Alpine bitter-cress Cardamine oligosperma, copyright Walter Siegmund.

Belongs within: Brassicaceae.

Cardamine, bitter-cress, is a genus of herbaceous plants found in most regions of the world (Hickman 1993).

Characters (from Hickman 1993): Annual, biennial or perennial, from taproots, fibrous roots, or tuber-like rhizomes; hairs absent or simple. Leaves entire or palmately or pinnately lobed to compound; rhizome leaves often present, separate from others. Inflorescence bracted or not. Flower with sepals equal at base; petals white to pink or rose. Fruit linear, generally flat; valves generally opening elastically, sometimes by coiling from base; septum margins intruding on valves. Seeds many, one row per chamber, wingless (rarely more or less margined); embryonic root at edges of both cotyledons.

<==Cardamine Linnaeus 1753A61
|--C. amaraH64
|--C. angulataH93
|--C. bellidifoliaH93
| |--C. b. var. bellidifoliaH93
| `--C. b. var. pachypyllaH93
|--C. bilobata Kirk 1899A61
|--C. breweriH93
| |--C. b. var. breweriH93
| `--C. b. var. orbicularisH93
|--C. bulbosaS72
|--C. californica [=Dentaria californica]H93
| |--C. c. var. californicaH93
| |--C. c. var. cardiophylla [=Dentaria californica var. cardiophylla]H93
| |--C. c. var. cuneata [=Dentaria californica var. cuneata]H93
| |--C. c. var. integrifolia [=Dentaria californica var. integrifolia]H93
| `--C. c. var. sinuata [=Dentaria californica var. sinuata]H93
|--C. circaeoidesD07
|--C. cordifoliaH93
| |--C. c. var. cordifoliaH93
| `--C. c. var. lyalliiH93
|--C. corymbosa Hook. f. 1844 [=C. hirsuta var. corymbosa Hook. f. 1864]A61
|--C. debilis Banks ex DC. 1821 (see below for synonymy)A61
|--C. depressa Hooker 1844 [incl. C. depressa var. acaulis Hoker 1844]A61
| |--C. d. var. depressaA61
| `--C. d. var. stellata Hooker 1864 [=C. stellata Hooker 1844]A61
|--C. flexuosaH90 [=C. scutata ssp. flexuosaO88]
|--C. griffithiiO88
|--C. gunniiH90
|--C. hirsutaPT01
|--C. impatiensO88
|--C. intermediaH90
|--C. lilacinaH90
|--C. loxostemonoidesO88
|--C. macrophyllaO88
| |--C. m. ssp. macrophyllaO88
| `--C. m. ssp. polyphyllaO88
|--C. nuttalliiH93
| |--C. n. var. nuttallii [incl. C. pulcherrima var. tenella]H93
| |--C. n. var. covilleana [incl. Dentaria tenella var. palmata]H93
| |--C. n. var. dissecta [=C. tenella var. dissecta]H93
| `--C. n. var. gemmata [=Dentaria gemmata]H93
|--C. occidntalisH93
|--C. oligospermaH93
|--C. ovataD03
|--C. pachystigma [=Dentaria pachystigma]H93
| |--C. p. var. pachystigmaH93
| `--C. p. var. dissectifolia [=Dentaria pachystigma var. dissectifolia]H93
|--C. paucijugaGK00
|--C. pensylvanicaH93
|--C. pratensisSBM11
|--C. scutataO88
|--C. subcarnosa (Hook. f.) Allan 1961 (see below for synonymy)A61
|--C. tenuifoliaH90
|--C. trifoliolataO88
|--C. uniflora (Hook. f.) Allan 1961 (see below for synonymy)A61
`--C. xanthina Colenso 1899A61

Cardamine debilis Banks ex DC. 1821 [=C. hirsuta var. debilis Banks ex Hook. f. 1864; incl. Sisymbrium heterophyllum Forst. f. 1786, C. heterophylla (Forst. f.) Schulz 1903 non Wood 1870, C. debilis var. hirtella Schulz 1903, C. debilis var. leiocarpa Schulz 1903, C. debilis proles macrantha Schulz 1903, C. debilis var. macrostylis Schulz 1903]A61

Cardamine subcarnosa (Hook. f.) Allan 1961 [=C. hirsuta var. subcarnosa Hook. f. 1844, C. glacialis var. subcarnosa (Hook. f.) Schulz 1903]A61

Cardamine uniflora (Hook. f.) Allan 1961 [=C. hirsuta var. uniflora Hook. f. 1864, C. heterophylla var. uniflora (Hook. f.) Ckn. 1909]A61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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