozosta]G84
    |    |--C. monticola [=*Casinariodes monticola]G84
    |    |--*Nothanomalon’ novoguineensis Szépligeti 1905G84
    |    |--*Neonortoniella’ plusiae Blanchard 1947G84
    |    `--C. scabraMS01
    `--Diadegma Foerster 1859 (see below for synonymy)G84
         |--*D. crassicornis [=Campoplex crassicornis]G84
         |--D. chrysostictusA71
         |--D. eucerophagaG84
         |--D. fenestralisG84
         |--*Angitia’ glabricula Holmgren 1859G84
         |--*Areolina’ imbecilla Enderlein 1921G84
         |--D. insularisG84
         |--‘Angitia’ latungula [=*Pectinella latungula]G84
         |--D. muelleriB88
         |--*Neoarthula’ piersae Rao 1953G84
         |--D. plutellaeG84
         |--D. rapiG84
         |--*Nothanomaloides’ stenosomus Viereck 1925G84
         |--D. tibialisG84
         `--D. varunaG84

Campoletis Foerster 1869 [incl. Anilasta Thomson 1887, Anilastus Foerster 1869, Echphora Foerster 1869 non Conrad 1843, Ecphoropsis Ashmead 1900, Sagaritis Holmgren 1859 non Billberg 1820, Sagaritopsis Hincks 1944]G84

Campoplex Gravenhorst 1829 [incl. Dioratica Foerster 1869, Omorga Thomson 1887, Omorgus Foerster 1869 non Erichson 1847, Pseuderipternoides Viereck 1917, Zatranosema Viereck 1912]G84

Casinaria Holmgren 1859 [=Campotrephus Foerster 1869, Horogenes Foerster 1869; incl. Amorphota Foerster 1869, Anempheres Foerster 1869, Casinariodes Aubert 1960, Deltops Seyrig 1935, Fiebrigia Viereck 1912, Longicharops Uchida 1940, Neonortonia Viereck 1912, Neonortoniella Blanchard 1947, Nothanomaloides Uchida 1928 non Viereck 1925, Nothanomalon Szépligeti 1905, Trophocampa Schmiedeknecht 1907, Zastenogastra Viereck 1925, Zastenomorpha Viereck 1921]G84

Delopia Cameron 1903 [incl. Anisitsia Viereck 1912 non Eigermann 1903, Campoplegidea Viereck 1912, Idiosomidea Viereck 1925, Neodelopia Benoit 1957, Pseudocasinaria Viereck 1912, Thymarimorpha Viereck 1913, Viereckiana Strand 1914, Zachrestinus Enderlein 1921]G84

Diadegma Foerster 1859 [incl. Angitia Holmgren 1859 non Walker 1858, Areolina Enderlein 1921, Neoarthula Rao 1953, Nothanomaloides Viereck 1925, Pectinella Morley 1915 non Verrill 1897]G84

Eriborus Foerster 1869 [incl. Bosmina Cameron 1899 non Baird 1845, Hymenobosmina Dalla Torre 1901, Neobosmina Cameron 1906, Zaporus Foerster 1869]G84

Hyposoter Foerster 1869 [incl. Ameloctonus Foerster 1869, Ischnoscopus Foerster 1869, Neozachresta Havrylenko & Winterhalter 1949, Rhythmonotus Foerster 1869]G84

Olesicampe Förster 1869 [=Limneria Holmgren 1859 non Adams 1851, Limnerium Ashmead 1900, Olesicampa Thomson 1887; incl. Holocremna Thomson 1887, Holocremnus Foerster 1869, Omoborus Foerster 1869, Zaplatystoma Viereck 1925]G84

Venturia Schrottky 1902 [incl. Balcarcia Brèthes 1922, Devorgilla Cameron 1907, Exidechthis Walkley 1958, Idechthis Foerster 1869 non Hübner 1821, Notamorphota Blanchard 1947]G84

Venturia canescensG84 [=Devorgilla canescensA71, Nemeritis canescensA71; incl. V. australicusG84, V. christianaeG84, V. ephestiaG84, V. insularisG84, *Idechthis oahuensisG84, *Exidechthis oahuensisG84]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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