Female Procericola bourgognei, from Lindquist (1985).

Belongs within: Astigmatina.

The Canestrinioidea are a group of astigmatine mites that live as paraphages on beetles (OConnor 2009).

Characters (from OConnor 2009): Adults with gnathosoma normally developed, palpi and chelicerae occasionally elongated; chelicerae typically chelate, rarely elongate and edentate. Idiosoma with cuticle smooth, striate, reticulate, scaly, or sometimes well-sclerotised; sejugal furrow inconspicuous; chaetome complete or with paraproctal setation reduced; setae simple, barbed, flattened, or otherwise modified; supracoxal seta of legs I typically displaced laterally from supracoxal gland opening. Coxisternal skeleton normally developed or with apodemes Ill–IV reduced; chaetome complete, female often with setae 4b anterior to oviporus. Female with genital valves fused to body anteriorly, forming inverted V-shaped oviporus. Male with or without paranal suckers; often with posterior opisthosoma highly modified. Mating position reversed. Legs normally formed, cylindrical, or rarely strongly flattened; chaetome complete or with some reductions, unguinal setae usually absent, usually with seta v’ present on trochanter IV. Pretarsi typically with enlarged membranous ambulacrum; ambulcral disc often with secondary internal sclerotisation; empodial claw small or incorporated into ambulacral disc as flattened sclerite. Deutonymph (known only from Megacanestrinia) with body very broadly teardrop shaped. Gnathosomatic remnant well developed. Idiosoma well sclerotised, sejugal furrow well developed. Coxisternal skeleton well developed; apodemes III–IV fused medially to form coxal fields III; chaetome complete. Attachment organ very large, all structures present. Legs normally developed, deutonymphal chaetome complete; pretarsal ambulacra absent, empodial claws I–IV well developed.

    |    |--Heterocoptes tarsiiO09
    |    `--Erotylocoptes helenaeO09
    |--Lemanniella Mahunka 1977W01 [LemanniellidaeO09]
    |    |--*L. reducta Mahunka 1977W01
    |    `--L. minotauri Wurst 2001W01
    `--Canestriniidae [Canestrinidae]O09
         |--Megacanestrinia [incl. Coleoglyphus]O09
         |--Canestrinia Berlese 1881T33
         |--Donnelafontia calostegisO09
         |--Verreoxia bogeriO09
         |--Passalophagus georgeiO09
         |--Melisia Lombardini 1944H98
         |    `--M. leptinotarsa Summers & Schuster 1982H98
         |--Hypopteryx Summers & Schuster 1981H98
         |    `--H. collaris Summers & Schuster 1981H98
         |--Taseopus Summers & Schuster 1982H98
         |    `--T. platythrix Summers & Schuster 1982H98
         |--Mesophotia penicillataO09
         |    |--M. p. penicillataO09
         |    `--M. p. similisO09
         |    |--P. bourgognei (Oudemans 1923)L85
         |    `--P. ichthyoidesO09
         |         |--P. i. ichthyoidesO09
         |         `--P. i. scabricolaO09
         |--Cnecoderma Summers & Schuster 1981H98
         |    |--C. dolichopoda Summers & Schuster 1981H98
         |    `--C. ovalis Summers & Schuster 1981 [=Cnectoderma (l. c.) ovalis]H98
         |--Apalotacarus Summers & Schuster 1981H98
         |    |--A. fusticulus Summers & Schuster 1981H98
         |    |--A. gracilis Summers & Schuster 1981H98
         |    `--A. lunaris Summers & Schuster 1981H98
         `--Photia saetolata (Cooreman 1950)L85

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[L85] Lundquist, L. 1985. Procericola bourgognei (Oudemans, 1923) (Acari: Canestriniidae) on carabid beetles in south Sweden. Acarologia 26 (4): 381–384.

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