Moerisia lyonsi, copyright Smithsonian Environmental Research Center.

Belongs within: Medusozoa.
Contains: Tubulariida, Zancleida.

The Capitata are a group of hydrozoans united by the possession of stenotele nematocysts and capitate tentacles (ending in knobs) on the polyps or filiform tentacles in separated whorls (Daly et al. 2007). Members of the suborder Moerisiida possess a single, more or less scattered whorl of moniliform tentacles on the upper middle part of the hydranth (Petersen 1979).

    |  i. s.: BoeromedusidaeDB07
    |         HalimedusidaeDB07
    |         PennariidaeDB07
    |         PolyorchidaeDB07
    |         ZancleopsidaeDB07
    |         Scrippsia pacificaLS09
    |         Staurocladia wellingtoniLS09
    |  `--ZancleidaP79
    `--Moerisiida [Moerisioidea]P79
         |    |--Linvillea agassizi (McCrady 1857)P79
         |    `--Sphaerocoryne Pictet 1893P79
         |         |--S. bedoti Pictet 1893P79
         |         `--S. multitentaculata (Warren 1908)P79
              |--Halmomises von Kennel 1891P79
              |--Tiaricodon Browne 1902P79
              |--Odessia Paspaleff 1937P79
              |    `--*O. maeotica (Ostroumoff 1896)P79
              `--Moerisia Boulenger 1908 [incl. Ostroumovia Hadzi 1928]P79
                   |--M. hori (Uchida & Uchida 1929)P79
                   |--M. inkermanica Paltschikowa-Ostoumova 1925P79
                   |--M. lyonsi Boulenger 1908P79
                   `--M. pallasi (Derzhavin 1912)P79

*Type species of generic name indicated


[DB07] Daly, M., M. R. Brugler, P. Cartwright, A. G. Collins, M. N. Dawson, D. G. Fautin, S. C. France, C. S. McFadden, D. M. Opresko, E. Rodriguez, S. L. Romano & J. L. Stake. 2007. The phylum Cnidaria: a review of phylogenetic patterns and diversity 300 years after Linnaeus. Zootaxa 1668: 127–182.

[LS09] Leclère, L., P. Schuchert, C. Cruaud, A. Couloux & M. Manuel. 2009. Molecular phylogenetics of Thecata (Hydrozoa, Cnidaria) reveals long-term maintenance of life history traits despite high frequency of recent character changes. Systematic Biology 58 (5): 509–526.

[P79] Petersen, K. W. 1979. Development of coloniality in Hydrozoa. In: Larwood, G., & B. R. Rosen (eds) Biology and Systematics of Colonial Organisms pp. 105–139. Academic Press: London.

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