Opal top shell Cantharidus opalus, copyright Svenja Heesch.

Belongs within: Trochidae.

Cantharidus is a western Pacific genus of trochids with a smooth, sharp-spired shell known from the Miocene to the present (Knight et al. 1960).

Characters (from Knight et al. 1960): Spire tapering, surface nearly smooth; columellar fold and tooth weak or absent.

<==Cantharidus Montfort 1810BR05 (see below for synonymy)
|--C. (Cantharidus)P61
| |--C. (C.) opalus (Martyn 1784)P61 (see below for synonymy)
| | |--C. o. opalusP61
| | `--C. o. cannoni Powell 1933P61
| `--C. (C.) purpureus (Gmelin 1791)P61
|--C. (Iwakawatrochus Kuroda & Habe 1954)KC60
| `--C. (*I.) vittatus (Pilsbry 1903) [=Gibbula vittata]KC60
`--C. (Levella Marwick 1943)KC60
`--C. (*L.) tersa (Marwick 1943) [=*Levella tersa]KC60

Cantharidus incertae sedis:
‘Elenchus’ badiusH08
C. crenelliferus (Adams 1853)H09 [=Thalotia crenelliferaH09; incl. Trochus artensis Fischer 1878H08]
C. exasperatusPP64
C. fenestratus Suter 1917F27
C. lehmanni (Menke 1843)W93
C. marginatus (Ten.-Woods 1880) [=Thalotia marginata]H09
C. polychroma (Adams 1853)WBS-S15
C. pulcherrimus (Wood 1828)W93
C. purpuratus (Martyn 1784) [=C. (Cantharidus) purpuratus]F27
C. pyrgos [incl. C. moniliger Adams 1853]H08
C. ramburi (Crosse 1864) [incl. C. lesueuri Fischer 1880]W93
C. strigatus (Adams 1853) (see below for synonymy)H08
C. suturalis (Adams 1853) [=Thalotia suturalis]H09

Cantharidus Montfort 1810BR05 [=Canthiridus (l. c.)BR05, Cantharidium Schaufuss 1869KC60, Cantharis Férussac 1821 non Linnaeus 1758KC60, Elenchus Swainson 1840 non Curtis 1831KC60]

Cantharidus strigatus (Adams 1853) [=Thalotia strigata; incl. Trochus baudini Fischer 1878, Th. mundula Adams & Angas 1864]H08

Cantharidus (Cantharidus) opalus (Martyn 1784)P61 [=Limax opalusKC60; incl. Trochus iris Gmelin 1791KC60, *Cantharidium irisKC60, *Cantharidus irisP61, *Elenchus irisKC60, E. splendidulus Swainson 1840H08]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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